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CKEDITOR read only condition not working on page load
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Oct 28, 2015 15:10 +00:00


is it possible to set an CKEDITOR Plugin to read only? For me it worked not with the "Read only" option and also not with an dynamic action.

Kind Regards, Christian


Matt Nolan Oct 28, 2015 15:19 +00:00 

Please create a test case with your current attempt/setup.

Christian86 Oct 29, 2015 07:07 +00:00 

FX_WS_1405 Appl. 139 Page 1 There is an CKEDITOR Field which is set READ Only but you can edit the text... For test the field does not store anything into a database table.

Christian86 Oct 29, 2015 10:23 +00:00 

works fine, thank you

Oct 29, 2015 09:12 +00:00

Thanks for the test case, we can see that the readOnly config attribute is not being applied to the editor correctly on initialization. We have filed a bug report and will have this fixed in v2.1.1 which is due out soon.

As a work around we have created a dynamic action in your test case to show you how you can still achieve this requirement.


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