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Calendar - Define Calendar Colors
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Aug 16, 2017 09:26 +00:00

Is there a possibility to define colors for the different Calendars? I am using Multiple Calendars which works really good. For the colors, I did it like shown in your demo alt text

But how can i define real colors? Like Red, Green, ...


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Aug 16, 2017 10:20 +00:00

Unluckily this is not possible right now as these predefined colors are taken from a CSS file. You may override the styles be defining your own color-set, e.g.:

/* ===== x-cal-3 ===== */
.x-cal-3-x .ext-cal-evb,
.ext-ie .x-cal-3-ad,
.ext-opera .x-cal-3-ad {
    color: #339900 !important;
.ext-cal-day-col .x-cal-3,
.ext-dd-drag-proxy .x-cal-3,
.x-cal-3-ad .ext-cal-evm,
.x-cal-3 .ext-cal-picker-icon,
.x-cal-3-x dl,
.x-calendar-palette .x-cal-3 span {
    background-color: #339900 !important;
.x-cal-3-ad .ext-cal-evm {
    border-color: #339900 !important;

This would override COLOR_ID 3 to be green instead of dark red.


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