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Form Item - combo multiselect12.07.2021 22:07 Is there a way to define the delimiter for the combo multiselect form item?  Currently the delimiter is ':'.  I would like to have a delimiter of null, where if there are 2 values of "01" and "02" and both are selected, the value "0102" would get saved?
Form in Content Loader -- Change primary key generates ORA-01403: no data found12.05.2021 02:05 Page 201 resides in a content loader within page 200.   When I change the primary key on page 200, I am getting this error. What is the best way to troubleshoot this?  Nothing seems to be identifying where the error is occurring. Thanks, Chris
larger textarea field will jump when allowed to grow30.03.2021 00:03 Workspace: FX_WS_1724 App: 235 Page: 2 I have a problem with TextArea fields that are allowed to grow.  If I set their height to a specific amount, the issue does not appear. I've attached a video gif that shows the issue.   In the gif the issue occurs once I press "enter" and the TextArea jumps, you can see this by watching the scrollbar on the right of the tab.  It should be staying at the bottom, as the cursor is at the bottom of the TextArea. The issue is that when the TextArea auto-resized, the cursor "bounces" or "jumps" out of frame.  When this occurs, it is very difficult to continue typing for the user, as you have lost the feedback of what you are typing.  When its worse, the TextArea resize attempts a resize at every keystroke. This issue occurs worse when the form is long (there are many fields). The documents my customers type are typically long, so the fact that TextArea fields can be configured to be small but grow when there is lots of text entered is perfect.  If the TextArea would behave itself. Thanks, Chris
Cannot read property 'dom' of null THEN page just spins24.02.2021 19:02 Cannot read property 'dom' of null THEN page just spins APEX 18.2 / FOEX What is the best way to troubleshoot this? I'm am installing FOEX to see if the issue goes away.
Safari on MacOS 21:01 FOEX V4.2.0.4386.00 on on Safari MacOS 11.1 We have a case where we have 1 customer that has a bunch of Macs, where us and all our other customers have Windows PCs.   This particular customer sometimes get a 100% hang within the Safari tab holding our FOEX application.  Us and no other customers have this problem.   We and our other customers are on FOEX V4.2.0.4409.01.   Is there perhaps a bug in patchset 4386.00 and Mac Safari??  Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?
HFXP-439215.12.2020 02:12 Where did the hotfix HFXP-4392.03 go?   My DEV environment happens to be that version of FOEX, and thinking I should not go forward to production with that FOEX version??
Urgent production issue with Chrome 8723.11.2020 17:11 I'm going to add on to this issue by the previous poster.  I made a new question so that I can upload a image file. FOEX 4.2.04386.00 For me the issue occurs within Edge and Chrome 87.0.4280.66 64bit.  The issue does not occur in Chrome 86.0.4240.198 64 bit or on Firefox. For me the fieldsets all lose their titles. Issue presents itself in the FOEX Examples/Cookbook Form -- Field container / Fieldset I've included screenshots from my application and the FOEX examples/cookbook application. Thanks, Chris
"InternalError: too much recursion"25.09.2020 21:09 I just upgraded from FOEX to FOEX and everything seemed to work just fine with no changes, except for our most complex page (page 3600). We are opening this page in a desktop environment and when the page opens, the spinner just spins forever.  Not immediately, instead after a few seconds, the following error appears in the browser console (see attached image).  The page in question has several grids, buttons, layouts, and content loaders.  I can tell it gets through the 3 "on page load" processes just fine, and in the correct order. How do I troubleshoot this further?
Grid shows blank records when there are indeed records16.04.2020 14:04 FOEX Sometimes FOEX Grid (editable grid in this case) will show blanks.  First page of pagination is fine.  Second is messed up. What is the best way to troubleshoot this issue? Nothing appears within the browser console when the grid is in use or when the grid begins to misbehave itself. default rows per page is set to 100, max 100,000 rows
classic theme "required" indicator12.12.2019 19:12 FOEX classic themes When the triton themes are in place, the red star is visible when the field is required.  If you switch to either of the classic themes, the red star becomes a very light square.  See the screenshot attached. I don't know whether the classic themes are really supported...  So let me know. Chris
FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 17:11 Is there something wrong with file?   I install it and I get some packages that no longer exist.  Like when you generated the file some things were missing. I've included the error when I run a page as well as when I attempt to compile an offending FOEX package.
FOEX 4.1.0 CKeditor25.09.2019 15:09 We are having a problem with the CKEditor.  Our users are copy/pasting information into the CKEditor such that the form cannot display it when looked at later.  So I assume there is more information in the field than the CKEditor can display. Is this a bug in the CKEditor?  Or can we limit how many characters can be entered or pasted into the CKEditor?    I looked the extJS documentation and there did not seem to be an option for max... In this case the CKEditor is supported by a CLOB field.
Form with set primary key in onLoadBeforeHeader09.09.2019 14:09 We just upgraded our application to FOEX 4.1.0 from 4.0.1. We have several pages that when the page comes up, a before header process sets the primary key of the form so that the form loads with the proper record when the page comes up.  This worked perfectly in 4.0.1 and earlier. Now in 4.1.0, all of the text, number, and date fields load fine, but the combo and popup LOVs do not load. However, I put a button on the page and when pressed do a "form load" and ALL fields then load fine.   Before I do an example, did something change with the FOEX form behavior that I did not notice?? Thanks, Chris
FOEX developer add-on error19.08.2019 19:08 As of today, Monday 08/19/2019 the FDA causes editing of any APEX page to just "spin"...   If we remove the FDA from the browser, then we can edit a page.  But that doesn't help us much with our FOEX/APEX app... Within Chrome, I removed the FDA, closed Chrome, opened Chrome back up and then went to the Chrome store, found the FDA and installed.  Then I closed Chrome, opened it back up again, and the same behavior occurs. Attempting to install the FDA from seems to do nothing.  If attempt to do the same with Firefox, we just get an error "" Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer. and all you can press is "OK". Chrome 76.0.3809.100 (64bit) and Firefox 68.0.2 on Windows 10 1903 Help please.
AOP version11.07.2019 22:07 is there a function that can be used to report the AOP version that is currently installed? So that I can display it on an information page? I looked through the AOP documentation a few times and did not find anything.   I did find aop_api_pkg.getconstantvalue function but can't figure out how to use it...  Help, please.
IRCS button key binding and FOEX 21:07 IRCS button key binding and FOEX 4.0.1 the button key binding seems to no longer do anything.  Is it meant to still work with FOEX 4.0.1 and FOEX 4.1?
Safari on Mac fieldsets do not work02.07.2019 20:07 Fieldsets do not seem to work at all on Safari on Mac.   The open/close selector does not work (fieldset starts as closed) and you cannot see the title of the fieldset. Is there anything within Safari settings to make this go away?
Chrome 75.0.3770 on Mac artifacts02.07.2019 20:07 Chrome on 75.0.3770 on Mac contains artifacts (black blocks over the apex page within a FOEX desktop) Have to close the browser and start over and it will behave itself for a while.  Some time will go by and it will misbehave. The issue does not occur within Safari on Mac. Is there any settings on Mac or Chrome on Mac to make the issue no happen?
APEX calendar auto-refresh/auto-reload16.05.2019 19:05 Workspace: FX_WS_1724 App: 235 Page: 16 What I want to do is for the calendar to automatically refresh and to be able to refresh by pressing a button. When I place an APEX 5.0+ calendar within a FOEX page this does not seem to work.   When I place an APEX 4.2 calendar within a FOEX page, it does indeed seem to work. I've built an example workspace: FX_WS_1724, app 235, page 16 Please help me understand what I should do so that the standard APEX fullcalendar behaves this way. Thanks, Chris
Leave page - unsaved changes01.05.2019 14:05 Our application is now on APEX 18.2/FOEX 4.0.1, and we use the desktop as the starting point for our application. and we are getting lots of "Leave page - unsaved changes" warning prior to closing a page, even when there really are no "unsaved changes".  Do you have any tips to mitigate this behavior?  We have checked that each page's "Warn on Unsaved Changes" is marked "No", yet the behavior continues. Thanks, Chris
Grid - checkbox - conditionally display depending on data within query11.04.2019 03:04 I'd like to be able to conditionally display checkboxes, considering the uploaded image, I'd like to make the red selected checkboxes go away. How would I do this? Or is there a better way to do this? I currently have everything functioning correctly, I'd like like the empty checkboxes to "go away" where not selectable anyway. Thanks!
Content loader tab cannot be closed22.02.2019 17:02 Case: We have a documentation page, where you click on items within a tree on the west page and new tabs launch as content loaders within the center pane.  As of FOEX V4.0.1.3844.02 (most recent 4.0.1 update I believe) / APEX 18.2 / Theme 42 sometimes these tabs cannot be closed.  The errors generated within Firefox and Chrome are attached as images. Firefox 65.0.1 (windows 10)   HTML content  - can close   PDF content   - cannot close   Video content - cannot close Chrome 72.0.3626.119 (windows 10)   HTML content  - can close   PDF content   - can close   Video content - cannot close Edge 44.17763.1.0 (windows 10)   HTML content  - can close   PDF content   - can close   Video content - can close Safari (Mac)   HTML content  - can close   PDF content   - can close   Video content - cannot close Chrome (Mac)   HTML content  - can close   PDF content   - can close   Video content - cannot close   Is this a bug or do you have any tips to enable closing of the tabs.
Make text linkable to new desktop window05.02.2019 21:02 Workspace: FX_WS_1724 App: 174 Page: 8010 Hi, &nbsp; I am curious how I can make text I have placed on my Desktop open a new desktop window on a click event. I have tried using an <a> tag, but that makes it open in it&#39;s own separate browser tab. I want to open a page that is inside my application as a desktop window. I have included a picture of an example I built in the FOEX trial workspace of the text I want to add the dynamic action to. &nbsp; Thanks, &nbsp; Chris
FOEX support portal10.12.2018 19:12 Support portal gives an error when I attempt to login.
AOP table printing exhibits extra carriage return on 7th&#x2F;1th&#x2F;etc row of table10.12.2018 19:12 I think I found a bug when printing HTML tables. &nbsp; I&rsquo;ve attached the HTML data, the template, and the resulting PDF as reference (html.txt, release_template1.docx, output.pdf). I&rsquo;ve also included an HTML table test, where I put a 30 row table in place and then printed it with AOP (output2.pdf). &nbsp; It seems to always happen on the 7th/14th/21st etc table rows of an HTML table. &nbsp; I am using v18.1.1 on Windows server with LibreOffice as pdf generator (Issue occurs within V18.2.3 as well).&nbsp; I had reported this straight to AOP on 11/2/2018 and they told me I should be reporting this through FOEX instead. &nbsp; Thanks, Chris
AOP - report which prints out several pages, 1 page per record08.11.2018 01:11 I have included the AOP template.&nbsp; This template works correctly, except that it always leaves a blank page at the end.&nbsp;&nbsp; What do I do to eliminate the blank page at the end? Thanks, Chris
AOP in the context of FOEX desktop30.10.2018 02:10 Workspace: 1724 App: Page: Do you have an example of AOP in the context of the FOEX desktop.&nbsp; I need to be able to have a PDF display in a window, either as a child of the desktop or as a child of the window already on the desktop (when launched from that window). Do you have an example of this? Thanks
FOEX Grid Combo - search within checkboxes24.10.2018 14:10 The columns that a grid combo search field looks within can be changed by clicking on the "search" button and unchecking those columns you do not want to search within.&nbsp;&nbsp; Is it possible to, by default, start the grid combo out with several of the columns unchecked?&nbsp; This can potentially help us alot with the performance of our grid combos.
FOEX APEX Office Print plugin15.10.2018 03:10 I am attempting to use the AOP reporting plugin for the first time, and I&#39;m getting 503 GET errors.&nbsp; Everything else FOEX works well. I do notice that the normal FOEX plugins dont reference the css and js files...&nbsp; But the AOP plugs do. Can I download them and put them in the appropriate places on my webserver?&nbsp;&nbsp; Where is the best place? Thanks.
AOP 00:10 AOP 18.1 has been released and I&#39;d like to use it.&nbsp; The version I had before was a hotfixed release that rendered HTML as I needed.&nbsp; So this is the first new release since. I download the fresh version of AOP from and I then try to run on my DB server.&nbsp;&nbsp; I get a license error no matter weather I run the FOEX AOP license SQL script. What is the right way?
date picker does not save20.09.2018 00:09 FOEX 4.0.1 (most recent 09/06/2018 version) date picker field in a form (the form in this case is 2 layers of content loader deep, everything functions fine) the field starts out with a value if you clear the value without pressing tab or mouse clicking on a different field, pressing "Apply Changes" does not record the value. all other field types work fine, pressing tab to navigate out of the field, pressing "Apply Changes" records the value fine. Any ideas?
Grid Combo30.08.2018 02:08 I have a grid combo whose query can pull from a high number of records.&nbsp; How does the grid combo actually interact with the query so that I might index the source table correctly.&nbsp; I thought I remember seeing this information somewhere, but the documentation did not display this information.
FOEX toolbar - Menu SQL Query30.08.2018 00:08 FOEX 4.0.1, this error has been present since at least FOEX 3.1.... I have a query for the toolbar&#39;s menu, which generates an error when all rows are present, so I added the "AND rownum < 138" to keep the number of rows down, and it works just fine with less than 138 rows.&nbsp; You can see how many rows it tolerates when I null out some of the query columns.&nbsp; Interesting that it will tolerate more rows when the query produces less information.&nbsp; I am expecting about 250 rows to be present normally. Am I doing something wrong to cause this error? SELECT;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; id &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; , v_sec_group_d.item_parent_id&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; pid &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; , v_sec_group_d.item_label&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; text &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; , v_sec_group_d.item_url&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; url &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; , v_sec_group_d.item_order&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; display_seq &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; , v_sec_group_d.item_icon||&#39; &#39;||item_icon_color_class&nbsp; css_class &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; , null&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&n
FOEX number field misbehavior09.08.2018 17:08 Steps for reproduce in our environment: 1) have browser closed to begin with (can reproduce in Chrome 68 or Firefox 61) 2) open browser 3) navigate to the page 4) open an appointment 5) click the red-highlighted "pencil", the first time you click on it, the pencil does nothing besides producing the error as seen in the browser console. 7) click on the red-highlighted "pencil" again, the second time you click on it, the white shaded window comes up (the form on the 2nd screenshot is what is supposed to come up).&nbsp; The screenshots are from Firefox, Chrome deals with things a little bit different, where the "white window" appears in the upper left corner of the screen with fields displayed and top form buttons all render over the top of themself in the upper left corner (of course the form is not usable). 8) to replicate the issue, the browser must be closed.&nbsp; If you just close and reopen the schedule page (from the desktop) or refresh the browser, the issue does not reoccur. &nbsp; What we believe is occurring is that the FOEX form load is prompting an APEX change dynamic action to fire (which it should not) then the submit of a null to the FOEX number field crashes the form load.&nbsp;&nbsp; If we remove the submit of the number field within the onChange dynamic action, the form will load properly (this cannot be used as a workaround, as the end_time must auto-calc from the begin_time and mins, and without submits in the PLSQL block the calculation does not work). &nbsp; When we switch the FOEX number field to a Vanilla APEX number field, everything magically behaves itself.&nbsp; The number field in question is highlighted in red within the second screenshot (which has been switched to a vanilla APEX number field).&nbsp; The APEX change dynamic action only fires on change (not form load) and the auto-calc works.
FOEX date field with mask mm&#x2F;dd&#x2F;yyyy hh24:mi does not behave07.08.2018 14:08 Workspace: FX_WS_174 App: 235 Page: 13 FOEX update 08/06/2018 FOEX date field with mask of mm/dd/yyyy behaves fine, without any issues FOEX date field with mask of mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi, when within a Form, when click on the calendar icon causes error displayed in screenshot.&nbsp; Workaround is to click in a blank portion of the form, then click on the calendar icon again, and the FOEX date field date picker comes up normally.&nbsp; Once this workaround is performed the FOEX date picker will behave itself until the page is reloaded. See WS: FX-WS_174, App 235, Page 13 where I attempted to replicate the issue but could not.&nbsp; The example I provided is a data bound form that is loaded prior to the issue occurring. &nbsp; ***** 08/07/2018 I added a screenshot when the page is in debug mode so you can see line numbers :)
FOEX 4 grid combo - &quot;loadOnSearchOnly&quot; : true31.07.2018 02:07 Workspace: FX_WS_1724 App: 235 Page: 9 FOEX LoadOnSearchOnly:true seems to still automatically run the query rather than waiting for the magnifying glass to be presses &nbsp; full custom config in use: {&nbsp; "apexPageSize" : 15, &nbsp;&nbsp; "width": 800, &nbsp;&nbsp; "height": 300, &nbsp;&nbsp; "maxHeight": 300, &nbsp;&nbsp; "focusOnSearch": true, &nbsp;&nbsp; "loadOnSearchOnly" : true } &nbsp; I provided the test case example....&nbsp; EXCEPT...&nbsp; the test case works fine.....&nbsp; So I&#39;m kinda confused....
FOEX 4.0.0 2 day developer02.07.2018 17:07 on page 42 of the FOEX 4.0.0 2 day developer, "November" is stated when I think you mean to state "Now".
FOEX 4 "add" button produces javascript error13.06.2018 00:06 Last night I applied the FOEX 4.0.0 release to our development environment. I have an error 1) see the screenshots attached, I press the "Add" button, circled and the error is produced.&nbsp; This button&#39;s dynamic action only has a execute&nbsp; PLSQL process in it, so its pretty simple.&nbsp; Other buttons on the same page with a PLSQL process in them work fine.&nbsp; This same error occurred in FOEX 4 beta, I just did not catch it...
FOEX 4 beta Desktop06.06.2018 01:06 I just applied FOEX 4.0.0 4th update I noticed the only themes available are now Triton, Triton mini, and Triton compact (Triton dark is now gone).&nbsp; I&#39;m bummed that Triton dark is gone and all the neptune themes are gone. (Firefox behaves this way, Chrome is fine (no errors either), no other browsers tested): When I launch a new desktop windows (that contains a PDF), I can close them, but they will not go completely away, they stay displayed at the bottom of the screen.&nbsp; I get some errors that I&#39;m not used to seeing when the new desktop page is displayed (see immediately below), Although our app FOEX 3.1.0 most recent update does the same thing. "Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element &lsquo;selection&rsquo;.&nbsp; Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. viewer.css:60:13 Unknown property &lsquo;appearance&rsquo;.&nbsp; Declaration dropped. viewer.css:212:14 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element &lsquo;fullscreen&rsquo;.&nbsp; Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. viewer.css:316:22 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element &lsquo;fullscreen&rsquo;.&nbsp; Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. viewer.css:370:38 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element &lsquo;fullscreen&rsquo;.&nbsp; Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. viewer.css:385:22 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element &lsquo;fullscreen&rsquo;.&nbsp; Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. viewer.css:393:22 Unknown pseudo-class or pseudo-element &lsquo;selection&rsquo;.&nbsp; Ruleset ignored due to bad selector. viewer.css:1582:2" I don&#39;t get any errors when I click the X to close.
4.0 Beta09.05.2018 01:05 Just installed FOEX 4.0 beta and here are the issues I am seeing: 1) FOEX installation guide still references FOEX_030100 2) tree search button not rendered properly, see screenshot 3) grid pagination not rendered properly, see screenshot 4) grid search buttons not rendered properly, see screenshot 5) issue where clicking on a tree item that is supposed to launch a new desktop window works, but also replaces the parent page (which it is not supposed to do) 6) I do see the triton compact and triton mini themes which I do indeed like very much.&nbsp; The theme does not stick. 7) HTML documents (straight from the web server) displayed in the content loader display the raw HTML (which you have already fixed in 3.1.0 latest hotfix) 8) Some pages opened faster (9 seconds compared to 14 seconds) and some opened the same.&nbsp; I did not change anything regarding how the content loader loads the page.
Support Portal - Licenses07.05.2018 14:05 I am attempting to generate another FOEX Reporting Add-On license for my DEV environment. I enter the appropriate information into each field and then press the "generate license" button and nothing seems to happen. It would also be great if you had another field available (for example "description") so that we could organize which license key was for which server. Thanks, Chris
Desktop theme change04.05.2018 22:05 I&#39;m looking for best practice regarding how to switch the theme for the logged in user. When in the case of: 1) desktop is where the navigation comes from 2) the page where the user switches the theme is a child page of the desktop page 3) we recently upgraded from APEX 5.0/FOEX 2.2.1 to APEX 5.1/FOEX 3.1 and the existing theme change functionality broke.&nbsp; I checked out the FOEX documentation app, and the theme doesn&#39;t seem to stick or push to the parent documentation app&#39;s page (like we need it to in our application).&nbsp; The expection is that any child page of the parent documentation page would then be launched with the new theme.&nbsp; A refresh before doing so is an expected thing.
Submit date picker with date and time mask01.05.2018 01:05 APEX 5.1.4 / FOEX 3.1.0 We are having a problem when attempting to submit a date picker item (with mask of mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi) (whether FOEX date picker or APEX date picker) within a FOEX Form.&nbsp; If the value of the item is null, the submit fails. If mask is mm/dd/yyyy everything is fine. &nbsp; Button1 works, Button2 does not work, Button3 works, Button4 does not work &nbsp; We just upgraded from APEX 5.0.3 / FOEX 2.2.1.&nbsp; I realize this may be an APEX 5.1.4 problem or expected different behavior.&nbsp;&nbsp; Thoughts?? &nbsp; I just tested on a Vanilla APEX 5.1.0 environment and it works fine.&nbsp; One can submit a date picker item whose mask is mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi and whose value is null. &nbsp; Thanks, Chris
on Form Load - Exception ORA-00972: identifier too long10.04.2018 04:04 FOEX 2.2.1 on Form Load - Exception ORA-00972: identifier too long&nbsp;&nbsp; I&#39;m assuming there is a 27 character limitation? The error only occurs on Form Load and doesn&#39;t seem to affect the functionality of the Form, as all the fields seem to work fine. I have a form and some of the field names are rather long.&nbsp;&nbsp; Is the limitation on the database column or on the name of the field? Thanks, Chris
Form field tab order22.03.2018 17:03 FOEX 2.2.1 / APEX 5.0.3 / DB 12cR1 I am having a problem with form field tab order.&nbsp; All fields are FOEX plugin fields. form layout: checkbox - popup lov - number - popup lov - popup lov - number - popup lov - text form tab order: popup lov - number - popup lov - popup lov - number - popup lov - loops back to checkbox notice that the tab order misses the checkbox and the text field.&nbsp;&nbsp; In this case I don&#39;t really care about the checkbox.&nbsp; I do care about the text field. &nbsp; I attempted to replicate in the trial environment and things seem to work fine (of course its a completely different version of FOEX). &nbsp; Any thoughts on what might be causing this behavior?&nbsp;&nbsp; Is it wrong for me to expect that the form&#39;s tab order would nicely loop?&nbsp; All sequences are unique to the page and are sequential.
FOEX 3.1 desktop window extra scrollbar28.02.2018 23:02 Upon upgrading from FOEX 2.2.1 to FOEX 3.1.0, we notice extra scrollbars in lots of places, particularly within desktop windows.&nbsp; I&#39;ve attached a screenshot of the upper right hand corner with what I&#39;d like to remove identified in red. I&#39;m assuming there is a custom config to turn this off?&nbsp; Autoscroll YES vs Autoscroll NO did not do anything. Thank you
grid drag and drop reorder23.08.2017 00:08 Is it possible to do a "drag and drop reorder" on a FOEX grid? I can see examples of "drag and drop reorder" on a FOEX tree, so I will go that direction if its not possible within a FOEX grid. FOEX 2.2.1 I have already built the ability to move the order by clicking an icon, but I'd like to go from top to bottom straight away (by drag and drop) if possible.
form apply changes FOEX 02:06 Recently upgraded to FOEX 2.2.1 (from, and some forms now present this when there is no other session. Whether or not I actually change anything on the form this occurs. Reverted back to 2.2.0 that didn't make a difference, went back to 2.2.1 that didn't make a difference. So far rebuilding pages is the only thing that made a difference. And I sure don't want to have to do that.... Currently have about 4 different unrelated forms that exhibit this behavior. DB 12cR1, Tomcat/ORDS 3.0.9/ApacheHTTPD reverseproxy. Well turns out that I had reverted to version, rather than reverting to I'm not being good at keeping track of my versions. We removed the FOEX display image plugin form the forms affected and all the forms work fine now. We are working to revert back to FOEX to make sure.
Extensible calendar13.04.2017 18:04 I am ready to try out the extensible calendar. What can I do to "play" with it to see whether it will work for us? Thanks, Chris
FOEX 3.0.0 desktop22.03.2017 04:03 in Chrome, the desktop works well, in Firebox the desktop "start button" or "full screen" or any buttons do not work. Chris **** see attached file for FOEX 3.1 example
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It was related to the form setting " Disable Page Level Refresh" in the FOEX Config .&nbsp; And the issue is taken care of after setting it to "Yes" to disable the refresh. Form in Content Loader -- Change primary key generates ORA-01403: no data found12.07.2021 22:07
answered Cannot read property &#x27;dom&#x27; of null THEN page just spins03.03.2021 00:03
Answered myself see comment above. IRCS button key binding and FOEX 15:07
This does not occur in Safari.&nbsp; Customer does not have Firefox on her computer.&nbsp; The customer has switched to Mini/Compact Triton and will let us know if it happens at all. Chrome 75.0.3770 on Mac artifacts11.07.2019 15:07
This is corrected in 4.0.1 FOEX date field with mask mm&#x2F;dd&#x2F;yyyy hh24:mi does not behave30.08.2018 00:08
Email sent with details to Matt and Office. Thanks, Chris FOEX 4 beta Desktop06.06.2018 22:06
I downloaded the license key file from my support portal and ran the script using sys user and that did the trick for me. Chris FOEX 3.0 Licence check after upgrade14.03.2017 04:03
Once you download and unzip the patchset, the release notes are in the "Hot Fix installation guide" FXP-2611 Fixed Bugs18.10.2016 14:10
The FOEX Popup LOV works just as you suggest. Type a letter and it requeries and lists all records that start with that letter. The FOEX combo does not do this. Chris Automatically filter a select list or popup lov12.07.2016 15:07
OK... I'm an idiot. There was a grid-combo that was required that was left empty in those 2 cases. So everything is just fine. Form apply changes doesnt work15.06.2016 13:06
Patrick, welcome to the forum! You might be a FOEX newbie, but you are not an APEX newbie, 'cause you trained Shane and I on APEX! :) First I'd make sure the structure of the page is correct. (I'm using APEX 5.0.1, so things might look a bit different) This is the structure of what I would consider to be a normal FOEX page. Regions -Body3 --Viewport (this is the FOEX Viewport plugin) ---Attributes ---Subregions ----Center Pane (this is the FOEX Pane plugin) -----Attributes -----Subregions ------ZIP Code (this is the FOEX Grid component) -------Attributes -------Subregions --------ZIP Code - query definition (this is the query that supports the FOEX grid component) ... there is typically more detail below this, that I am not including ... Unless someone turned all the grid columns to "hidden".... You can see this if you go through each column within the query. Chris Debug Log - Entries contain "Disabled grid support..."27.01.2016 20:01
I just do this: to_char(substr(,1,4000)) Data as I don't want to see ALL the data in the context of grid. That is the workaround I've been using. Thanks, Chris Display CLOB in Grid23.07.2015 14:07
What I was looking for was a getFocus that works with the HTML editor. In reading your answer, it looks like your solution is a workaround to keep the onChange from firing successively which is what causes the performance hit, correct? As there is not a simply way to do a getFocus on an HTML editor field at this time? FOEX HTML editor Dynamic actions17.07.2015 13:07
This is still occurring on page 4002 of . Any ideas on how to get the download link to work? Thanks, Chris File download error: "An unhandled exception occurred. Response could not be read !"05.05.2015 22:05
Master Detail Detail v2, page 8 seems to be a good example. Master-detail-detail (grids)16.04.2015 18:04
We have a FOEX desktop page with a calendar setup like this: Schedule Page (page template=FOEX Page) -FOEX Viewport --FOEX Pane (Center, only 1 child region (Fit)) ---Schedule (vanilla APEX calendar) ---Toolbar (FOEX toolbar) works fine Best way to integrate APEX calendar01.12.2014 14:12
Ray, We do this by changing the page template from "Use Theme Default" to something like "Popup". Once you do this, you can't use any FOEX regions or items though. Chris Standard APEX page in V201.12.2014 04:12
Matt, Very sure its a size thing. Disregard the issue. Error: parsererror27.10.2014 13:10
have you submitted the item to your session? I usually do this with a PLSQL process with null; and place the page items you want to submit in the submit field. Problem with FOEX Combo Plugin30.10.2013 19:10
I did not indeed set the "Stop Default Node Click Event" to "yes". Once I did, it works as I expected. Thank you! So what was happening is that the default node click event AND the dynamic action was occurring. Opening content in a tab from a tree works initially but then the content/page reloads and takes over the full window31.07.2013 20:07
Figured it out myself. Loading Grid Data -- Load on Demand - doesnt work Loading Grid Data -- Load when Grid is show - responds fine to the Refresh dynamic action tree refresh25.06.2013 21:06
In fact, all I had to do is to change the grid's primary key item from "hidden" to "display as text" and the apply changes and create buttons enable/disable appropriately. So if I have the primary key item in the query but don't display it, the apply changes and create buttons do not enable/disable appropriately. FOEX Grid - Form21.05.2013 13:05
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This issue occurs within my installed version of FOEX (v20.2.0.4482.01) but does not seems to occur in my FOEX Trial installed version of FOEX (v20.2.0.4498.00).&nbsp; I have not pushed FOEX v20.2 pending resolution of this issue.&nbsp; Is there a plan to make available V20.2.0.4498.00 on the FOEX support portal (which currently has v20.2.0.4466.02). Thanks, Chris larger textarea field will jump when allowed to grow12.07.2021 22:07
all fields in the form are source type null Form in Content Loader -- Change primary key generates ORA-01403: no data found12.05.2021 02:05
The field in question is in a window / form that is an "item container" rather than a DML form.... Form in Content Loader -- Change primary key generates ORA-01403: no data found12.05.2021 02:05
I tracked it down to an Popup LOV or Combo select list, as if I change the field to a plain text field the error goes away. Form in Content Loader -- Change primary key generates ORA-01403: no data found12.05.2021 02:05
Has there been a hotfix for this in FOEX 4.2?? larger textarea field will jump when allowed to grow12.05.2021 01:05
Awesome! larger textarea field will jump when allowed to grow31.03.2021 14:03
I figured it out. This structure caused the issue Viewport &nbsp; Center Pane &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Grid &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Splitter &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Grid (this grid is a child of the splitter) as soon as I changed it to: Viewport &nbsp; Center Pane &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Grid &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Splitter &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; Grid (this grid is a peer of the above grid and splitter) everything works fine.&nbsp; Truth is, I must have dragged/dropped the grid under the splitter by mistake..... Cannot read property &#x27;dom&#x27; of null THEN page just spins02.03.2021 23:03
We have upgraded to FOEX V4.2.0.4434.00, and removed the vertical tabs in one of our forms.&nbsp; The customer is now using Chrome instead of Safari.&nbsp;&nbsp; I&#39;m very sure it was the fact we removed the vertical tabs that enabled the customer to go back to Chrome though, rather than the FOEX upgrade. Safari on MacOS 15:02
After clear cache and hard reset it does the same ting.&nbsp; It also does the same thing on a completely different computer than has NEVER run the application (or at least perhaps ran the application more than 1 year ago). Cannot read property &#x27;dom&#x27; of null THEN page just spins26.02.2021 14:02
Ext.foex.version &nbsp; "" Cannot read property &#x27;dom&#x27; of null THEN page just spins25.02.2021 14:02
Please let me know whether this is what you are looking for? ext-all-debug.js?v= Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property &#39;dom&#39; of null &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor.doInsert (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor.append (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor.render (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor.callParent (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor.callParent (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at constructor (foex.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at new Ext.foex.grid.Grid (ext-all-debug.js?v= &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; at eval (eval at getInstantiator (ext-all-debug.js?v=, <anonymous>:3:8) doInsert @ ext-all-debug.js?v= append @ ext-all-debug.js?v= render @ ext-all-debug.js?v= constructor @ ext-all-debug.js?v= callParent @ ext-all-debug.js?v= constructor @ ext-all-debug.js?v= callParent @ ext-all-debug.js?v= constructor @ foex.js?v= Ext.foex.grid.Grid @ ext-all-debug.js?v= eval @ VM1821:3 create @ ext-all-debug.js?v= FOEX.init36097406648287311 @ f?p=1000:42:6342903768837::YES:343 (anonymous) @ f?p=1000:42:6342903768837::YES:1664 invoke @ ext-all-debug.js?v= doInvokeAll @ ext-all-debug.js?v= invokeAll @ ext-all-debug.js?v= handleReady @ ext-all-debug.js?v= (anonymous) @ ext-all-debug.js?v= elevate @ ext-all-debug.js?v= timerFn @ ext-all-debug.js?v= setTimeout (async) defer @ ext-all-debug.js?v= handleReadySoon @ ext-all-debug.js?v= fireReady @ ext-all-debug.js?v= doReadyEvent @ ext-all-debug.js?v= onReadyEvent @ ext-all-debug.js?v= Cannot read property &#x27;dom&#x27; of null THEN page just spins25.02.2021 02:02
Installing FOEX did NOT make the issue go away.&nbsp; This is only occurring in my DEV environment. Cannot read property &#x27;dom&#x27; of null THEN page just spins24.02.2021 19:02
1) Our application has behaved that way for this customer, but it does seem to be more common as of late. We have gone from Chrome to Safari because a certain page has vertical tabs that did not display in Chrome, where they displayed fine on Safari. 2) We will upgrade to the most recent hotfix and let you know. Safari on MacOS 19:02
Here is the memory usage.&nbsp; ~700MB....&nbsp; I&#39;ve seen it running fine at 1.25GB.... Safari on MacOS 00:01
attached is the "Activity Monitor" with the Safari 100%. Safari on MacOS 22:01
1) seemingly random, but one particular function of pressing a "edit pencil" which pulls up a form window and then press save will usually exhibit the misbehavior. 2) We were just able to watch via GOTOMEETING while it hung, several times. 3) The issue occurs in a tab (if it is one tab of many, all other tabs are fine) or window (if it is running in a Safari window all by itself). 4) it can do it right away, or after an extended time.&nbsp; Sometimes can refresh the tab, sometimes cannot and have to force quit the Safari window/tab and start over.&nbsp; We have the CPU%, but did not get the memory usage.&nbsp; We will get a screenshot of that. 5) This particular customer uses Safari on purpose because Google Chrome seems to behave worse in other ways.&nbsp; What is your browser suggestion for a modern Mac? Also: We have followed along with our Windows machines and the "hang" does not happen to us. This particular machine is a 2018 MacBook Pro i7 with 16GB of RAM, so its not a slow machine. Safari on MacOS 22:01
see attached.&nbsp; The outer scrollbar is supposed to be there, as the form is long.&nbsp; the next inner scrollbar is not supposed to be there and the scrollbar for the fieldset is not supposed to be there. Urgent production issue with Chrome 8723.11.2020 22:11
Applying the CSS override to pages effected does indeed correct the problem, although it produces extra scrollbars. Thank you! Urgent production issue with Chrome 8723.11.2020 19:11
I created a ticket for this issue as well. Urgent production issue with Chrome 8723.11.2020 17:11
I can verify that installing the hotfix corrected the issue.&nbsp; Thank you for the quick response! FOEX Messagebox doesn&#x27;t set Page Item to Return29.10.2020 18:10
And yes, that workaround does indeed work. FOEX Messagebox doesn&#x27;t set Page Item to Return28.10.2020 16:10
Thank you! FOEX Messagebox doesn&#x27;t set Page Item to Return28.10.2020 15:10
Any progress? FOEX Messagebox doesn&#x27;t set Page Item to Return28.10.2020 14:10
I&#39;ll 2nd the issue.&nbsp;&nbsp; I&#39;ve built an example page:&nbsp; FX_WS_1724 / App 235 / Page 20 Things that used to work with our application on 4.1 stopped working when we upgraded to 4.2.&nbsp; So it used to work when returning a value from a message box. In this case a Execute PLSQL sets the item and returns it and the return value displays (works just like its supposed to) The FOEX Message Box PLSQL on OK ends up clearing whatever value was in the return item.... FOEX Messagebox doesn&#x27;t set Page Item to Return26.10.2020 21:10
I emailed to twice just now, about 7am our time. &quot;InternalError: too much recursion&quot;30.09.2020 12:09
I do not mind spending support credits on this &quot;InternalError: too much recursion&quot;29.09.2020 21:09
I just upgraded to FOEX and the same error is produced.&nbsp; I sent an email message to on 09/26/2020 and have not heard anything yet. &quot;InternalError: too much recursion&quot;29.09.2020 21:09
adding&nbsp;"bufferedRenderer": false to the "Advanced Config" for the Grid indeed corrected the problem. I certainly can attempt to reproduce on trial. Grid shows blank records when there are indeed records07.05.2020 14:05
I checked it, then saved, then unchecked, then saved.&nbsp; Did not change the behavior. Grid shows blank records when there are indeed records07.05.2020 13:05
That already is not checked... Grid shows blank records when there are indeed records07.05.2020 13:05
The grid has not requirements of columns not being able to be moved, so that is a good thing. I cannot seem to find an option "locking support" within the Grid&#39;s FOEX Config.&nbsp; Which config item are you talking about?&nbsp; Grid shows blank records when there are indeed records07.05.2020 13:05
I just got an email (May 5) that mentioned you added a comment to my initial request...&nbsp; I apologize. the FOEX version is already recorded in the original request, APEX version is Grid shows blank records when there are indeed records05.05.2020 14:05
restarting ORDS corrected the issue.&nbsp; Thank you.&nbsp; All is good now. FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 19:11
Thanks for mentioning that. &nbsp;I will restart ords and let you know. FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 19:11
in the meantime, I had reverted to the Nov 13th FOEX v4.1.0...&nbsp;&nbsp; Which might have its own problems.... FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 18:11
Is this supposed to be applied on top of v4.1.0 Nov 13th??&nbsp;&nbsp; I&#39;ve applied the hotfix to v4.1.0 and I am now getting this error. FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 18:11
Doing so now.&nbsp; Thanks for how quickly you responded. FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 18:11
also, the FOEX 4.1.0 does not seem to include the latest hotfix 4134.04...&nbsp;&nbsp; At least numbering-wise it does not. FOEX hotfix27.11.2019 17:11
I&#39;ve applied HFXP-4090 update 3 and this issue is indeed corrected.&nbsp; Thank you! Form with set primary key in onLoadBeforeHeader11.09.2019 00:09
&APP_USER.&nbsp; and v(&#39;APP_USER&#39;) work for us and we have a database user authenticated application.&nbsp; I figure you could use v(&#39;APP_USER&#39;) in place of :APP_USER in your PLSQL. APP_USER is always &quot;nobody&quot;11.09.2019 00:09
Awesome.&nbsp; Thank you. Form with set primary key in onLoadBeforeHeader09.09.2019 19:09
No JS errors occur when the page raises. Form with set primary key in onLoadBeforeHeader09.09.2019 14:09
I can confirm that FDA runs within Chrome now.&nbsp;&nbsp; It does not work yet in Firefox.&nbsp; Whether or not there is a run-time session..&nbsp;&nbsp; I&#39;ve attached a picture of the error that occurs below.&nbsp; This occurs when you press the "Download file" button within Firefox 68.0.2 APEX 18.2 FOEX 4.0.1 FOEX developer add-on error20.08.2019 15:08
We tried that as the first option.&nbsp;&nbsp; Same issue. Attached is the javascript error. FOEX developer add-on error19.08.2019 20:08
Attempting to install the Chrome extension from the FOEX support portal: 1) download fda_Chrome.crx 2) drag/drop over Chrome 3) you get "Package is invalid: &#39;CRX_REQUIRED_PROOF_MISSING". error is generated. &nbsp; I did not try the Firefox FDA from the support portal. FOEX developer add-on error19.08.2019 19:08
I just answered my own question.&nbsp; Its now baked right into FOEX. on afterRender of the region that the button you want a hotkey for, add FOEX button actions - keyboard shortcut And it works perfect! IRCS button key binding and FOEX 15:07
see screenshots attached.&nbsp; it started doing this when we updated to APEX 18.2/FOEX4.0.1.3952.02.&nbsp; (perhaps it is coincidence though). Customer clicks a button to open the child window and doesn&#39;t click on anything further (this is not happening due to drag and highlight as an example). Chrome 75.0.3770 on Mac artifacts03.07.2019 18:07
A screenshot is on its way.&nbsp; It is really "big black blocks" over the top of the desktop window.&nbsp;&nbsp; Same customer who is having the Safari problems.&nbsp; Our only customer that has Macs..... Chrome 75.0.3770 on Mac artifacts03.07.2019 13:07 solved the problem Leave page - unsaved changes02.07.2019 21:07
We solved this issue by doing what you suggest, use a vanilla APEX page.&nbsp; Then things worked as expected. APEX calendar auto-refresh&#x2F;auto-reload02.07.2019 21:07
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