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Problems when more than one Tab is opened
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Jan 10, 2017 06:20 +00:00


Some time ago we asked how to open more tabs in the same region. This war answered in the Question "Open page in new tab of same region". It work´s really great. But there are some problems. Problem 1: For Example, if I set a Form as read only then it seems that it is set for all tabs which are open. Problem 2: Fields which a are used to store temporary data (for Master-detail for example) also seem to be overwritten for all open tabs.

Is there a possibility to solve this problem? Is there a possibility that one tab does not affect another tab?

Kind regards Christian

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Christian86 Jan 11, 2017 09:48 +00:00 

I think it would be easier to show you the problem directly in our application. Building a testcase would take much time. Would this be possible?

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Jan 10, 2017 07:50 +00:00

We would need a test case to understand what is happening in your situation.

It is possible to open the same page multiple times but you cannot rely on application items which are referenced in your page and change when changing tabs and it is your (the developers) responsibility to ensure session state is maintained. This is because application item values are only stored in session state and are not included in the page html and can't be submitted back to the server.

When submitting a form on a page all items are sent to the server and updated in session state. If you perform some other action on the page then you must ensure you submit all associated items with it to ensure session state is set correctly e.g. grid refresh, execute PLSQL Code etc. This is because the correct values are in the page/html but may not be correct in session state since the page you are on may not be the last page opened, so when you submit them with every AJAX action you can be then assured that session state will be updated to match what the page requires.

Therefore we always suggest that you use hidden page items on the page instead of application items e.g. for (manual) master detail relationships.


shankar Jul 7, 2022 14:41 +00:00 

We have hidden page variables and they are used as part of the WHERE clause for Grids/Trees on the page. The Grid /Tree paging seems incorrect when multiple copies of the same page are opened (as tabs).

Are we supposed to add all hidden page variables as "Items to Submit" in the Hidden Query control? There has to be a better/easier way to do this.

We are not using any application page items (yet).

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FOEX Support Jul 7, 2022 19:52 +00:00  edited Jul 8, 2022 09:24 +00:00

Yes, you must include all page items on the page referenced in your SQL in the page items to submit. This is standard APEX practice, but also extremely important when opening a page multiple times as there is only one session state value, so all page items need to be updated in session state for each AJAX call to ensure the correct context is set. You should NOT use application items when opening pages multiple times for this reason!

If you would like your "Page Items to Submit" to be automatically set, then we suggest that you download and install our Open source (FOS) APEX Builder Extension ->

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