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Get Values from every row of Grid on a button Click
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Nov 29, 2013 07:48 +00:00


Please check my example page

I am new to FOEX. I have a grid with a editable column in my page and also a button. When I click on the button, I want to concatenate the values of editable rows and insert into a table (eg.TEST_NAMES). We can use apex array to concatenate the values and insert in case of APEX tabular form.

DECLARE v_names VARCHAR2(1000);
BEGIN FOR ii IN 1 .. apex_application.g_f01.COUNT LOOP
v_names := v_names || ':' || apex_application.g_f02(ii);





I am using FOEX grid. Is there any plug-in like apex array for this??

Please give me any suggestion on this.



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Adhi Nov 30, 2013 09:16 +00:00 

Thanks Matt for your information..

Nov 29, 2013 10:08 +00:00

The grid is ajax driven and not designed like a tabular form that relies on page submission, therefore trying to do things like a standard tabular form and using apex_application.g_f01 is not possible.

Why don't you just use the existing grid sql query in your insert statement and using apex_plugin_util.execute_plsql_code to execute it to take care of any dynamic binding?


Nov 29, 2013 17:15 +00:00

Thanks Matt.

Yes you are correct Matt. But, I can't use the grid sql query in insert statement since I have some what different requirement, almost like my example page, in example page i used the existing column (ename) as editable column but requirement is user will enter the value in editable column while run time and then click on button to save so i can't get the values from table as you said. Hope you got my requirement.

Can I create the tabular form here and use the apex array to get values???

Can you please tell me any idea on this???




Nov 29, 2013 22:51 +00:00

As I advised your way of thinking is not inline with the grid design.

You have the ability to use the override procedures defined on the grid, whether its for validation, computation, performing the data saving, or performing additional after the grid data is saved. At any point an exception is raised in any of the procedures the data will be rolled back by the plugin.

All procedures will all have a paramater passed in which will have the full grid row data for each row that's being changed. You will LOOP through this data and compare to your underlying table and perform what ever action you want. You need to understand this concept as you will be able to achieve your result using this concept.

If you cannot achieve this then you will need your company to purchase consulting time from us where we will document a working example for this requirement.


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