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Creating Grid using collection
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Nov 24, 2014 23:53 +00:00


I have some questions on the example in demo application on page 3011.

(1) Is the FOEX collection are different from Apex Collection.

(2) I can see FX#COL_DEMO1 as the collection name. But I didn't find where we are creating this collection.

(3) If I want to create a collection which is based on more than one table and use it in grid, how to do that. Do we have any example for that.

(4) Do we have any document where we can read about using collections in grids in FOEX.

Thanks in advance


Nov 25, 2014 15:11 +00:00

As you can see in the FDOCS application on Page 3011 the Grid can be based on a collection, in case you don't want to directly base it on a table or view.

The collection used is a regular APEX collection, the only noteable thing is the Collection name which needs to start with FX#COL_

The example on Page 3011 starts with an empty (non-existent) collection. FOEX will automatically create the collection if it does not exist. The user can then enter data in the grid which is stored in the collection. You could also start with an existing collection which could be created using a process or dynamic action.

For more information on creating collections based on a SQL query have a look at the following APEX documentation:


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