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Page Level Validation does not fire
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Jun 23, 2014 11:14 +00:00

It appears that the page level validation does not fire on FOEX pages. We have got a validation that would be page-level which did not fire, then we set an associated item and it actually did fire.

What's the correct approach to perform page-level validations on Forms, where the user should not be directed to a specific field on the error?

The page-level validation defined on page 4008 in the demo app also does not appear to fire.

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Alex Hafner Jun 23, 2014 13:52 +00:00 

Many thanks Matt.

Jun 23, 2014 13:11 +00:00

The best method for defining page level validations is to actually associate them with the primary key item of your form, or for non-dml forms a hidden page item contained within the form. This will ensure no field is marked invalid.

The reason why you need to associate your validations with items is so that we know which validations belong to the form since you can have more than one form per page.


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