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Form issues when i use layout
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Dec 3, 2013 19:26 +00:00


I am facing some issues whenever i use two FOEX form in the same edit window. I have replicated the issue in demo here.

When i edit my form for the first time, i can see the items in the dept tab and emp Form tab. When i close and edit it the second time, the second tab 'emp form' is greyed out and i am unable to see the items. Please let me know what can be done.

The other issue on my page is my second form does not reset the first time i come into the page. I have given form reset action in the DA for both the forms when i click on 'Create' button to replicate this issue. create a new record in dept form and emp form. close the window and reload the page. now when we click on create , the emp form still has values. and Save and Create button is visible.

Thank you.

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Rebecca Dec 3, 2013 23:05 +00:00 

Thanks Matt :) I will try the solution to the second issue and get back if i have any doubts. Regarding the first issue, can you please keep me updated on the workaround.

Thank you

Dec 3, 2013 23:30 +00:00

Please keep the nested layouts to a minimum as you have several redundant layouts that could be removed, as this is a factor with the form items disappearing...

The bug occurs due to your "Emp Form" region having a VBOX layout and then only having one direct child region which is a layout region with the same VBOX layout which is redundant. The fix is either to set the "Emp Form" layout to FIT (one child region) or remove the redundant "Emp Layout" as highlighted below:

alt text


Dec 3, 2013 22:47 +00:00

Your first issue with the form items disappearing is an Ext JS layout bug, you can see this by resizing the form window when this occurs and the fields are shown again. I'm investigating this to come up with a fix for the next version and a workaround for the current v1.2.1

Your second issue appears to only occur after you created the record and refresh the page. This is default behaviour that a FOEX form will update session state after a record has been created. To change this you should not clear session state on the create button but use a APEX process on page render to clear state, or issue a form reset (including set session state) after the record has been created.


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