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Grid Combo Search Loses Focus11.12.2014 15:12 If we immediately click off to the right side of the search field the focus sometimes is given back to the grid combo text/display field. We then can no longer give the search field focus until closing it and expanding again. We don't believe this will be a common occurrence in practice, but we thought we should make you aware of it, if you are not already. Please let us know details and/or changes regarding this issue. Thank you. Eric
Horizontal Scrollbars03.12.2014 16:12 Within many of our windows we have unnecessary horizontal scroll bars, i.e. there may be a 1 pixel discrepancy that does not affect the viewing of our regions inside the window, but the horizontal scroll bar is rendered regardless. We would like to remove them in these cases. Our layouts are 'Only 1 Child Region' and I've attempted many different ways to suppress them, including {"style":{"overflow-x":"hidden"}} and {"style":{"overflow-x":"auto"}} within the Additional Config of every combination of components in the window(including the window). I've also tried setting child regions to auto scroll. Your help with this is appreciated. Thank you. Eric
Grid Combo Highlighting05.11.2014 17:11 Hello everyone, I want to be able to change the background color of a row or cell in a grid combo. I use code taken from the FOEX example app to color cells in a grid. Here is what I use: In the additional config of my grid I use: "viewConfig": {"getRowClass": / /getRowClassFn/ /},"border":false In the html header of the page I use this within a style tag: .warning-client-error .x-grid-cell-GRID1-col-CLI_ID { background: orange !important; color: black; } And then within a script tag I use this(also within the html header): var getRowClassFn = function (record, rowIndex, rowParams, store) { var colName = record.get("ColumnName"); var cssClass; // build cssClass using colName in some way or another return cssClass; } In order for this to work I have to define the GRID1 static id in the grid's attributes. Can a similar version of this method be used to color grid combo cells? Thank you in advance.
Printing IR report19.08.2014 18:08 I've created an interactive report within a foex page. I need to be able to use the window.print() javascript. I've tested a button with a dynamic action including the window.print() in a javascript action. In firefox it works fine, but preview and print fail in chrome. This simple method has been tested on a page in which the window.print() is embedded in a basic HTML region, and it works in chrome just fine. It seems to be FOEX related. I created an example on the FOEX help site; app: 162, page: 18. Thank you.
Problem with parent.apex.jQuery().trigger('apexrefresh')12.06.2014 21:06 Before the latest FOEX and APEX updates we were able to refresh a grid in a parent page using this javascript: parent.apex.jQuery('#EXAMPLE_STATIC_ID').trigger('apexrefresh'); This no longer works. I also tried using the refresh action with a jQuery selector as in the photo below. PAY_BATCH_GRID is the static id that I assigned the grid. Is this a FOEX issue? If so the important thing is that we have a way to refresh regions in a parent page; it doesn't have to be by this method, but this was the only working method we had. If this is not a FOEX issue we would really appreciate a point in the right direction. Thank you. Eric
Ext JS "fieldBodyCls":"css-class-name" problem16.05.2014 15:05 It seems that fieldBodyCls is no longer working properly. Here's my css class from page header: .batch-name-body { font-size:16px; font-family:"font-family: Futura, "Trebuchet MS", Arial, sans-serif;"; margin-top:4px; } The margin-top is still applied, but no others. This is for a FOEX Display Field. Here's my custom config def:
getElementById problem13.05.2014 14:05 This worked before the latest FOEX and APEX updates: var successChk = document.getElementById("P117_PROCESS_BUTTON").value; alert(successChk); But now my alert returns undefined. I've also tried: var successChk = $("#P117_PROCESS_BUTTON").val(); I've also made sure that this page item has a value in session. The value of P117_PROCESS_BUTTON should be equal to 'SUCCESS'.
Edit 'pencil' select row05.05.2014 15:05 In this grid we have a hidden page item :P114_BATCH_ID_DRILL that contains the record id. We assign this id to the page item After Row Select. In this example the record with Name = GREGG02 is selected, and :P114_BATCH_ID_DRILL is equal to 8. Now imagine the user clicks on the pencil in the bottom record with Name = Eric's Charge, without first clicking on the row to select it. The correct id will not be assigned to the page item, since the After Row Select will not fire. Is there a way we can link the Row Action with Select Row? In other words, when we click on the pencil can we use the Row Action to select that specific row?
Grid select row problem17.04.2014 19:04 This select row action is fired on change of the page item P113_INDEX, whose value is used to select the row. The number field with the 2 is the page item P113_INDEX. As you can see, it has a value. This screenshot is immediately after the change fire that should select row 2. So in another pl/sql block I'm running :P113_INDEX := 2, I return P113_INDEX which fires the change event, and then I want to use this changed value to set the row. What can I do differently? I must select the row based on the changed value, which is the basis for the change event itself.
Hot key to hit create button on grid19.03.2014 16:03 Hello, We need a hot key that will fire the default create action on an editable grid, i.e. we want to to click the create button from the keyboard. How do we do this? Thanks in advance. Eric
'fakepath' in file name of file browse plug-in13.03.2014 20:03 Hello, We were wondering why 'fakepath' is inserted into the file name path after we select an image with the browse? e.g. We have a display image plug-in and a file browse plug-in on a page. We click the browse button and find the image we want. When we select that image the path is displayed in the text field of the browse plug-in. It looks like this: C:fakepathblahblah.jpg Thank you. Eric
Application level item in grid select row13.03.2014 20:03 Hello everyone, hope you're having a great day. In a FOEX Grid Select Row [Plug-in] we can select a row by column value, enter a column name: ID, and then, in the value field, enter a page item such as #P200_TEST# that will specify the ID in the column that we want to select. Using this we are able to change the row selection dynamically. We would like to use an app-level page item in place of P200_TEST. The plug-in doesn't seem to like this idea, we tried :P200_APP, #P200_APP#, &P200_APP., and just plain out P200_APP. It seems to be disconnected from this app-level item in some way. How do we make this work? Thank you. Eric
Change width of image10.03.2014 21:03 Hello, When I try to set the minimum width for an image in the custom config for the display image page item, e.g. "minWidth":350, "maxWidth":350, this will not have an effect. But when I use a jquery selector such as: $('#ext-gen1069_IMAGE').attr('width',211); in the firebug console, this will work, but only temporarily. Can I include this jquery somewhere within the page item attributes in such a way as to make it permanent? We want to be sure that the image is always resized to a specific width. Thank you. Eric
Remove 'reset' button10.02.2014 23:02 Hello Matt, Thank you for adding the framework button classes to forms, grids, etc. We've applied a custom style sheet to a form reset button and this worked fine. We were not able to apply a style to the grid search button(we firebugged the page and could not find fx-grid-search-btn). Could you please look into this for us? Also, we would like to remove the form reset button in some cases. We attempted using a javascript function such as: /*function removeResetBtn() var element = document.getElementById("R10454003035840250-RESET"); element.parentNode.removeChild(element);*/ This would not work. The best we could do was hide the reset button using: document.getElementById("resetBtnId").style.visibility="hidden"; The problem with this is that the space allocated for the reset button is still rendered, we align our buttons left, and this leaves a blank space between the left side of the form and the beginning of other buttons. How can reset buttons be removed? Thank you for your time. Eric
Change tab color when selected13.01.2014 16:01 Hi Matt, We want to change the color of the selected tab in our app. We have many tabs on our main page that are within a layout.(Foex demo site, workspace = fx_ws_221, app = 293, page = 200)We can see that these tabs are highlighted when selected, but we'd like to change them to a darker color. I've read other posts that pointed me in the right direction, but I haven't been able to figure it out. I noticed many classes that seem to be involved, such as x-tab-default-active, and x-tab-active, but when I add them to the "Inline" section of the Apex page header, setting a different background color, nothing changes. e.g. .x-tab-top-active { background-color:#AFDE8C; } .x-tab-active { background-color:#AFDE8C; } .x-active { background-color:#AFDE8C; } .x-tab-default-active { background-color:#AFDE8C; } I also looked in the Foex plug-ins and found "Foex Tab Switch", which tells me that if I want to listen for the "After" tab switch event I need to look in "Foex Layout Tab Change". The problem is that I can't find "Tab Change" within the "Foex Layout" plug-in. I really wanted to figure this out on my own, unfortunately we are under time constraint. Thank you for your time. Eric
Close page with dynamic action02.10.2013 15:10 Hi Matt, I would like to close a window--created using the Foex Desktop New Window--with a dynamic action. I've created an example on the test site. App 162 Vireo Desktop. The example will use page 43 and 45. Steps: open page 43, select Shane Walker from second combo at top, if error try different combo, four appointments should pop, if not you might need to use previous button to move to earlier months, once appointments pop select any one of them, page 45 should pop, at top of 45 there is a delete button with a dynamic action, we need to keep the PL/SQL action that's there but also need to add an action that will close this page/window 45. So the delete button is clicked and the page that button is on is closed. Thank you for you help. Eric
Calendar Question Continuation24.09.2013 19:09 Hi Matt, Yesterday you helped us solve our calendar problem by using the anchor tag to specify the proper appointment, and then you used the Desktop New Window to open and populate an editing window for that appointment. We've decided that we would like to change this. Instead of using Desktop New Window we would like to create the same functionality within a Foex Window on the same page. This would solve emergent problems stemming from the current method. I have attempted using the same Jquery selector event with the Foex Window Open action, thinking that the Desktop New Window and the Foex Window Open actions are similar in the way they pass data to the window/page to be opened. This didn't work. Are these actions basically the same? Am I missing an important detail?
Interactive Report and Foex08.08.2013 23:08 Is there a way to a. Add an interactive report to a foex page? Or b. Use Desktop New Window from a plain old html button click event? I have an interactive report with a region button that when clicked fires a Desktop New Window, but it doesn't work. I've also tried to add an interactive report to foex regions, to no avail.
Problem with Desktop New Window02.08.2013 20:08 First I created a hidden page item(call it P55_HID_URL)to hold the value of a url string. Next I created a radio group with two options, returning 1 or 2. I then created a dynamic action on a button, and within this action I created a pl/sql block that checks the value of the radio group(:P55_RADIO)and depending on the radio button value assigns a url string to the hidden page item. I then created a Desktop New Window action after this pl/sql block action, and reference the hidden page item to set the url setting at bottom. When I use #P55_HID_URL# it seems that the session bombs out, i.e. it prompts me to log in when the new window opens. When I use &P55_HID_URL. it seems to cache the new window and all it's data(even though I've turned all cache settings off) i.e. I get the same window and data no matter the radio button selection. My url strings look like this: f?p=&APP_ID.:3703:&APP_SESSION.:::: This would be for radio button value 2, while for radio button 1 the url has parameters, such as f?p=&APP_ID.:3703:&APP_SESSION.::::P55blah:1 I'm not sure that this problem is foex related, but was hoping for some insight. Thank you for you time. Eric
How can I make Foex pages look better?16.07.2013 21:07 I have a foex page with an html region in the center pane and an html region in the west pane. Within these regions are some shuttles, combos, and textfields. This page looks bland and displeasing to the eye; not at all aesthetic. I'm looking for ways to spice it up. What is possible? What is recommended? I will send you an email with subject "Pretty page", in which there will be a screenshot. Thank you.
Grid column value assigned to page item upon selection12.06.2013 20:06 I have a page with a Foex grid region. I need to assign a value to a hidden page item. I've read a forum post regarding a similar issue: "Save Current Row Number to Reinstate Selection After Grid Refresh." This did not work for me. I would like for the delete button to alter a row in the database table based on the value selected from the grid. In other words, I would like the user to click on the group name(in the grid)that they want deleted, then the id value of this group name will be assigned to the hidden page item, when the delete button is clicked the pl/sql code will run and reference the hidden page item so the correct row in the database table is edited. The reason for this is the "rec deleted" column in the database table. On page load, and refresh, the only records that are populated will be those that do not have recdeleted = 'Y'. So the pl/sql code alters the appropriate record--setting that records recdeleted value to 'Y'. I've set up an example in the Hosting Instance: Application #442 Iris test99, page #301, named Problem Page Example The table name is v staff group. Column names are: id, group name, rec_deleted. Thank you very much!
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I've created a test case on the demo site. The pages involved will be 1, 218, and 219. On page 218 I created a button named GO_TO_CHILD_PAGE that will open page 219 inside a Foex new desktop window. On page 219 I coded the create button to simply insert a record into the v_cli_xml table, which is the same table that is specified for the grid on page 218, and then runs the js that should refresh page 218. This has narrowed the problem in that it works fine when I run it directly from page 218, but will not run correctly when run from the desktop context, i.e. starting from page 1. I've created a button on the bottom right of page 1 that opens page 218 in order to test the desktop context. Thanks Matt. Problem with parent.apex.jQuery().trigger('apexrefresh')13.06.2014 16:06
If you have the information that you need on page render you could create duplicate grid columns and/or form items and use the conditional display attribute of each column/item to render the appropriate one when needed. If information is not complete on page render you would have to reload the page, you could use javascript for this: location.reload(); You would have to dup the column/item as many times as there are different label possibilities, and of course you'd have to make sure that your condition logic renders the correct one. This is definitely a work around, and I would suggest that you defer until Matt or Peter has gotten a chance to respond. Change the lable of the items programmatically29.05.2014 18:05
Hi Matt, this still doesn't work. A little explanation is in order: we had P200_CLIENT_ID_DRILL on page 200, and it was tied into virtually every other page in our app. We found a use case where it would be necessary to use this identifier globally. The idea is that by keeping the name of this identifier the same, but moving it to a global context, we won't have to change every other reference to it on the other pages. What you see above is exactly the same as before we deleted P200_CLIENT_ID_DRILL from page 200 and moved it to page 0. It worked then, but not now. Also, P200_CLIENT_ID_DRILL is updating in session state just fine, and our app is working the same as before the change, besides this specific Select Row action of course, and you probably noticed that this is a false condition, which is what we want, and we have checked that the false condition fires. Thoughts? Application level item in grid select row14.03.2014 16:03
Using Chrome. FireFox works fine. Thanks Matt. 'fakepath' in file name of file browse plug-in13.03.2014 22:03
Hi Vince, The default Apex Change event is what you're looking for. On your Foex Combo item add a new dynamic action, it should default to the Change event, if you do not have any conditions for when the change event will fire just click next to move into the action choices. When the user selects a value from the list this event will set the Combo page item to the value of the selection. You could then use this value in other parts of your page to do what you need. (e.g. Lets call the Combo item :P100_COMBO, you select 'test' from the combo(page item :P100_COMBO now holds the value 'test'), which then fires the Change event and proceeds to your specified action, one of your actions is to set another page item to this new value 'test' using a PL/SQL block; :P100_NEW_ITEM := :P100_COMBO, :P100_NEW_ITEM will now hold 'test'). Be sure to submit the Combo page item to the session and refresh any region/page items on the page that will be changed through your action. I hope this helps. Eric Some questions regarding FOEX Combo28.02.2014 18:02
Still haven't been able to get it to work. Inside pl/sql code there are two possible page item assignments: Either :P5510_HID_URL := 'f?p='||:APP_ID||':3703:'||:APP_SESSION||'::::P3703_REPORT_NAME,P3703_COUNT:'||:P5510_REP_NAME||','||:P5510_COUNT; Or :P5510_HID_URL := 'f?p='||:APP_ID||':5511:'||:APP_SESSION||':::::'; At the end of this pl/sql block I insert the page item value into a general debug table to see if it's correct e.g. insert into msg values('url = ' || :P5510_HID_URL); This output has shown me that this page item is holding the url that I need. The only thing I can't figure out is how to reference it properly in the Desktop New Window. When I try &P5510_HID_ITEM. I get the caching problem, as you know. Or :P5500_HID_ITEM give me http error(why? this one seems like it should be the one to work). Or, and this one is interesting, #P5510_HID_ITEM# The interesting thing about this last one is that in a previous version of my page I had this all working using this reference syntax, the difference was that the previous page had page items within a regular old apex html region, rather than a foex region. We want to use foex whenever possible so I built a new page, basically identical, but with foex regions and forms. Please help. Thank you again for your time. Eric Problem with Desktop New Window05.08.2013 16:08
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I'll see what I can put together for a test case. Also, I've just noticed that this problem doesn't seem to exist within Firefox(I use Chrome primarily.. or exclusively would be more accurate). Horizontal Scrollbars03.12.2014 20:12
Never mind. I just had to add another complete .highlight .x-grid-cell...etc to the header. Thanks again Matt. Grid Combo Highlighting07.11.2014 15:11
Thank you Matt. This works great. One more question: How would I highlight all cells in the row? I have: .highlight .x-grid-cell-P119_AR_REC-TRAN { background: blue !important; color: white; } I tried adding another .x-grid-cell-P119_AR_REC-ANOTHERCOLUMN but it doesn't like it. I also tried comma separation after column name, and taking the column name out completely. Grid Combo Highlighting07.11.2014 15:11
Thank you Matt. I realize you're very busy, and I appreciate you taking a little time away from more pressing issues. Printing IR report20.08.2014 14:08
Sorry, I didn't notice your last comment(months ago)when I originally posted this question. I've recently come back to this project. It seems that the problem was related to the hidden page item that contained the URL; it was not in an HTML region. Like many other cases I moved the hidden item to a plain HTML region and it worked fine. Thank you again Matt. Problem with Desktop New Window24.06.2014 16:06
Firebug shows that the class is being applied. !important doesn't change the result. I set up a test case in app 293, page 200. A simple foex display field will be in the grid, it's named CSS_TEST. I have the inline css with !important right now, but also tried without. Thanks Matt. Ext JS "fieldBodyCls":"css-class-name" problem16.05.2014 16:05
The value SUCCESS is set within a PL/SQL block on the page. I moved all of my hidden items into an HTML region as you advised and it works fine now. Thank you Matt. Just for my own knowledge, how could I activate, or make visible, a hidden FOEX page item? In other words, how can I make a component exist in the DOM? getElementById problem13.05.2014 15:05
Excellent! Thank you Matt. Edit 'pencil' select row05.05.2014 15:05
We have it working. I just included the rownum in the select query and used the select row by column value with the #ITEM_NAME# syntax. I built my own previous and next buttons, which requires that I know the row number for increments and decrements. Your answer pointed us in the right direction and was helpful. Thank you. Grid select row problem17.04.2014 22:04
That explains the results we're getting. I tried using #P113_INDEX# but I get this error when attempting to run the page. ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character to number conversion error. This syntax works for selecting rows by column value, but we are trying to select by row value. Grid select row problem17.04.2014 21:04
Matt and Peter, We have decided that we would like to spend support credits for this solution. This would be for one use case on a grid. We would like f6 to be a hot-key for the default create button action in the grid. This will allow us to enter a new record without using the mouse. As an example: the user has no records in the grid, the user hits the f6 key, the new blank record appears in the grid, the user enters data into the fields and hits the enter key to commit to the table, the user can then hit the f6 key again to create a new blank record in the grid. Thank you. Hot key to hit create button on grid24.03.2014 17:03
We've come across Peter's "Apex at Your Fingertips Keyboard Control" presentation from ODTUG. Could Peter advice us on how to use this for a single case in our app? Hot key to hit create button on grid20.03.2014 16:03
We would want this solution to work for any button in our app. Please let me know if this is reasonable. If so we will have a short meeting about the support credits and get back to you asap. Thank you. Hot key to hit create button on grid20.03.2014 13:03
You are correct, the page item doesn't exist on page 200, and also has no value. We are going to table this until there is more time to understand global pages and such. Thank you for your help Matt. Application level item in grid select row17.03.2014 15:03
Good stuff. I'll look into that. Thanks Matt. Application level item in grid select row13.03.2014 20:03
Sorry again, thought it would escape. I'll try one more time.One of these two should work. C:\fakepath\blahblah C:\fakepath\blahblah 'fakepath' in file name of file browse plug-in13.03.2014 20:03
I meant C:fakepathblahblah.jpg Sorry. 'fakepath' in file name of file browse plug-in13.03.2014 20:03
Thank you Matt, this is very useful advice. Remove 'reset' button11.02.2014 21:02
Thank you Peter, I should have noticed that. Remove 'reset' button11.02.2014 21:02
I meant "Reset" button within a Form, not "Apply". Change tab color when selected16.01.2014 16:01
I've implemented your After Regions process and it's working great! There is one more thing; the color of certain buttons still will not change, e.g. the Search button within a Grid, and the Apply button within a Form. We want as much consistency as possible. How can I make sure these change as well? Change tab color when selected16.01.2014 15:01
Thank you very much, I'll take a look at that. The good news is we got it to work on our end by changing "background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(center top , #FFFFFF, #AFDE8C) !important;" to "background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear,center top,center bottom, from(#FFFFFF), to(#AFDE8C)) !important;" Oh, sorry if you had to delete the CSS from the Inline twice, I was messing around in there until I realized that you were probably working in there as well, ha. Thanks again. Change tab color when selected14.01.2014 23:01
Hi Matt, Sorry to post two back to back messages, but Chris just had the idea that it may be working in Firefox, which I can assume you used, and not working in Chrome, which I was/am using. He was right. I checked the Foex test site using Firefox and it's working fine. Would you happen to know how I can make this work in Chrome? Thanks again. Eric Change tab color when selected14.01.2014 22:01
Hi Matt, I took a look at the Foex Demo site. The CSS that you added doesn't seem to change anything--the tab colors don't change when active. I've been playing around with many different ideas, but none have solved the problem. I'm a beginner in CSS and HTML, so the assumptions I'm making towards solving the problem are probably way off, and because this is declarative programming I get lost easy without the "how" things work. Could you please get the Foex Demo example working? Again, we just need the shading/background color of the tab to change color when it is active. Thank you. Eric Change tab color when selected14.01.2014 22:01
Yes. What affected elements should I specify? I tried Region:Viewport,Region:Centerpane, I also tried DOM:window, DOM:document. I'm thinking that jquery would work but don't know how to refer to entire page with jquery selector. Thanks for your help Peter. Close page with dynamic action03.10.2013 13:10
I apologize for not creating examples on the demo site. I hope this hasn't inconvenienced you. I created a simple example in app 442 on the demo site. The page number is 2. I would like to use the interactive report within a foex framework, but you'll notice that the button on the search bar is faded at bottom and it looks awful. I noticed that on page 6 in the documentation app you have better looking buttons and such. How can I incorporate your page look to my page look? Thank you Matt, and I do appreciate your help. Interactive Report and Foex09.08.2013 17:08
I've been playing around with JSON configs. I'm surprised there isn't a color config in the list. I've done some searching and found a color tag, but it doesn't work. I don't have the karma to post the image. I'm fairly close, could you give me a boost so I can post it? Would be appreciated. Otherwise within custom config in the button settings I'm simply trying this: "color":"99E3BB" and nothing happens to the button. I can change size i.e. "width":30 and "height":50, but no color. I've tried different formats such as numerical instead of hex as well. Also is there a tag that makes sure that you can see the border of the button? Thanks Matt. How can I make Foex pages look better?05.08.2013 21:08
I've resolved this, thank you for your help. Eric Problem with Desktop New Window05.08.2013 21:08
It works great! Thank you for responding so quickly, it's very much appreciated. As a side note I do have a trigger to set the primary key when inserting, and I apologize for not including the like in the example table. Thank you again for your help. Grid column value assigned to page item upon selection13.06.2013 14:06
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