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Some questions regarding FOEX Combo
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Feb 28, 2014 15:35 +00:00

Hi !!

Here is some questions that I have concerning the FOEX Combo :

Is there any trigger that would act like a WHEN-LIST-CHANGED (like in Oracle Forms)? I would need a trigger that fires right when the user selects a value. At the moment, I think I can use the "Lose Focus" and trap if the value has been changed, but I was wondering if there is a cleaner way to do it! :)

Is there any way to hide the little "X" that nullify the value in the field ?

Thanks !!


Vince Feb 28, 2014 18:20 +00:00 

Thanks Eric for the update! I will retry this..

Do you know how to hide the little "X" that nullify the value in the field ?

Vince Feb 28, 2014 18:24 +00:00 

Sorry about that, I thought the Change event didn't work on this item type.. but it is working fine :) Thanks for the enhancement !!

Matt Nolan Feb 28, 2014 18:27 +00:00 

thanks eric

Vince Oct 9, 2014 17:56 +00:00 

Hi Matt!!

Any updates on this one? We would really like to be able to hide the X trigger.

Thanks !!

Matt Nolan Oct 9, 2014 18:56 +00:00 

This will be available in v2.0

Feb 28, 2014 18:16 +00:00

Hi Vince,

The default Apex Change event is what you're looking for. On your Foex Combo item add a new dynamic action, it should default to the Change event, if you do not have any conditions for when the change event will fire just click next to move into the action choices.

When the user selects a value from the list this event will set the Combo page item to the value of the selection. You could then use this value in other parts of your page to do what you need. (e.g. Lets call the Combo item :P100_COMBO, you select 'test' from the combo(page item :P100_COMBO now holds the value 'test'), which then fires the Change event and proceeds to your specified action, one of your actions is to set another page item to this new value 'test' using a PL/SQL block; :P100_NEW_ITEM := :P100_COMBO, :P100_NEW_ITEM will now hold 'test'). Be sure to submit the Combo page item to the session and refresh any region/page items on the page that will be changed through your action.

I hope this helps.



Feb 28, 2014 18:20 +00:00

How about the change event?

I have raised an enhancement request for hiding the X trigger.


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