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Integrate 3rd party plugin into a FOEX application
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Feb 20, 2014 17:44 +00:00

I am attempting to utilize the Enkitec SignaturePad plugin within a FOEX application. I have the SignaturePad plugin working well within a vanilla APEX page, but when I attempt to place it within a FOEX form, is does not display. Also there is a process plugin to generate an image from a set of JSON lines. I don't know whether that will work... Any tips at least to get the SignaturePad plugin to display within a FOEX form?


Feb 20, 2014 17:53 +00:00

Currently any 3rd Party plugin you wish to use within a FOEX Form must be integrated by us. We offer a "paid for" service for this.

Your only alternative is to use a standard APEX page.


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