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Please read this before asking a question07.12.2017 15:12 One of the things that we’ve learned throughout all the years of doing customer support is that: we can’t help you find the right answer if we know just part of the problem. While helping others, one crucial thing that we’ve learned is that you need to be prepared if you require someone’s help. What to do before asking a question Search and research before you consider writing any question. The FOEX Forum is several years old and there’s a good chance that someone else has already asked the question and received an answer. If you haven’t found a suitable answer, make sure that you bookmark every similar question/answer you find. You may need them as a reference point for when you start writing your question. Please Provide a Test Case The fastest way to get a resolution on your issue is to provide a test case if you think you have found a bug, or something is not working the way you want or expect it. By providing a test case we can see you exact setup and quickly make any required changes to get the result you want, or we find our during our investigation it is a bug, and we aim to fix it ASAP in most cases providing it in the next available hot fix. Also please be aware that if you don't provide a test case, then in most cases we will ask for one, or we won't be able to provide an accurate answer as we don't know what you have done. Explaining everything using text is very hard for us to follow / understand in most situations.  When creating a test case we suggest copying the template application first for your test cases, and copy example pages from the documentation application into your test case app that are a close match to your problem. This will reduce the time and effort you need to spend. We understand you are busy and feel that you don't have the time to create a test case, or that your page is complex and you can't reproduce it. The worst situa
FOEX v3.1 is out06.12.2017 10:12 Just a quick note, we released FOEX v3.1.0 today. Grab it while it's hot from:
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The FOEX Plugin Framework does use iframes when content can't be loaded in SPA mode i.e. loading into the current page. This is a risk that you need to accept when building an application with the FOEX Plugin Framework. You can make a change to APEX to prevent pages opening in iframes to identify problem areas in your app i.e. pages that won't load, and re-design them. Alternatively you can argue that "Allow from same origin" is an acceptable compromise. You should consider the threat level based on whether you are building an internal application or a public facing one. Clickjacking - Framable Page17.02.2023 11:02
This is your responsibility as the developer of the application to provide this functionality. We do not offer any advice on this subject, since the applications built with the FOEX Plugin Framework are primarily back office internal applications and do not require cookie consent. Ask consent for cookies17.02.2023 10:02
jQuery UI is shipped with Oracle APEX, and is not part of the FOEX Plugin Framework. Question on jQuery version 1.1217.02.2023 10:02
The problem you are facing is most likely caused by CATEGORY not being part of the form. I don't think you should be doing a fetch after every server request. You should base your form on a view and make the CATEGORY field read only. You may also need to refresh your grid combo after load, since you have a filter in it. Trouble with Grid Combo in Navigable Form14.02.2023 11:02
We have filed a bug for this issue and will resolve it in a forth coming hot fix release. Number field on form doesn't show PT format mask correctly (see FXP-4529)07.02.2023 11:02
You should be using the number field not a text field. Whatever value in the text field is used in session state, whereas with the number field it has a display value and a return value. Is there a reason why you are not using the number field? Do math with 2 number fields that have format mask set07.02.2023 11:02
Have you enabled zooming? Please be aware that by default Sencha Ext JS does not support browser zooming. FOEX form scollbar displayed31.01.2023 11:01
Unfortunately there is no event that is fired when either button is clicked as it is a generic action that occurs on tab close, window close etc. I want to do something after "You have unsaved changes, Yes/No"23.01.2023 08:01
Thanks for pointing this out so quickly, a fix has already been sent to the Chrome Webstore using version FDA stop working on Chrome14.01.2023 07:01
We can confirm that we have upgraded trial to APEX 22.2 and installed a beta version of FOEX 22.2. There are some problems with our browser extension in Page Designer which we are working on resolving. This is why FOEX 22.2 has not been officially released. You will be able to download the file from the support portal once we officially release this version. You can access all previous releases and hot fixes from the support portal: FOEX Plugins Version 10:01
Could you please send and email to stating your availability for a call to investigate this. Thanks Upgrade from to buttons do not lay out correctly11.12.2022 09:12
Please use the "FOEX FOrm Item Actions" plugin to add the class. Your class definition needs to ensure that you include the "important" flag on styling overrides since the important flag is also used by the theme roller e.g. .yellowInputs input, .yellowInputs textarea { background: yellow !important; } Conditional class on FOEX page item when non-null?11.12.2022 09:12
The fastest way to get an answer is to provide a test case. You have our documentation app in your trial workspace, so you should just copy this app and modify an existing demo that is already setup. You should add some debugging to your custom processing routine e.g. apex_debug.message('p_crud_request.new_record(i).name=%s', p_crud_request.new_record(i).name); apex_debug.message('p_crud_request.new_record(i).value_varchar2=%s', p_crud_request.new_record(i).value_varchar2);   You can also check the payload for the AJAX request that performs the form save to see the submitted items e.g. Does a Form submit all items including hidden, text fields shown as readonly?02.12.2022 14:12
The problem is that you are trying to do a form load on an item container i.e. there is no data to load. Instead you should be using the "FOEX Execute PLSQL Code" if you are wanting to set values in a form of this type. Form isn't refreshable if there is a Foex PopUp with static values30.11.2022 02:11
We are investigating this issue..... FORM creation error23.11.2022 07:11
You most likely need to set a fixed height on the region. Please create a test case reproducing the issue if you would like further help on this. How to use APEX Calendar Region in FOEX Page along with FOEX Grid23.11.2022 07:11
Can you please check your page/region templates in your theme and delete any duplicate entries e.g. FOEX Page FOEX Region Error when enable FDA22.11.2022 15:11
You can access the top (or parent) window using Javascript e.g. FOEX page connected to Apex page with Interactive Grid?18.11.2022 14:11
You need to change the page template, the default is a "FOEX Page" template which should NOT be used for regular APEX pages. This is because it adds a load mask by default that is only removed when a FOEX viewport region is defined.   Creating a APEX only page in a app which has FOEX pages hangs11.11.2022 13:11
What Stew posted below is the official email we sent out which included your email address, we're not sure why you didn't see it, perhaps it ended up in your spam folder. To reassure you: The FOEX plugin Framework will continue to be supported for bug fixes and future versions of APEX. In time there will be improved APEX functionality that you should consider using instead of FOEX components. The only significant change is that the FOEX products are no longer available for purchase.  Future of FOEX03.11.2022 15:11
We would like to see your tree AJAX response, as this should include the information for the icons e.g. Could you also please provide the tree query you are using, and also the HTML page source for the page when run in debug mode. Thanks Strange behavior in FOEX Tree Grid application?08.10.2022 07:10
This is outside of our support as you have indicated you have not made any changes apart from ORDS. We suggest you review what your ORDS changes have been. It's the theme files that determine the tree icons i.e. theme-foex-triton-compact-all_2.css Perhaps they are pointing to an old version of the file, perhaps there's some caching issue. You should inspect the icon to see what the rules are e.g. Strange behavior in FOEX Tree Grid application?07.10.2022 13:10
It seems that there is a behaviour issue caused by the "checkChangeBuffer" being set to a non zero value when there is only a "checkChangeEvents" set to "change" only. We are fixing this and will provide it a hot fix. Can you please confirm the version of FOEX that you are using? Date-Picker is handled not null even though it is null07.10.2022 07:10
We don't really follow your explanation, but this is more your design that is the problem and not a problem with the framework. We suggest that you put a delay at the start of your sequence of actions to ensure that the date picker loses focus and events complete before the button click sequence occurs. e.g. Date-Picker is handled not null even though it is null05.10.2022 08:10
We suggest that you will have to change the alias and use the column header label to control the column display. Please ensure that you do not use special characters for ID's in the future. Treegrid with unicode column alias raise error, FOEX 13:10
It's impossible to say what the problem is without a test case. Perhaps as a workaround to the issue you should consider disabling the ability to collapse groups. You can refer to the following 2 threads for how to do it: Grouping in Grid raises javascript error04.10.2022 13:10
Do you have any shared LOV's i.e. defined at the application level that are of the type DYNAMIC based on a table (not SQL Query) e.g. Translation - error on windows containing Combo/Select list in translated applications03.10.2022 13:10
We can confirm that the issue affects the refreshing of a content loader region. This issue was introduced by the new file download action. We are providing a fix for this shortly. Screen flickering when save form, foex 12:10
Thanks for reporting that. We could find a bug in the FDA and fixed it with FDA version which is available for Firefox right now and will be soon available on the Chrome store, too. Unable to Create Foex Page16.09.2022 07:09
A test case (or more details) would help us see what you are doing dynamic action wise (which event you are listening to) so we can see if there is a setup issue or a bug. Check if grid has rows15.09.2022 06:09
If you put the page in debug LEVEL6 or LEVEL9 you will see the query in the debug output. It sounds like you should switch off pagination to avoid the "SELECT COUNT(*) OVER() AS totalrows" If you check the demo on page 1030 in the documentation app:,P30_NAVIGATE_TO_PAGE_ID,P30_NAVIGATE_TO_PAGE_TITLE:GRID.PAGINATION,1030,Pagination Final Query Rewrite SQL for FOEX Grid?15.09.2022 06:09
The buttons should be auto managed. Are you dynamically changing the read only status? if so they require a grid operation e.g. load/refresh to activate/change the management status. Buttons are only auto managed if they have the "Database Action" defined e.g.   If you are still having issues can you please create a test case. GRID allowed operations and buttons13.09.2022 04:09
It is always best to provide a test case showing the behaviour you are talking about. That way we can easily identify if it is a bug or mis-configuration or simply a setting change is needed. In your case the after load event most likely does not fire until the grid is rendered (lazy loading). You can try changing the loading behaviour to load on page load e.g. If you are still having problems, please create a simple test case so we can see your exact setup. Thanks Grid after load DA13.09.2022 04:09
Thanks for reporting this, we are fixing this issue. Upgrade to 21.2 FOEX reports errors08.09.2022 14:09
The grid combo is for showing multiple columns. A popup LOV is just using a display/return value i.e. 2 columns. This is because there was a restriction in older versions of APEX limiting the LOV to 2 columns only. You could also consider using a list view region as an LOV, since you can select records and store the selections in a hidden page item. It would need a little extra setup with performing the selection on form load. This then means you can have your list of items always on display. Multiple column values in POPUP LOV05.09.2022 07:09
Please download from the support portal to address this issue. Note : your date format should match your app level date format defined in the globalization settings for your application. FOEX calendar how to move to another year on a DA31.08.2022 20:08
You can do this by listening to the "FOEX Calendar - Day Click" event.  You can access the actual date using "". For example you could use a setValue action with the following Javascript expression e.g. Ext.Date.format(, 'd-M-Y')   FOEX Calendar31.08.2022 13:08
Officially browser Zooming is not supported in Sencha Ext JS. This is because it calculates everything on pixel values and zooming results in factional pixel values on some resolutions therefore producing display issues. Please keep this in mind for the future to always first check if Zooming has been enabled by the user and get them to reset it to actual size.  Good job finding the issue and answering your own question. Date field calendar not displaying years31.08.2022 09:08
You will be most likely hitting an ORA-600 or ORA-7445 error in your alert log. Please check the log. If this is the case it is a database bug which you will need to resolve with Oracle support. FOEX region cause connection disconnected on oracle DB 19.1531.08.2022 09:08
As you have the ability to customize the template you have the ability to define your own CSS and rules to make it appear how you would like. You can also override some CSS classes to change the behaviour e.g.  ul.fx-listview li.fx-listview-item In your particular case, you would need to know the width of your items (plus padding/margins) that display 4 in a single row and set a fixed width on the list container e.g. #MY_REGION_STATIC_ID ul.fx-listview { width: 900px; } Our advice is that you should inspect the elements with developer tools and make changes on the fly to test what works e.g. How do you set the nr of cards from list view and control how many cards you want to display per line22.08.2022 08:08
We can confirm that this is a bug due to the internal calendar date format when parsing the date you provide. We will provide a fix for this issue. FOEX calendar how to move to another year on a DA19.08.2022 08:08
You must install the FDA (FOEX Developer Addon / Browser Extension)  e.g. We also suggest that you look at the "First Steps" guide. Create FOEX Page button is missing15.08.2022 10:08
You might be able to do this using the "Javascript Initialization Code" by manipulating the "columns" array to change the order e.g. Use a PLSQL region type to output your ordering Javascript function e.g. sys.htp.p('<script>'); sys.htp.p('function myCustomColumnOrdering() {'); case when :P1_ITEM = condition1 then sys.htp.p('return ["COL3","COL2","COL1"];'); when :P1_ITEM = condition2 then sys.htp.p('return ["COL2","COL3","COL1"];'); else sys.htp.p('return ["COL1","COL2","COL3"];'); end case; sys.htp.p('}'); sys.htp.p('</script>'); Then add your "Javascript Initialization Code" to your grid in question function(options) { var columns = [], columnOrder = myCustomColumnOrdering(); Ext.Array.each(columnOrder, function(columnId, index) { Ext.Array.each(options.columns, function(column, index) { if (column.dataIndex === columnId) columns.push(column); }); }); options.columns = columns; return options; } Note : we are just giving you an idea of what might work, we have not tested this code. You might also need to reorder options.fields in the same order as well. It is your responsibility to build on this approach and make it work the way you need it to. Can we change the grid columns order dynamically10.08.2022 20:08
The event you need to listen to in order to setup this plugin is "FOEX Grid - Before Edit" e.g. Please setup a test case with what you are trying to achieve and we will assist you. how to use the set column value on column change10.08.2022 20:08
Your image is missing from your question, but to answer your questions: 1) No 2) No If you would like to have these included they would require paid enhancements i.e. you can use your development support hours to request these changes. Autosize Group Header08.08.2022 11:08
You have incorrectly used the "FOEX Grid Alert on Pending Changes" when you should be using the "FOEX Form Alert on Pending Changes" as you are ignoring particular form items for changes. The grid does not support fine grained capability to ignore particular column changes. To determine which page items in your form are dirty you should use the following code: Ext.getCmp('FORM_STATIC_ID').getForm().getFields().each(function(field, index) { if (field.isDirty()) console.log(field.getId()); }); In this particular case there is a problem with you grid combo setting other items, in this case the offending item was the "Hidden" item "P22_ID_SST" which needed it&#39;s "Warn on Unsaved Changes" set to "Ignore" We also add a "Clear Dirty Status" on the Form to ensure that the form items are reset every time a row selection occurs e.g. &quot;Warn on unsaved changes&quot; set to &quot;ignore&quot; doesn&#x27;t ignore changes08.08.2022 11:08
We will be releasing 22.1 of FOEX in about two weeks time. We are currently finalizing the release. Compatibility with 07:08
Quick picks do not get updated on Form plugin refresh. Your only solution is to use a content loader region and load your form then reload it when you want the quick picks updated. FOEX Page item Quick Picks update on Form refresh?28.07.2022 18:07
We are not able to support format masks on display fields. It has been this way since the 1st version of FOEX. This is due to the issue that it requires an actual Javascript typed value to be used, however the field only takes a static value it does not have a typed value like a Date or a Number. We suggest that for display fields that you consider adding in your own custom renderer to control the way you want the field to be displayed e.g. You would add in your renderer in the custom config e.g. FOEX Display field does not honour format mask28.07.2022 14:07
We have to advise that faceted search is not supported with the FOEX Grid. We suggest that you use regular APEX reports to take advantage of this feature. Possible to use Apex Faceted Searches with FOEX Grid26.07.2022 20:07
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Could you please create a test case reproducing your issue, we will then investigate and attempt to resolve your issue. Grid Combo is not showing the value assigned via page computation07.02.2023 11:02
Thanks for providing the test case, we are investigating the issue. Master Detail not refreshing detail when you discard changes on Master24.01.2023 07:01
We don&#39;t see this problem when investigating on our laptops or on windows 10 on Browserstack for edge or chrome using the versions you supplied. I should be the one asking what has changed on your side? OS updates? or did you upgrade anything? Grid layout seems messed up. Autosize Cols is not working. Header row&#x2F;Detail rows are misaligned21.01.2023 14:01
I have tested windows and could not find an issue except when browser zooming is enabled. Have you enabled zooming on any of the browsers? Sencha Ext JS does not support zooming due to the fact that zooming can cause fractional pixel sizes Grid layout seems messed up. Autosize Cols is not working. Header row&#x2F;Detail rows are misaligned21.01.2023 13:01
Can you please advise the operating system version and browser vendor and versions you see this problem in? If you have multiple browsers please test in all. We can confirm that we do not see the issue on Mac Chrome version 109.0.5414.87 and Firefox version 109.0. We will test your versions on browserstack when we get your details. Grid layout seems messed up. Autosize Cols is not working. Header row&#x2F;Detail rows are misaligned21.01.2023 11:01
Unfortunately no, but using the newer single page design approach&nbsp;of "Loading into the current page" i.e. not using an iframe you can reduce the resource overheads. Reset Layout to default14.12.2022 20:12
Please create a test case on our trial environment showing your setup and we will assist you with the solution. Conditional class on FOEX page item when non-null?13.12.2022 19:12
We would estimate 6hrs for the change as it&#39;s not straight forward to resolve. Does the workaround for Problem 1 not suffice? Does a Form submit all items including hidden, text fields shown as readonly?05.12.2022 08:12
Problem 1) is caused by the substitution of the "Order By" being substituted by the APEX engine before it is passed into our API. Your requirement is quite unique. This will require a code change and will be subject to using support time to make this change. Alternatively you can workaround the issue by submitting the item value in session state in a "FOEX Form - Before Load" event, which we have setup in your demo. Problem 2) Your test case is confusing. The old record is the database values as you have observed to compare with the new values. The new record is the values sent from the browser. We will never update page item session state with the values sent back from the browser. You can perform your own custom processing etc. and you can access the browser values in the "new_record". You cannot update read only items in the browser either. The recommended option is to use a hidden item. Does a Form submit all items including hidden, text fields shown as readonly?04.12.2022 05:12
Please create a test case and we will assist you. Please understand that a test case allows us to investigate fix any bug and provide you with this fix in the shortest time period possible. By delaying this, you simply delay the resolution of your problem if you want our help to resolve it. FOEX is a complicated framework and thus without your live configuration/setup&nbsp;we cannot determine what is wrong. Debugging via a web meeting is not a viable option as it requires us using our own developer tools to diagnose the issue. How to use APEX Calendar Region in FOEX Page along with FOEX Grid03.12.2022 14:12
We made a change yesterday in our trial environment to avoid that error. Can you please check if you get the behaviour you want?&nbsp; As previously stated we have not designed the item container type to be used this way, but if it works you can use it. We will just not be investing anytime in trying to add additional functionality to its design as the form load was not supposed to be used with this type. Form isn&#x27;t refreshable if there is a Foex PopUp with static values01.12.2022 10:12
"In my Use-Case I set some fields of the Form within a procedure" why can&#39;t you call this procedure in an "FOEX Execute PLSQL Code" dynamic action when you click the icon and return the page item values i.e. "Page Items to Return"?? Your reason does not make sense. A form load is for a DML form, not an "Item Container". You&#39;re complaining about functionality that is not designed to behave that way... Form isn&#x27;t refreshable if there is a Foex PopUp with static values30.11.2022 16:11
Please delete "FOEX Page Univeral", the problem is that the internal template name is duplicated. Error when enable FDA23.11.2022 07:11
We can&#39;t reproduce this, can you please put the page in LEVEL6 debug mode and provide the debug output of the Search call that fails with this error. Please email the file to Invalid Number when search text consists of just digits on column containing text and underlying datatype is VARCHAR218.11.2022 14:11
When setting items on child pages you can use the FOEX Actions dynamic action e.g. FOEX page connected to Apex page with Interactive Grid?18.11.2022 14:11
We are investigating.... Invalid Number when search text consists of just digits on column containing text and underlying datatype is VARCHAR218.11.2022 14:11
We have provided a hot fix to address this issue in v22.1.0 of FOEX, please download from the support portal and apply it and let us know if your problem is resolved. Possibly override a triggering mechanism14.11.2022 08:11
Do you have a test case to provide? Possibly override a triggering mechanism11.11.2022 13:11
It seems that one option is missing from the acton list which is to set the UI styles. We suggest that you use the predefined UI styles and Javascript to change between states e.g. Ext.getCmp('P10_SHOW_ALL_BTN').setUI('warning') Possible values are: info warning danger success dark light Button action set class fails05.11.2022 13:11
You have made a configuration error, this is why we ask for the test case so we can see what you have done. Grouping in Grid raises javascript error05.10.2022 08:10
Please download from the support portal and apply it to your v22.1.0 environment. Let us know if this resolves your issues. Screen flickering when save form, foex 16:10
Please download from the support portal and apply it to your v22.1.0 environment. Let us know if this resolves your issues. Translation - error on windows containing Combo&#x2F;Select list in translated applications04.10.2022 16:10
Please create a simple test case showing this setup issue. How to disable grid column group from collapsed04.10.2022 14:10
Thanks for confirming, we believe we have found the issue now and working on resolving it. Translation - error on windows containing Combo&#x2F;Select list in translated applications03.10.2022 14:10
Can you please provide access to a test case, if so please send details to Screen flickering when save form, foex 09:09
Not sure how you managed that it works just fine when we checked your workspace Check if grid has rows27.09.2022 06:09
Can you please confirm what version you upgraded from? Treegrid with unicode column alias raise error, FOEX 07:09
We are investigating the test case you provided by email and will keep you posted! Using item as parameter in chart fails on 14:09
Make sure these values are the same to avoid the count e.g. The Apex Classic Report attributes: Number of Rows: 500 Maximum Rows to Process: 500 Final Query Rewrite SQL for FOEX Grid?17.09.2022 09:09
This affects anyone running APEX 21.1 or lower versions. Can you please confirm the APEX version you are running? Latest patch version 21.2 package error FTRANS_P_VIEW05.09.2022 14:09
Is this the full release or the hot fix release? Also this package is not used by FOEX framework applications, it is used by our translation application. We just install it by default during the FOEX install as it&#39;s required to be installed in the FOEX schema. i.e. therefore it does not matter that it is invalid. We will resolve it but your release will function just fine even when it is in an invalid state. Latest patch version 21.2 package error FTRANS_P_VIEW02.09.2022 13:09
We should be releasing it publicly next week. Compatibility with 19:08
This looks like some CSS styling bug. The labels are there but aren&#39;t being shown due to conflicting CSS rules. We are resolving this. Wizard30.08.2022 19:08
Can we get some context here e.g. text and screenshot(s) Date field calendar not displaying years30.08.2022 09:08
Can you please edit the plugin and check the "Has "Number of Fetched Rows" option e.g. Then edit your region and adjust accordingly e.g. How do you set the nr of cards from list view and control how many cards you want to display per line22.08.2022 13:08
Can you please point us to your test case so we can see what components you are using and your template. How do you set the nr of cards from list view and control how many cards you want to display per line22.08.2022 06:08
Please download from the support portal. We are close to officially releasing it publicly. This is the final v22.1.0 release we are giving you early access to. Compatibility with 08:08
You can always wrap and execute an anonymous function within an expression e.g. ((function(){ return "blah"; })()) how to use the set column value on column change15.08.2022 10:08
We have updated your test case with a working example. You incorrectly set the wrong region your dynamic actions i.e. the classic sub report instead of the grid plugin region. Also you need to ensure that you set your page item with the value of the column e.g. We can also see an issue with the "Triggering of a custom event" when you use Javascript, Static Text, or a Page Item, which we are fixing. Alternatively you can rely on the event name you are asking about "FOEX Grid Set Column Value - After Set Values" i.e. it fires after the values are set in the row. how to use the set column value on column change11.08.2022 15:08
You are using the correct dynamic action, please set up a test case that has the ingredients that you require i.e. popup lov etc. and we will assist you. how to use the set column value on column change10.08.2022 20:08
No, instead of doing a form load you should reload the content loader region that holds the form. As you need to re-render the form to pick up the new quick picks. i.e. replace your form refresh with a content loader region reload (make sure your form primary key is set in session state so that the form is loaded on render) FOEX Page item Quick Picks update on Form refresh?29.07.2022 13:07
Alternatively, you could do your format masks within a view for display only fields and base your Form on this view instead of a table e.g. SELECT to_char(my_date, 'DD-MON-YYYYY HH24:MI') as date_display ..... FROM my_table Using a view layer over tables has several advantages especially from a security point of view, so hopefully you are already using a view layer which would make this change very easy. Note: you will still need to correctly format your "Set Value" dynamic actions FOEX Display field does not honour format mask29.07.2022 10:07
Can you please provide the forum link and can you explain a little further what you are doing/expecting? Is this on form load or when you are using a dynamic action to set the value? FOEX Display field does not honour format mask28.07.2022 12:07
This issue requires a test case to be provided on Sencha Fiddle and it is not possible to provide this with our code design. Whilst we aim to include new features and functionality, there are some situations where things simply do not work. We have already spent a day looking into this and that is the limit, there is not much more we can do. You can either disable frozen/locked columns or you can disable the row menu. foex grid hangs&#x2F;gives error when using row_menu27.07.2022 20:07
But also remember that you can just set the value in session state and include the page item name(s) in "Page Items to Return" attribute. How to fill &quot;setValues&quot; in JSON-Object within FOEX-PLSQL25.07.2022 06:07
Please look at the documentation on how to use APEX_JSON, you need to create an array of sub objects for each "setValues" action e.g. -- build our JSON response apex_json.initialize_clob_output; apex_json.open_object; apex_json.write('success' , g_result.success); apex_json.write('hideItems' , g_result.hide_items); apex_json.write('showItems' , g_result.show_items); apex_json.open_array('setValues'); apex_json.open_object; apex_json.write('name' , 'P'||l_page_id||'_ACTION'); apex_json.write('value' , 'HIDE'); -- this is used for the da true/false action condition apex_json.write('suppressChangeEvent', false); -- next item goes here apex_json.close_object; apex_json.close_array; apex_json.close_object; apex_application.g_clob_01 := apex_json.get_clob_output; apex_json.free_output; How to fill &quot;setValues&quot; in JSON-Object within FOEX-PLSQL25.07.2022 06:07
Can you please provide a screenshot of your globalization settings e.g. Date & Timestamp formats? Can you also please provide a screenshot of your plugin settings? Calendar errors on load25.07.2022 06:07
Your demo has been updated, please make sure you perform the following setup: Note : you can name your javascript variable whatever you want. and make sure you call "intialize_clob_output" and assign "apex_application.g_clob_01" e.g. How to fill &quot;setValues&quot; in JSON-Object within FOEX-PLSQL21.07.2022 18:07
It&#39;s not a question about support credits/paying to fix it. We are simply not able to fix it. foex grid hangs&#x2F;gives error when using row_menu21.07.2022 18:07
1) No 2) No 3) No As we have spent already spent a bunch of time investigating this and trying to resolve, we&#39;re afraid to say that this is not fixable. It seems that this issue is using a combination of locked/frozen columns and the row menu widget. We suggest that if you want to use this then you will need to disable the frozen column feature. We have done this on your demo and can&#39;t reproduce the issue anymore, can you check? foex grid hangs&#x2F;gives error when using row_menu21.07.2022 16:07
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