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FOEX 2.0.0
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Dec 1, 2014 16:17 +00:00

We took VM snapshots of our DEV environment (so we could go back to FOEX 1.2.4 easily) and upgraded to FOEX 2.0.0 We are in the process of determining what is broken and what is fine.

Are the classic themes OK to use in FOEX 2, or will they cause problems long term?

The new themes do cause a lot of layout / real-estate problem as they have larger features than FOEX 1.2.x. I believe this is a good thing long-term, as FOEX 1.2.x features were too small.




Matt Nolan Dec 2, 2014 09:14 +00:00 

Yes this is documented in the release notes and also in the grid highlighting example in the documentation application.

You should check the grid highlighting demo to see the additional CSS to define for row selection and row hover.

Chris Dec 17, 2014 15:21 +00:00 

We switched our application to the Neptune Dark Blue theme last Sunday, and we have gotten very good feedback from our customers. The larger overall features are very welcome and our application looks very fresh, clean, and new.

Dec 1, 2014 16:23 +00:00

The classic Theme is still supported in V2.0.0 and should work just fine, long term the new Theme and its Variations is the way to go.

What's new even for the classic Theme in V2.0.0 are UI options on Regions, Buttons and so on, to emphasize certain UI elements (ie. an important region could get a different color to stand out).


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Dec 2, 2014 00:16 +00:00

I found that grid highlighting is broken. It is straight forward to fix. You just need to modify your class definition. This is for if you use the javascript solution


.duedate-red x-grid-cell-GRIDACTIV-col-END_DUE_DATE { background-color: #F26A4F !important; }


tr.duedate-red td.x-grid-cell-headerId-GRIDACTIV-col-END_DUE_DATE { background-color: #F26A4F !important; }


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