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Pending Changes on Form in an Viewport
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Jun 8, 2015 08:34 +00:00


I created an viewport with center, north, south and west pane. In the west pane, there is the tree navigation. In center pane there I have the content where I load the pages in tabs. On one page, I want to check for changes in an form. It should work everytime I navigate to another tab, page or anything else. In you demo, you use the "page unload" event. This doesn´t work for me. There are many other events, but which is the right one? I tried some, but I didn´t get an result.

Thanks in advance. Christian


Matt Nolan Jun 8, 2015 11:10 +00:00 

No, we are missing an event like i.e. "Before Tab Close", and a cross page actions plugin.

You would need to request a customization for this.

Christian86 Nov 16, 2015 17:12 +00:00 

This is still not possible, am I right?

Matt Nolan Nov 17, 2015 07:29 +00:00 

Correct, we do not currently have a declarative option to easily implement your requirement. If it is a critical requirement you can request a customization for an additional cost.

Jun 8, 2015 09:43 +00:00

Your requirement is problematic since there are many ways which content can be added or removed from the page, and many actions you want to perform the check on. Add to this stopping these events like opening a new tab, navigating away etc. is actually a very complicated requirement since these may be split over child/parent pages.

Unfortunately this is not currently possible, we have filed a ticket to see what we could include in the future but we cannot guarantee any timeframe. If this is critical requirement then you could request that we create a customization for you but there will be costs associated with this option.


Jun 8, 2015 10:51 +00:00

ok. I think the most important thing is if someone closes the tab. Is there a simple way?


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