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Set GridCombo Column14.09.2015 17:09 Hi, Is it possible to set the width of a gridcombo column? Thanks.
Manipulate Uploaded Blob File15.07.2015 15:07 Hi, In a FOEX Form, I have to Upload a picture using 'FOEX FILE Browse' and displaying it by 'Foex Display Image',this picture is saved in blob column. In my case, I use a view and the saving process is overrided (Processing Procedure Override). Is it possible to manipulate the uploaded blob file in the override procedure? in order to push it to the appropriate column. Thanks.
Hyperlink Sort27.04.2015 14:04 Hi, In a Foex grid I have a link column built in the grid query as: CASE WHEN cond1 THEN <a href="javascript:$.event.trigger(''OPEN_COND_1'')" ....> '||LINK_TEXT||'</a> '      WHEN COND2 THEN <a href="javascript:$.event.trigger(''OPEN_COND_2'')"....> '||LINK_TEXT||'</a> ' END column_link" The column is dispalyed as 'standard Report column', so only LINK_TEXT is displayed on the screen. The problem is that the sorting is not done by LINK_TEXT but by the tag ' <a href="javascript:...>LINK_TEXT'</a> '. Is there a way to enforce the order only by LINK_TEXT? Thanks. Test case : application : 492 Page 2 column: Email Link
Number Field Format Mask25.03.2015 14:03 Hi, in a 'FOEX Number field', I set the Format Mask property to FML999G999G999G999G990D00, but that mask format is not taken into consideration. I tried with the the property 'Override Separator', when I set it to yes, I can enter the decimal and thousands separators, but since I have clients with different settings, I don't want to hard-code these values. So what is the best way to format my monetary numbers according to NLS settings? Thanks.
Cascading LOV between Foex Grid Columns16.02.2015 14:02 Hi, Is it possible to have two cascading LOVs between two FOEX Grid columns?. Thanks.
Function Returnig Boolean Validation02.12.2014 22:12 Hi, I have an error 'ORA-06536: In bind variable bound to an OUT position' when validating a FOEX form. This validation is of type 'Function Returnig Boolean', the error occurs if there is in the validation anonymous block an assignment to a page item (same for an application item) see my example in : App ID: 384 Page:1003. Thanks. Note: 1- This error does not appear in an APEX form. 2- The validation does not execute if the validation level is page.
Lovs in FOEX Grid Issues14.01.2014 23:01 1)When entering Data not exits in a Popup LOV, like 'xxxxxx' we get ORA-01722: invalid number (the field type is number), which is not user freindly. 2)The reset button (x) doesnt exist like on FOEX Form, and if we have a Select List LOV, the user cannot remove information. 3)'Null display value' option is not considered.
Header of columns misaligned with the fields displayed14.01.2014 20:01 How to reproduce the problem in a FOEX grid whith horizental scroll bar: 1: Go to the last column by pushing the scrollbar at the right. 2: Filter this column (in my case the grid will be empty) 3: Uncheck the filter option: 4: The fields and columns are misaligned.
Resizable Region14.01.2014 17:01 In the Foex Documentation Application (ID 341) and the page ID : 8 (Master Detail Detail Grid + Window), How can I set to 'Resizeable' the regions 'List of Customers' and 'List of Orders'?
Changes Ignored14.01.2014 16:01 This issue has been occured only in Google Chrome: When the user tries to change a field and clicks directly on save button, the changes are ignored. If after changing, the user hits the 'Enter' key or clicks on other field, and after that clicks on Save button, it works correctly.
Cancel Boutton Behavior not Consistent09.01.2014 17:01 Hi, when I try to add a new line in a Foex grid (row-editig mode), after if I decide to cancel the operation by clicking on the button 'Cancel', the line will be automatically removed. But there is a different behavior for the button 'Cancel' if I clicks the 'Update' button whith a validation errors and after that if I decide to cancel the adding operation by clicking on the button 'Cancel' there will be a clear line instead of delete. Application ID: 347 Page ID: 2003
Avoid adding another new row.07.01.2014 21:01 How can I avoid adding another new row in a FOEX grid (row-editing mode), when the user is already about to add a new row.
How to hide pagination bar on a Foex grid combo?07.01.2014 17:01 Hi, Is there a setting to hide the pagination bar on a Foex grid combo? Thanks.
Disable a Grid Checkbox Column19.12.2013 19:12 Hi, I have a simple question, How can I disable a checkbox column in a grid row editing?
GRID update button17.12.2013 15:12 Hi, Some times, the GRID Update button (Row Editing) is not available, even if all the fields are entered. To have the the button available, I have to change a field that has been already entered. Is it a known issue?
How can I detect if data in a particular grid column has been changed?11.12.2013 23:12 Hello, In a Foex grid, before doing a Save, how can I know if a particular column has been changed or not to notify the user. Thanks.
shortcuts label06.12.2013 20:12 Hi, I'm working with a dynamic label for an FOEX Text Item by using a shortcuts. If the Item is in a FOEX region the shortcuts doesn't work, but if I move this field in an HTML region, the shortcuts work correctly.
Conditional Dynamic Action With 23:11 Hi, I tried to create a dynamic action in a grid (Row Editing) to disable or enable a button with a Javascript expression as condition. This condition is based on the function '"COLUMN_NAME")' (see screenshot). The problem is that when I run my page, it is impossible to display, and the loading layout rotates infinitely. I am inspired by your example in page 3008. Thanks.
customize the behavior of the button 'UPDATE'18.11.2013 22:11 Hi, Is it possible to customize the behavior of the button 'UPDATE' of the FOEX Grid? for example, displaying a Yes/No message box and if the user chooses No the sql update is canceled. Thanks.
FOEX GRID Notification11.11.2013 20:11 Hello, I have to program this functionality: In a FOEX grid, if a specific column is null (which is valid) then after inserting or updating I display a warning to the user to inform him of the concequence of keeping this column empty. Is it possible to do this with a Foex Notify? I tried but it did not work. Thanks.
Enable Grouping in Report08.10.2013 18:10 Hello, I’m currently testing the Foex2day Developer's Guide, on page 2, I changed the property: customers - Query Definition> Report Attributes> CUST_STREET_ADDRESS1> Enable Grouping, from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ and I tested the report, it's OK. But after changing this property to ‘No’, the column CUST_STREET_ADDRESS1 is not displayed on the report!
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Thanks Matt, The workaround is ok for me, but how about the page level validation? it never fire with FOEX Form. Function Returnig Boolean Validation03.12.2014 14:12
1) when save the grid record. Here an exemple whith duration column in Application ID: 347, Page ID : 2003 Lovs in FOEX Grid Issues15.01.2014 14:01
On firefox everting is OK for the user, but there is an error on FireBug: Changes Ignored14.01.2014 16:01
Hi Peter, No, I have not this setting, because my request is about a field displayed as 'FOEX Grid Combo[Plug-in]' (a list of values). Thanks. How to hide pagination bar on a Foex grid combo?07.01.2014 20:01
Hi Matt, First of all I would like to wish you a happy new year. For the solution, it works very well. The only thing I miss is the center alignment of this new checkbox in the edit mode of a row-editing grid. Thanks. Disable a Grid Checkbox Column07.01.2014 15:01
At the moment I require the checkbox to be read only 100% of the time. Disable a Grid Checkbox Column20.12.2013 14:12
Hi Matt, I can reproduce this issue, without errors on my firebug console, in Chorme: Version 31.0.1650.63 m and in FireFox: 25.0.1 You can reproduce it after several successive insertions. I do not have an exact number of insertions to have the issue, but I counted twenty in one case. Here my screenshots of the issue with firebug console: GRID update button19.12.2013 14:12
Hi Matt, I'm able to reproduce the problem in my FOEX Workspace, but after several attempts on a basic FOEX page containing only a row editing Grid. Application ID: 347 Page ID: 2003 Here, I entered all required fields, but Update button still disable Here, I changed the field 'Tab2 std Desc' already entred, and before leaving the field, the Update button became enable. GRID update button18.12.2013 18:12
Excellent! Thanks. How can I detect if data in a particular grid column has been changed?17.12.2013 18:12
No, it's not that what I want. Here more details: I have a FOEX grid (cell editing) with two columns: column1 and column2. The user can make changes in both columns, when he clicks the 'save' button, if there is at least one change in column2 then displays a Yes/No message to alert the user about the result of this change, if the user clicks Yes ​​the save is made, else if he clicks No the save is not made. What I'm looking for is : how can I know if the column2 been changed? if there is a Boolean function like: Mygrid.isChanged("column2"). Thanks. How can I detect if data in a particular grid column has been changed?12.12.2013 14:12
I think that the problem is in the checkbox (Y/N, true/false), I tested the same condition with a number column, it work correctly. Conditional Dynamic Action With 16:11
Now, my page is displayed correctly, but the dynamic action doesn't work. My exemple is in : workspace: FX_WS_455 Application Id: 347 Page:99 Conditional Dynamic Action With 15:11
I use only the row editing mode for the grid (a standard), and to update the change on a row, I use only the contextual button 'Update' (no save button on the toolbar). customize the behavior of the button 'UPDATE'19.11.2013 14:11
I want to save the record and then display the notification message. FOEX GRID Notification11.11.2013 21:11
Thanks Matt, it solves the problem Enable Grouping in Report11.10.2013 14:10
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Thank you for your help, everything is ok now. Manipulate Uploaded Blob File21.07.2015 13:07
It works very well when the page is loaded for the first time, but if I click on save button, and after that I try to change the image, the refresh is not working. Manipulate Uploaded Blob File20.07.2015 18:07
I want that happen without saving and reloading the form, it should be just after selecting a new image via file browser button. App : 492 Page : 2012 Manipulate Uploaded Blob File20.07.2015 14:07
Hi, Is it possible to refresh the display image item to display the selected image via the browse file button? A dynamique action is used, but not works. Manipulate Uploaded Blob File20.07.2015 13:07
Thanks Matt, it works fine!! Manipulate Uploaded Blob File16.07.2015 16:07
Thanks a lot!! The second solution fits my need. Hyperlink Sort27.04.2015 16:04
Hi, I have a miner issue whith the sorting,it is case sensitive. For exemple 'AMC' is before 'Acura', but if I do the order by in the SQL query 'Acura' is before 'AMC'. Is that an issue? or I have to add some additional config to the column. Thanks. FOEX Grid - Sort Select List16.04.2015 14:04
Yes I want to format my field i.e: 1.234,21 or 1,234.21 depending to the NLS parameters. My test case is in App 492 Page 5 Item P5_CREDIT_LIMIT Number Field Format Mask09.04.2015 13:04
On a cell editig FOEX grid. Changes Ignored14.01.2014 16:01
And also we need to re-enable the button on 'Cancel-Edit (Row Editor)' . Until now it works very well, thanks. Avoid adding another new row.08.01.2014 16:01
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