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Chart problem24.11.2015 10:11 Hi Matt, I have a problem regarding some charts (Line, (Area), Radar, Scatter). When I create for example a Line chart I always get ORA-06502, but my query seems to be working as it works with area-, column- or barchart. I also tried to use the default query which is defined when creating a chart --> no success The area chart is working with one chart serie but not with multiple chart series. I built a testcase but (unfortunately) it works on that one. So I couldn't reproduce the problem. My current version of FOEX is 2.1.0 Is this the reason why it is not working? Thanks in advance Dominik
Collapsible Region State Saving Problem24.03.2015 10:03 Hi Matt, When setting State Saving to Application Level I have Problems with my collapsible Regions. I built a sample-application and managed to reproduce the Problem. FX_WS_1194 ID: 249 The Problem is, that the two collapsible regions on the right get stuck and I can't expand them correctly.
FOEX Grid searching27.11.2014 10:11 Hallo, When searching in a FOEX Grid, I can't search for columns with a column link. I don't want to select/show the same column twice (for the link and for searching). Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance, Dominik
Tab Panel: Multiple rows26.11.2014 10:11 Hello, Is it possible to split a tab panel into multiple rows? We have a lot of Tabs and it might look better if we would have two rows.
Escape enter key17.11.2014 06:11 Hi, When I display Text in a "FOEX Textarea", the enter/return key is shown as a certain sign. It Looks like that: 00 0C ..with a border around it Is it possible to escape it? Dominik
FOEX Template11.11.2014 13:11 I have the same Problem as explained in the following link. I tried to find the "FOEX Region" template but I couldn't find it. What is the reason, why this template won't show up? When Peter introduced us to FOEX he recommended that when we build a new application, we should copy the FOEX Template Application. Our Problem is that we integrated FOEX afterwards. Is there a chance to get everything we need into our application? Thanks in advance Dominik
Fileupload Filesize27.10.2014 09:10 Hello, I have a problem with "FOEX Multiple File Upload". When I upload a file which is bigger than 6mb (not exactly 6mb, but somewhere near it), the upload fails. I've tried uploading different files in different Browsers but it doesn't work. APEX File Upload works. I also changed the "File Size Limit" to 20480kb but still no changes. Thanks in advance Dominik
change height of grid combo09.10.2014 08:10 Hello again, Is it possible to change the height of a "Grid Combo Box"? I've set the option "resizable" to true and tried to change the grid. I want it bigger, but it won't go over a certain height (I guess around 300px).
Null Return Value08.10.2014 05:10 I have a FOEX Grid Combo Box inside of an APEX HTML REGION. The Grid Combobox contains a LOV. In this LOV I have defined a "Null Display Value" and a "Null Return Value" (Both values are "-"). "Null Display Value" seems to work fine, but I have Problems with the "Null Return Value". On submit, the value is always null. What can I do?
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When I set the Region Template of the Layout Region to "FOEX Region" I have the same Problem as before. Then I set the Region Templates of FOEX Pane and FOEX Grid to "FOEX Region" as well and the content was shown perfectly well. But as soon as I open the Region in the Application Builder, following message appears: "FOEX Plugin Regions need to be set to 'No Template'. We just did that for you, please remember to save this Change" What can I do? Thanks in advance. (And thanks for the great Support. We really appreciate your effort.) Layout plugin does not work in border mode on Apex pages12.11.2014 07:11
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Thank you. Version 2.1.1 with the latest hotfix works. Chart problem24.11.2015 14:11
State Saving in Foex Application Settings Collapsible Region State Saving Problem24.03.2015 10:03
Hi Uli, thanks for your help. Activating "Column Filterable" is no option for me, because the application should be as easy to use as possible. And I also don't want a second search field. But thanks for your suggestions. I got an other "solution". I set the width of the column to 1 Pixel. Now it is shown twice but nobody can see the second field. It is not a beautiful workaround but it works for me. Dominik. FOEX Grid searching27.11.2014 12:11
A nested tab layout could be an option. Thanks for the advice. Tab Panel: Multiple rows26.11.2014 10:11
Well, this is the problem, thanks. I apologize because this problem is not FOEX related. Dominik Escape enter key18.11.2014 07:11
I created a test case: Application: 682 Page: 100 I copied the text from my application, because simply pressing return does not produce this Problem. Our staff is working with Internet Explorer and we are developing on Firefox. I found out that Internet Explorer 11 displays it right (That has "solved" the Problem for me) But I think it could be relevant for you. Thanks for the extra Reputation Points. Dominik Escape enter key17.11.2014 13:11
Ok thanks. Layout plugin does not work in border mode on Apex pages12.11.2014 07:11
Thanks. Now i understand. My Problem was that I only changed height. So there is a default value for maxHeight and that's why I couldn't change it. change height of grid combo09.10.2014 09:10
Thanks a lot. That solved my Problem. Null Return Value08.10.2014 06:10
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