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Read only check box on grid
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Mar 12, 2013 15:20 +00:00

I have a read only FOEX Grid with two Tick Box item types. These appear as editable to the user despite the grid region being set to 'Read Only.

Is it possible to have these Tick Boxes greyed-out to indicate they are indeed read only. At present the user can tick the box. And the red unsaved edit indicator appears in the top left corner of the cell. Because of this, the user believes he can change these attributes in the grid. But of course, they cannot as the grid is read only. To prevent confusion I would rather show these tick boxes greyed-out (disabled) and display as information only. How can I achieve this ?

alt text


Daz Mar 24, 2013 15:07 +00:00 

Worked perfectly !

Christian86 Nov 30, 2015 09:57 +00:00 

Does anything change in the last version according to this question?

Mar 12, 2013 17:45 +00:00

Hi Darren

You can add the following custom config to the report column to disable editing

"processEvent": /**/function () { return false; }  /**/


alt text

I would agree that a "readOnly":true attribute would seem more logical but in this case (thanks to Sencha) the above is the only option in v1.1.


Nov 30, 2015 14:18 +00:00

As of v2.1.1: this is still the only workaround to show a read only checkbox in an editable grid. For row editing make sure you also include the editor config to make it read only e.g.

"editor": {
},"processEvent": /**/function () { return false; } /**/

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