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Position FOEX Window when using dynamic action : show12.07.2013 19:07 Is it possible to 'show' a FOEX Window in a particular location within the viewport so that you can open multiple Windows and position then so they do not hide each other. Once you position a window in the current session the next time you open it the position is preserved but is there a way of opening in a specific location ?
FOEX Desktop plugin open maximized12.07.2013 19:07 Is there a way to 'open maximized' when launching from FOEX Desktop plugin lists. I've tried width = 100%, height=100% on the list's properties and "border":false,"maximized":true In my viewport region properties Custom Config (Component Level) for the page I am launching to no avail.
Save current row number to reinstate selection after grid refresh11.05.2013 17:05 What mechanism should I implement to save the current row number on a grid when it is refreshed by a dynamic action/timer so that I can use the FOEX Grid - Select Row dynamic action to choose the row I had selected prior to the refresh firing.
Is there a way to auto size column widths in grid combo plugin so they fit the width defined13.03.2013 13:03 Is there a Grid Custom Config (component level setting) that will allow auto sizing of columns in a Grid Combo.
Read only check box on grid12.03.2013 15:03 I have a read only FOEX Grid with two Tick Box item types. These appear as editable to the user despite the grid region being set to 'Read Only. Is it possible to have these Tick Boxes greyed-out to indicate they are indeed read only. At present the user can tick the box. And the red unsaved edit indicator appears in the top left corner of the cell. Because of this, the user believes he can change these attributes in the grid. But of course, they cannot as the grid is read only. To prevent confusion I would rather show these tick boxes greyed-out (disabled) and display as information only. How can I achieve this ?
Check grid has been saved before refresh04.03.2013 16:03 A couple of my users have been complaining about a newly launched application. Even some of my more savvy users keep forgetting to save their edits in grids, then select a different view using some combo-grids I have on the same page. After the combo grid is changed the master grid is refreshed and their edits are lost. Therefore, I need to check if grid has been saved. Do we have any examples of how to check if a grid has been saved prior to a refresh. I've been trawling the demo applications but can't seem to find an example. I suppose I could force the save each before the dynamic action refreshes the grid when they make a selection but what I really want to do is check if they have saved their edits and then prompt "Save or Discard". I've been trawling the demo applications in FOEX 1.1 but can't seem to find an example. I'm sure there is one. If not, can anyone recommend best practice for implementing such functionality.
CSS fx-icon02.03.2013 12:03 Where can I get a list of all CSS fx-icon options. I've found this link for silk icons : and was wondering if this was correct.
FORM Plugin - Best way of setting different colours for Label and Data06.02.2013 00:02 What is recommended best practice for setting font colour for labels and text entry fields in the FOEX Form plugin. For example, if I had a form region with various item labels and text fields. How could I show labels in GREY, editable fields to be BOLD BLACK and read only to appear in NORMAL BLACK ITALIC ?
Recommendation for timing an automatic refresh on grid06.12.2012 17:12 I have a page which users upload .csv files using the FOEX file upload plugin. These .csv files are the source of a BI ETL process interface and can be quite CPU intensive files to parse. Typically the parsing can take a couple of minutes per 100MB file to complete. I've implemented a dbms_scheduler program task which sequentially processes the upload files so that if users upload multiple .csv files for processing we don't hog the CPU. The dbms_scheduler task is invoked from a dynamic action event FOEX File Upload - On Complete [FOEX File Upload]. The dbms_schedler program is fired for each upload and checks v$session to make sure it's not already running from a previous upload invocation. When scheduler invokes the program the first thing it does is call DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_ACTION to set the ACTION column in v$session. When no more files are left to process DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO.SET_ACTION is called again to set the ACTION column again. This allows us to check that the parser is not currently working, if is the program simply exits without processing any files. When the users upload files the current status of those files is presented in a GRID report. The status changes from UPLOADED to RUNNING to COMPLETE (or COMPLETE with ERRORS), much like the Concurrent Manager requests status of in Oracle 11i e-biz. Currently, the user can refresh this report manually but I would like to implement a 30 second timer to refresh auto-magically. Can anyone on the FOEX team recommend a best practice approach to this requirement, or maybe give reasons as to why I should not do this ?
How do i set the number of rows in a FOEX Grid Combo25.10.2012 10:10 How do you set the number of rows visible in a Grid Combo ? The default is 15 rows, is it possible to change this ?
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Perfect ! I'll push to get my PROD instance upgraded to 1.1.1 ASAP. Thanks. Save current row number to reinstate selection after grid refresh12.05.2013 10:05
Worked perfectly ! Read only check box on grid24.03.2013 15:03
Perfect. I checked the example out and it all made sense. However, I've a tiny problem. I've added a Before Refresh Event using jQuerySelector on my grid, but the "FOEX Grid Alert on Pending Changes" action is not listed in the List Selection. Check grid has been saved before refresh04.03.2013 19:03
Thanks Matt. Implemented the timer on the grid and it works a treat. Recommendation for timing an automatic refresh on grid06.12.2012 20:12
Perfect. Just tested this functionality and as always it works perfectly. How do i set the number of rows in a FOEX Grid Combo25.10.2012 11:10
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