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GRID gives ORA-01031 insufficient privileges
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Jul 17, 2014 21:40 +00:00

Hi Matt,

I've got a grid (read only) which has previously been working OK but after a data change is now giving this internal error

Error Error in PLSQL code raised during plug-in processing. ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

Technical Info (only visible for developers)

is_internal_error: true
ora_sqlcode: -1031
ora_sqlerrm: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
component.type: APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_REGIONS 28277012654297936 Annual Solution Bridge

ORA-06512: at "FOEX_010101.FX_P_GRID", line 5010
ORA-06512: at line 4
ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SYS_SQL", line 1926
ORA-06512: at "SYS.WWV_DBMS_SQL", line 973
ORA-06512: at "SYS.WWV_DBMS_SQL", line 999
ORA-06512: at "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_DYNAMIC_EXEC", line 830
ORA-06512: at "APEX_040200.WWV_FLOW_PLUGIN", line 1058

I can find no reason for this, the page is working fine in another WS on same DB, and worked OK before the data change. The backtrace shows FOEX_010101.FX_P_GRID", line 5010. Any ideas what this is doing, and why I'm getting this error?




Matt Nolan Jul 18, 2014 07:53 +00:00 

Have you enabled caching in the FOEX settings plugin? and is there a LOV in the grid based on this lookup table?

Matt Nolan Jul 18, 2014 11:22 +00:00 

Hi Alan,

The FOEX settings plugin is under "Shared Components" -> "Component Settings" in APEX 4.2 and in 4.1 you need to edit the plugin directly to set the application level settings.

I'm not sure whats happening it does sound strange but you need to advise what changes you make and collect more error information to relay to us.

Also you are on an old version of FOEX - v1.1.1. I would suggest that you upgrade to the latest release which we have previously advised.

Jul 18, 2014 06:32 +00:00

What data changes are you referring to?

The error occurs during page render. Please put the page in debug mode and look at the first occurrence of the ORA message in the debug output and add the information to this thread. Along with details about the plugin settings.

I think the following message gives you a good indication what the problem is "ORA-01031: insufficient privileges" as it relates to trying to perform an operation which you do not have the granted privileges for.

Does your application parsing schema have access to the underlying view/table? Do any other pages with FOEX components work?


Jul 18, 2014 07:40 +00:00

Hi Matt,

I wish it was that simple. The data change was just a value in a lookup table. The report query ran outside of Apex with no issues, using the parsing user (which is also the schema owner). I even change d the query to be a dummy one selecting constant values from dual. This just had the effect of the same error being thrown on the next tabbed report on the page.

Other FOEX pages in the app were working fine.

The most surprising thing is that I left this not working last night, and have just tried it again now (I was about to set debug on as you suggested) and the page has worked fine. This suggests to me that some kind of caching/state issue was involved.

I'd be interested to hear if you have any further ideas as to the underlying cause, as I'm totally stumped.




Jul 18, 2014 11:12 +00:00

Hi Matt,

No LOV in the grid based on the lookup table. I haven't changed any cache settings (I don't actually know how to access the FOEX settings plugin).

After my last post, the app started failing again, this time comaplining it couldn't bind one of the variable in the grid query, and to check that it's length didn't exceed 30 characters (which it didn't). However the error message suggested using the v('....') syntax for the bind variable instaed of :.... for variable nam,es > 30 chars. I did this anyway, and the problem has gone away.

I'm more confused than ever.

Thanks for your help,



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