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set value - dynamic action
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Oct 13, 2016 08:44 +00:00


when opening an FOEX Page I set some fields with values. I do this with "APEX - set value". This works ok. The problem is, this does not work for FOEX Combo or FOEX Grid Combo. Is there another possibility?

Kind Regards, Christian


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FOEX Support Oct 13, 2016 09:06 +00:00 

Are you able to create a simple test case so we can see how you are actually doing this, and at what point?

Christian86 Oct 14, 2016 08:30 +00:00 

on your test system it works. so first I will apply the last hotfix and then let you know.

Christian86 Apr 19, 2017 12:36 +00:00 

works now with last hotfix

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