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Same Table Multiple Tab forms with a grid
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Jun 21, 2013 22:05 +00:00

Hi guys, The issue I'm having is applying the data to the same table with multiple tabs. Best way I can describe this is I have a client table with a bunch of fields, too many to display properly on one tab. I thought I'd create a grid for searching on top and below multiple tabs to allow data adjustments. First tab/grid link worked great, apply changes was fine. When I created a second tab and moved some of the items to that tab, the data would not update. I did not get an error, just nothing. Refreshing, of course, cleaned out the items and nothing was saved.
My other thought was to create the second tab/form with all the items, having a separate link to the grid. This creates double usage of all the dynamics, and just a messy page with all those extra items I don't need. This also makes it so a user has to click apply before they switch tabs or the data will not update. Any ideas or am I going about this wrong?


Jun 22, 2013 06:00 +00:00

I'm not sure I follow 100% but it does sound like you have a misunderstanding on how to use grids and forms, do you have this example on

In order to have all page items associated with a form they must be in a child region of the form. Either in a fieldcontainer or fieldset region they are ignored if they appear in any other type of region. This way you can have multiple forms per page. If you add items to a grid plugin region they will be added to the toolbar and will be excluded from the form, since grid toolbar items are to be used for custom filtering. This also applies to form items added directly to the form plugin region.

If you want to use tabs or other types of layouts you can set the Form layout to tabs and use a child region hierarchy to control the layout of each tab. Alternatively you can also use the layout plugin as a child region of the form plugin to control complex layout requirements. Have a look at page 4006 in the documentation app for an example.


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Jun 24, 2013 19:57 +00:00

Thanks a ton Matt. Page 4006 in documentation really helped me tons. The light bulb went off in my brain. I was headed down the wrong path. Hope you guys have fun at ODTug. (I'm jealous. We are too busy this year to go.)


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