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FOEX Grid combo - conditional dynamic action
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Jan 26, 2014 00:14 +00:00

We want to place a conditional dynamic action on a FOEX grid combo field. When we use a condition in the dynamic action, e.g. "not null", the page just hangs forever. If we use the condition an another field, say a FOEX text field, we do not have this issue.

In the case of error we see TypeError: a is null in the console

Pls. let us know how we can make the condition work.

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Alex Hafner Jan 28, 2014 22:27 +00:00 

Many thanks peter!

Jan 27, 2014 14:00 +00:00

This can be lead back to an APEX Bug (see APEX Forum ).

We are trying to include a workaround for that in the upcoming V1.2.2 Patchset.


Jan 29, 2014 13:39 +00:00

As a workaround can you please try using TO_CHAR in your LOV query around your return value, and let us know if that resolves it for you?


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