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Apex 5 versus FOEX13.08.2015 08:08 Hello Peter, Hallo Matt, I have some difficulties in my team (boss, coleagues, co-workers) in arguing over our new GUI-Strategy. The basic discussion spins around the advantages/disadvantages of FOEX over APEX 5.0. With the upcomming features of Apex 5 my colleagues argue, that there are to few advantages to develop internal GUI-Applications with FOEX instead of APEX 5. To sum it up, the arguments are with FOEX adding additional complexity to the basic framework (APEX) ...based on a small company (FOEX). What happens if they go out of business? APEX 5 has now the neat looking Universal Theme ...and menu-based user guidance FOEX Grids do not have interactive report functionalities, i.e. when using FOEX you can't have IRs Master-Detail-Reports are also possible in APEX AJAX based behaviour is also possible in APEX APEX 5 has several enhancements in the dynamic actions area possible performance issues (APEX faster than FOEX) the "other" benefits of FOEX where not evident to the non-experienced users I already built a nice little application with FOEX on top of our data warehouse, but my co-workers are not convinced yet. I know that you are working hard on the new APEX-5-based FOEX-release. What would you answer all those struggling with the decision whether to vote for APEX 5 or the new FOEX? Maybe it's worth to put a comparison or a kind of an appraisal on your internet site, because other APEX/FOEX-users might have the same questions, especially after the new APEX 5.0 version is out. thanks in advance Jochen
How to individualize the "Do you want to delete message" on click of the DELETE-Button08.08.2014 07:08 Hi, I want to have an individual Text message on delete in a form, asking if the user wants to delete the object respectevely. The default message text ist "do you want to delete the record?" The "default"-setting is javascript:apex.confirm(htmldb_delete_message,'DELETE'); I tried: javascript:apex.confirm(&P9000_DELETE_MESSAGE_TEXT.,'DELETE'); putting my message text in the page item. And I tried javascript:apex.confirm('my text goes here','DELETE'); Both don't work. It's allways the generic message in english. I am wondering where it comes from, because I have no shortcuts set. How can I change the message? thanks in advance Jochen
How to remember changes in a grid on browsing on the next page (pagination)29.07.2014 14:07 I have a editable grid with a lot of entries. Each row has a checkbox for selecting/unselecting. Because I have so many entries I set the pagination to 50. So I have several pages. When clicking some rows on one page this changes are gone when I switch pages or when I return to the page with the changes. Is there a way or a setting to get all changes remembered while swapping pages? regards Jochen
How can the 32K-limit of shuttles be bypassed?16.07.2014 07:07 In the shuttle-docu there ist a hint that "Currently this item type has a 32K limit.". And indeed I can only put up to 2000 items in a shuttle (the same for the multiselect-box?). Problem is, that we have more use cases, where we have up to 5000 items to be handled in a select-and-assign-situation. E.g. more than 5000 users in the system which can be activated for an application, i.e. the admin can assign up to 5000 users to an application - visually represented with a shuttle. First question: is there a kind of a time schedule or are there plans when the number of items in a shuttle will be higher or at least unlimited? Second question: do you have any suggestions to circumvent this barrier? Other ways to get a select-and-assign of items done? regards Jochen
How to change the OPERATION keyword in a form success message14.07.2014 10:07 Whenever you make a DML-Operation in a form, you can let the user know, that it was successfull or not. "The record has been successfully #OPERATION#d." This applies well to english, but if I want the message to be in another language, I want to change/translate the OERATION-keyword from english to the desired langue. Is this possible? and if, how? Where are these keywords (#OPERATION# and others) stored and defined? As I believe these are not the APEX-built-in-substitution-strings. regards Jochen
How to handle CRUD-operations on forms with more complex data structures (data in more than 1 table)?07.07.2014 08:07 I understand, that the common recommended way to handle CRUD-operations in a form is the direct DML-operations via the buttons on a form. Furthermore one should provide a custom CRUD-procedure where you get a parameter of the type FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T, where you have all the data you need to perform your UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE. (like the example "form custom processing" on page 4015 in the demo application) But what if you have screens/panels where the data is not stored in one table? What if the buttons are not on the form but on a Toolbar? What if you have several tabs with shuttles or other more complex data structures? My scenario is the following. I have a window where a user of a system has to be maintained (inserted, updated, deleted). The user window has 4 tabs: 1. Tab: general settings 2. Tab: groups the user belongs to (shuttle) - extra table where the user/group-relations are stored 3. Tab: roles the user can have (shuttle) - extra table where the user/role-relations are stored 4. Tab: single rights on several objects the user can have access to (shuttle and other items) - extra table where the user/single rights-relations are stored On the toolbar which is above all, you can select a "role model" via a se which is set for all other detailed data in the tabs. On the toolbar there are also the save-, add- and delete-buttons. What my problem is that I don't know how to achieve the recommended CRUD-method in a more complex example. All the examples in the demo application are somewhat simple and straightforward: The fields on the panel are stored in one table, the buttons for the actions are all on the panel. So my guess was, that I have to handle all the CRUD-operations with several DAs and my own PL/SQL-APIs which in other questions and dialogues before you did not advise to do so. Is there a kind of a general "cooking recipe" or a more complex example you could provide on such topics? (see provided screenshots for more detailed understandi
automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields03.06.2014 12:06 Hi there, In my understanding, automatic change detection on a grid or a form only works for columns/fields which have a source type of "DB Column". But in many cases you do not want to have a form with direct CRUD-Operations on the tables. Instead sometimes the CRUD-Operation is done in centralized API-Routines which are called in DAs. Is there any mechanism in place providing a change detection so that the developer is a able to show a "Do you want to discard your changes" before leaving the form or window? regards Jochen
conditionally grouping in a report30.05.2014 04:05 Hi, I want to achieve conditionally grouping in a report based on a variable. Scenarios are: if I want to show a grid/report with a user based filter set, I want the grouping - if the report is called without any filter no grouping should be applied. How can I achieve this? (I tried with the apex-based condition settings, but I get an error from FOEX when loading the report) regards Jochen
Grid row action destroys numeric format settings after refresh26.05.2014 06:05 Hi, we are using APEX 4.2.5 and FOEX 1.2.3. I have a GRID with several numeric fields formatted with decimal places and thousand delimeters (See first screenshot) On the grid I implemented a selection action based on a grid row action (like in the example page 3022 in the FOEX example application) (See second screenshot) After the selection action which is done via a grid refresh row DA (refresh row by column/value via a primary key) the formatting of all numeric fields of that row are totally messed up or formatted in some other way respectively. (see third screenshot) A complete refresh on the grid works fine - but that is not the behaviour the user expects. You just want the icon swapped. It seems that the row refresh action is not taking the attribute settings into account which have been set in the report region. What could I do to circumvent this strange behaviour or am I doing something wrong elseware. best regards Jochen
Search on trees an tree grids (performance of searching)02.05.2014 11:05 I use trees and tree grids a lot and I like the search functionality with the search field in the upper left corner. I realized that, when I set up a search in a collapsed tree the search is really quick. But when a node with several leafs (more than 100) is expanded the search is ruining the performance and the screen/browser is frozen for seconds or minutes. Can I do something through settings or will this behaviour change with a newer ExtJS-Version? regards Jochen
getting the FOEX version automatically26.04.2014 10:04 you can get the db-version and the apex version automatically to be shown in an info window for instance. (SELECT version FROM V$INSTANCE or select VERSION_NO from apex_release) Can this be achieved with the actual FOEX version also? regards Jochen
problems with label/display field alignment26.04.2014 10:04 I have several FOEX display fields with labels. I tried hard to get them aligned (tried almost all horizontal/vertical versions in the alignment settings) What should I do to get the labels aligned with the text fields properly regards Jochen
Best way to change title on content loading26.04.2014 09:04 When using a navigation tree and using the content loader plugin on click event I have the settings "Use URL from Triggering Element?" set to "YES" which is fine except that I want to add some text to the content of the tree node. Example given: the tree nodes content is "TEXT A" but "TEXT A" is not identifying enough because there might be more nodes in several areas of the menus with this "name". So I want to add some identifying text elements like "(Area 1)" or "(Area 2)" so that the resulting tab titles can be differentiated. - TEXT A (Area 1) - TEXT A (Area 2) - TEXT N (Area N) etc. How can this be achieved most elegantly? regards Jochen
Static ID in reports region gets lost when moving APEX/FOEX-Application from one environment to another22.04.2014 12:04 I need the Static ID of a report region to reference the region id in the "get the report as csv-file"-functionality. you can get it with a SELECT like "select to_char(R.REGION_ID) from APEX_040200.APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_REGIONS r where R.STATIC_ID = '<STATIC ID<'." Unfortunately I realized that all Static IDs are gone when I recently moved the Application from one APEX-environment to another (from DEV to TEST). Is there any chance to circumvent this? Or is there a better way to get the report referenced as with the region ID in the URL Target of the Button avoiding the FLOW_EXCEL_OUTPUT_R16627268068341950_en_us mimic? Like "f?p=&APP_ID.:&APP_PAGE_ID.:&APP_SESSION.:FLOW_EXCEL_OUTPUT_R16627268068341950_en_us"
Shuttle with cascading LOV parents is not working to get the right side populated via a dynamic action (DA)22.04.2014 07:04 I have a shuttle item which is highly dependent on cascading LOVs which have to be populated beforehand. To make matters even worse the window (i.e. form) can't be populated on rendering because it's created with the main window (the master) and only shown when the detail view is needed (via double click on the selected row) So I have 3 combo boxes and each is responsible for populating the subsequent combo box. The last combo box is the trigger (i.e.cascaded LOV parent) to get the shuttle populated (see screenshot also). The LOV which populates the left side of the shuttle is based on the choices being made before in selected the appropriate values of the combos. (there is also a text field which serves as a filter - but that is only told here for completeness) Everything works fine 'til it comes to the right side of the shuttle (or the "Source value or expression"). Here I have to populate the list also with values from preceding page items (like the User-id-text field) in the where clause - so that the already set values can be read from the table(s). When I got everything right I can't set this values with a statement in the "Source value or expression"-section because this is only populated on rendering. So I might need a DA to populate the right side of the shuttle in executing an SQL-Statement (or a PL/SQL-Procedure likewise). I tried hard every possibility (took most of the easter weekend), especially the "change"-event on the last triggering combo box (which ist called AKTION) which is also the cascading LOV-trigger for the shuttle) But when I do that, the population of the last (cascading) combo box (AKTION) and the refresh of the shuttle don't work anymore. I have a kind of a frozen window and on refresh of the second last combo before the values in the last combo are set properly. And the shuttle remains empty. No triggering of the cascade is happening. The strange thing is, that we have a working APEX variant of this screen which works almost
Is the number of elements in a shuttle limited?15.04.2014 09:04 Hi, I have a shuttle with many elements. But when I want to display it I get an "ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error". When I limit the elements to a number under 900 (890 exactly, I found out by trying different numbers, Statement in where-clause: "where rownum < 890"). The number of all elements is somewhat around 2000 - so limiting the selection set is not really an option. regards Jochen
I get an "ORA-01007: variable not in select list"-error when populating a grid from a table function call11.04.2014 08:04 I Load data in the classic report via a table function call. In the debug screen i see that a FX_P_GRID.grid_data-call causes a consecutive ORA-1007-Error and I can't see why. The part of the debug log is as follows "Elapsed","Execution","Message","Level" "0.00712","0.00016","S H O W: application=""301"" page=""1000"" workspace="""" request=""PLUGIN=320953C21785B36F1ABD0B607682E348F93478FA54625A0B5CBA43F0B02428A6"" session=""8937568644379""","4" "0.00728","0.00379","Reset NLS settings","4" "0.01107","0.00337","alter session set NLS_LANGUAGE=""AMERICAN""","4" "0.01443","0.00334","alter session set NLS_TERRITORY=""AMERICA""","4" "0.01777","0.00331","alter session set NLS_CALENDAR=""GREGORIAN""","4" "0.02108","0.00332","alter session set NLS_SORT=""BINARY""","4" "0.02440","0.00018","alter session set NLS_COMP=""BINARY""","4" "0.02458","0.00003","...NLS: Set Decimal separator="".""","4" "0.02460","0.00017","...NLS: Set NLS Group separator="",""","4" "0.02477","0.00017","...NLS: Set g_nls_date_format=""DD-MON-RR""","4" "0.02495","0.00018","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_format=""DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM""","4" "0.02512","0.00250","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_tz_format=""DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM TZR""","4" "0.02762","0.00004","NLS of database and client differs, characterset conversion needed","4" "0.02766","0.00588","...Setting session time_zone to +02:00","4" "0.03355","0.00379","Language derived from: FLOW_PRIMARY_LANGUAGE, current browser language: de","4" "0.03733","0.00337","alter session set nls_language=""GERMAN""","4" "0.04070","0.00005","alter session set nls_territory=""GERMANY""","4" "0.04075","0.00015","NLS: CSV charset=WE8MSWIN1252","4" "0.04091","0.00004","...NLS: Set Decimal separator="",""","4" "0.04094","0.00016","...NLS: Set NLS Group separator="".""","4" "0.04110","0.00016","...NLS: Set g_nls_date_format=""DD.MM.RR""","4" "0.04126","0.00016","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_format=""DD.MM.RR HH24:MI:SSXFF""","4" "0.04142","0.00031","...NLS: Set g_nls_tim
refresh problem using a nested tab-layout and anychart charts09.04.2014 13:04 Hi FOEX-experts, I have a kind of a refresh problem using a nested tab-layout and anychart charts. I have the following overall Layout structure (1)-- Asset Allocation (Pane) (2a)--+-- Bar Charts (Pane, TAB 1) (3a)--+--+-- Bar Chart 1 (flash chart) (3b)--+--+-- Bar Chart 2 (flash chart) (2b)--+-- Donut Charts (Pane, TAB 2) (3c)--+--+-- Donut Chart 1 (flash chart) (3d)--+--+-- Donut Chart 2 (flash chart) The idea is to have to charts showing some financial data on one page. The first chart ist some physical allocation, the second chart some risk adjusted. Because some users want to have bar charts and some want donuts I made two tabs and the user can choose in which graph type the same data is presented. So far so good. I have a context menu DA loading the data from the database dependend on the seleted item of the master grid (i.e. a fund list) But now comes the problem with the refresh. I get only the first graph on the actual tab (the first bar chart on the TAB Bar Charts) refreshed. I managed to get the second refreshed with another DA triggered by an "After Refresh" on the first bar. When I switch over to the Donut Tab both charts are not shown, i.e. refreshed. (I have all 4 charts refreshed in that DA but the last 3 refreshs don't get executed - I found out that only the first chart in the chain is refreshed) I read the docu especially the FOEX Layout section with the Plugin Events "Tab Change" and "Tab PanelRender" but don't understand how to use it or if I am on the right track. It's said Tab Change This event fires when a tab is changed (new tab has focus) in a tabpanel layout. The following event parameters are passed in and can be referenced using e.g. widget - the tabpanel newCard - the new region to be displayed oldCard - the old region that was previously being displayed Tab Panel Render This event fires when the tabpanel is rendered. The following event parameters are passed
problem getting the text field of a tree combo populated01.04.2014 07:04 Hi Peter, Hi Matt, I have a problem getting the text field of a tree combo populated. I've read some blog entries like but I am not getting it. What do I have: I have a page with a grid showing all users. On double click on a row the single edit user window (which is a form on the same page) is brought up (i.e. show window) On that form there are several fields amongst others a tree combo letting the user select persons which are grouped by companies. (numeric person-id is the key, surname/forename is the text to be shown) In the DA which takes care of the "get current user"-action I get the "surname,forename"-combo-string which is set in a hidden field. I also set the value of the tree grid combo (with a Person-ID) and I can see that the session variable ist populated. But I don't see the text string in the page item (see screenshot, field "Person"). I know that the values are set before rendering of the page so that I have to do something else when the values change on page use. (as setting values in a DA) What do I have to do were to reflect user-selection or changes respectively? thanks in advance Jochen
where can you adjust the size of the label in input fields in grid headers16.08.2013 08:08 I want to adjust the width of the label of an input field which is placed in the header of a grid (see screenshot, the label "Bewertungsdatum von:") I remember, that in a field container there is a "default label width" where these settings can be set. How should I do it here?
How to populate a FOEX date picker initially?15.08.2013 11:08 On page load I want to populate a FOEX date picker with a value, let's say SYSDATE-1. I don't get it to work - even tried with DA. Any suggestions available?
How to call a table function remotely12.08.2013 16:08 I have a view on a remote database which is populated by a table function. The select is done from a local view referencing the remote view from FOEX/APEX via a database link. Everything works fine with Toad, everything works fine with pure APEX. With FOEX an a read only grid over the report I get a numeric conversion error caused in the remote table function. Might have something to to with session settings?
Is there any chance of showing values and not the corresponding IDs in editable grids for large lovs?09.08.2013 12:08 If you have an editable grid and you have some LOVs which take more than some items you have to switch from select list to lov popup because the select list will not be able to host all entries. When you do this, all of a sudden the user is confronted with the numeric primary keys (the IDs) of the entries. Testcase: Take page 3024 in the FOEX documentation example application and change the item type of the page id from select list to some popup lov. The select should be something like "SELECT page_title, to_char(page_id) page_id FROM fx_t_doc_page" Now, call the page again an see what happens. In my environment the page names where substituted by long numbers, the page ids. You can circumvent this by initially filling the fields with the string expression and overwriting the id The SQL part looks sommething like that "Select ... institution as id_institution, ... from table/view" instead of "Select ... id_institution, ... from table/view" It works - but has severe disadvantages. 1. You have to join all Lookup-Tables to the main table in order to get the string expressions of the lookup-ids 2. This fields are not usable for the filte plugin any more, because now you get an invalid number error. ("ORA-01722: invalid number") Did I get it right, that this "behavior" is a bug in the upcoming version and will be fixed in 1.1.3? (when could that be?) Or is there another workaround which you could recommend?
what is the best way to implement a "do you want to delete?"-Dialog with FOEX window and dynamic actions?31.07.2013 16:07 Szenario: I have a FOEX Window which popups on demand (DA: show) for single edit of some entity The window has the delete, add and save buttons. When the user presses the delete button there shoul be a message box asking somewhat like "Do you really want to delete? YES/NO" This is achieved by some URL-redirection like javascript:{if (apex.confirm('Do you really want to delete?')) apex.submit({ request:'DELETE_SINGLE'});} The delete button has a STATIC ID, let's say BUTTON_DELETE_SINGLE CASE 1: User selects NO, nothing happens, the user remains on the single window, the window stays open CASE 2: User selects YES, alle further deletion processes are done in a DA a. deletion of the object, done via PL/SQL-Code, not deleting directly on a table (like in all the easy examples ;-) ) b. window is hided c. main grid is refreshed d. success message is shown The trigger for the DA is a query selector #BUTTON_DELETE_SINGLE how can I achieve, that the DA is executed only when the user selected YES in the preceding javascript message box? any ideas? any recommendations?
How do I get the grid combo box (or the popup LOV) to translate the ID into the text value?29.07.2013 17:07 I have a window with a foex-form an several field containers which I just show when the user selects single mode editing. If I select a row (via context menu) from the grid, the Window opens and shows the fields which are selected. This is done via DA and works fine for text fields and select lists. It does not work for the grid combo box (neither the popup LOV). I dont' get it to show the proper text value, whereas the ID-value is set and it ist right. I tried several actions like FOEX Form Reset and FOEX Form Load before I show the window. Maybe this doesn't work with simply toggling between show and hide of the single edit window. It drives me crazy !!!
How to populate grid combo boxes and how to read from them? VARCHAR2 versus NUMBER types29.07.2013 14:07 I have a general question in dealing with LOV-items like (grid) combo boxes, popup lovs etc. When populating these items I deliver (set) the string value and not the primary key value (id) which is numeric of cause. This I figured I have to do in order to display the proper text and not the surrogate key. So when using the grid combo box I do the same. Input is provided by text - Output (saving) ist done with the numeric id. This works fine, when I do some selection activity with the grid combo box (which - by the way - is really cool). If I do nothing (no selection - save the origin value) I get an "PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character to number conversion error" I set the "Item Return Value - Which Grid Column?(Value Required)" in the grid combo box to the ID, respectively. Question: am I in general wrong in populating the LOVs with the text values and reading the IDs? Question: is there something different with the grid combo box? regards Jochen
when to use a field container and when a field set?29.07.2013 09:07 i am afraid I didn't get the specifics out of the doc.
How do I get grey background in a form using the layout plugin?29.07.2013 06:07 In the Documentation Index example appication, some forms have a gray background and white edit fields. This is true for the form items example (page 4004). Some have a white background with white edit fields like the form item layout example (page 4006). I have a window with a form and several layouts just to assist in layouting the field containers. Somehow I don't get the application to display a grey background which lets the fields smoothly integrate in the window. If I move the fields out of the layout plugins directly under the form plugin it works - but this is not what I want, because I want to use the layout plugins to assist in layouting. So my structure is like - window plugin -- form plugin --- center layout (layout plugin) --- column layout (layout plugin) --- tabs layout (layout plugin) How do I get the grey background on all panes, so that the items seem to be embedded? Or do I use the layout plugin in a wrong manner? regards Jochen
How to switch edit to readonly mode in a grid automatically/programmatically24.07.2013 11:07 How can I tell a grid - in a DA for instance - somehow programatically, that it has to switch from edit to readonly or vice versa? Reason behind the question: some users do have the right to edit, some don't - I want to combine this with the authorization-settings/authorizsation-schema. regards Jochen
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Hello Matt, I solved it. it seemed to be the browser specific settings for radial gradients like /* Firefox 3.6+ */ / background: -moz-radial-gradient(circle, #3c3d3d, #161010) !important; / So i commented it out and the above background colors seem to be pulled. thx Jochen How do I change my Desktop Background?08.12.2014 13:12
sorry Matt, don't you think this is a little too much labour for a simple question? I just try to put up a new app based on a desktop. Where would someone has too change the (color) code? Is it in the header section as explained above or is it some place else? In the first case I have to figure out why my change in the color code doesn't have any effects. regards Jochen How do I change my Desktop Background?08.12.2014 13:12
...and how can the background color be changed? I tried something like background-color: #E0D8E0 !important; background-image: none !important; background-position: center center !important; background-repeat: no-repeat !important; But the background of the desktop remains black. regards Jochen How do I change my Desktop Background?08.12.2014 12:12
This seems to work fine. Thanks a lot. How do I get grey background in a form using the layout plugin?22.08.2014 14:08
How do I get grey background in a form using the layout plugin?22.08.2014 11:08
Hi Peter, Thanks. Works on the layout of the upper part. Doesn't work on the lower part with the tabs (also region type layout region). And I have also tabs in which the field sets are embedded. ciao Jochen How do I get grey background in a form using the layout plugin?22.08.2014 09:08
Hi Matt, Hi Peter, thank you for your quick an helpfull responds. I think I know how to implement it by know. But: thinking of Row Actions on a Grid - which is a cool feature: Have you got a solution or an explanation meanwhile why formatted numbers are getting messed up? I am referring to: regards Jochen How to remember changes in a grid on browsing on the next page (pagination)01.08.2014 06:08
Hi Matt, thanks. I read about these settings in the doc. I am in cell edit mode. But this is not what I want - what the user wants. While flipping pages or browsing the grid you don't want to save changes until you press the save button. What about changing some values and then realising that you don't want these and cancelling the update action? But I guess one can't circumvent this because pagination means refreshing the grid and the settings on other pages are lost - setting the pagination to lets say 6000 records is not an option because the performance is decreased heavily. Are there other options? As you know I am using this approach because of the 32K-Limit of the Shuttle. ciao Jochen How to remember changes in a grid on browsing on the next page (pagination)30.07.2014 06:07
Hi Matt, meanwhile I found some time to implement your suggestion. I implemented a "Processing Procedure Override" which populates a temporary table collecting all check or uncheclk results. This procedure fires for all rows which have a change in the check box (i.e. which have been selected or unselected). This fires with a save button on the grid (not the form - but maybe I can do this later on. The form contains 2 tabs. One holding the base date of the main object, one holding the grid with the clickable relations) But: As an After-Process I want to update the original Relation table with all changes. That means, disableling or deleting all unchecked and inserting all checked relations. For performance reasons it's not appropriate to do this as a "Post Processing Procedure" because this fires for every changed row. When I do it in a DA (button click event) this procedure is executed before the original grid override procedure, which fills the temp table with the click/unclick data. Question: Where or at which point could I call this post procedure right after the user clicked the save button. greetings Jochen How can the 32K-limit of shuttles be bypassed?29.07.2014 13:07
Hi Matt, Thanks for the response. I will try on my own first - should me manageable with your advice. regards Jochen How to handle CRUD-operations on forms with more complex data structures (data in more than 1 table)?08.07.2014 06:07
Hi Matt, the fields are populated "by myself" indeed. So I already guessed that I have to reset the "isDirty-flag2 after populating the fields in the "bring up the popup window DA", but I didn't find out how to reset it yet automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields09.06.2014 07:06
the isDirty() function returns false when i initally loaded the main grid. then I call the popup window/form which is hidden on the same page via double click on some row. then I call the isDirty() function again in firebug console and it returns true (but i did not change anything - but populated the fields in a DA) Maybe I have to reset state after populating the fields automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields07.06.2014 11:06
I ran it in the firebug console. It's allways return "true". I didn't see any exception automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields07.06.2014 11:06
Hi Matt, don't want to bother you to much on this topic. But I tried the Ext.getCmp('REGION_STATIC_ID').getForm().isDirty() - but it is not working. I set the the function call in the condition of the window-close-DA. I also set the trackResetOnLoad-config-setting in the form to {"trackResetOnLoad":true}. But maybe I am missing something - as often ;-) regards Jochen automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields06.06.2014 13:06
Hi Matt, you are right. The answer for number 2 would it be. But answering number 1 would bring even more light to the subject. To clarify: I have a form (in a popup window) with several items. The user changes some and then closes the window. The save procedure would be handled in a DA-PL/SQL-Procedure-call. Do I have to create a lot of Change-detecting-DAs or can the change detection achieved mor elegantly? regards Jochen automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields04.06.2014 05:06
it's slow in both browsers: Mozilla Firefox 28.0 and Internet Explorer 9.0.26 Search on trees an tree grids (performance of searching)02.05.2014 11:05
superb. thanks a lot. Best way to change title on content loading28.04.2014 15:04
Hi Matt, I am not totally sure what and where? problems with label/display field alignment28.04.2014 08:04
Kind of. Imagine you have nodes with index- names in the index section und benchmark-names in the benchmark section. When you click on the node all members are loaded in a tab with grids and other items. And by walking through the application you open more tabs. But you want to be able to recognize, where the window came from so you might add a suffix on loading, i.e. MSCI (IND) or MSCI (BM) indicating that you loaded from the index or the menchmark domain respectively. So you want to concatenate the node name with some other text parts on loading. Best way to change title on content loading26.04.2014 15:04
Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. the reason is simple. I have densely loaded master-detail-grid-screens. Every grid is downloadable in cls-format. And every grid has a header where is a lot of space to place a csv-download button. The APEX-default-download is shown in an extra footer-row at the bottom of each grid wasting a lot of space on the screen. And - to be on the aesthetic side - it's ugly. Would't it be great to be able to replace the APEX-download-Button to some places on the grid? best regards Jochen P.S: do you want screenshots of both variants? Static ID in reports region gets lost when moving APEX/FOEX-Application from one environment to another22.04.2014 15:04
thanks I'll keep my fingers crossed. ...and won't keep you any further away from working ;-) Is the number of elements in a shuttle limited?22.04.2014 09:04
Hi Matt, thanks for the reply. Oddly enough I can get an alert-box triggered in the "after refresh" event of the shuttle. But setting a value (even a simple static value) or/and writing some values to a table (for debug reasons) doesn't work. To go any further. When the alert-box ist the first action - it works. Is it the last action (with set value and inserting in debug table as the 2 actions before) - the alert-message is not shown. So if I get this workaround not you have a rough idea when version 1.2.3 will be available? greetings Jochen Shuttle with cascading LOV parents is not working to get the right side populated via a dynamic action (DA)22.04.2014 08:04
Hi Matt, we are using version 4.2.3 indeed. I tried the workaround, but it didn't help. Any other Ideas? SELECT anleger_typ, anleger_name, dt_bewertung, fonds_gesamtwert, fonds_anzahl_anteile, fonds_anteilspreis, anleger_anzahl_anteile, anleger_volumen, daten_herkunft, fonds_nr, anleger_id, anleger_branche FROM TABLE (hi_itf.itf3_x0175.tab_data0 (v('P1000_FONDSNR_CURRENT'), TO_DATE (v('P1000_BETEILIGUNG_DATUM_AM'), ''), 'XLT', 'HI_DM', 'XLT-0175')) b.t.w: I have a workaraound in using session contexts which means that I set session context variables via a DA-call and wrapping the table functions with views (works for remote calls of table functions). But this is ugly and cumbersome and my DB-Architect hates it ;-) I don't know if I can talk our DBA into upgrading to APEX 4.2.4, we recently upgraded to 4.2.3 ;-( I get an "ORA-01007: variable not in select list"-error when populating a grid from a table function call11.04.2014 09:04
just to be clear - now that I have a workspace. Do you expect me to rebuild page 3004 so that it looks basically like my page or shall I upload my page so that you can see it (knowing that it want run on the demo server) refresh problem using a nested tab-layout and anychart charts09.04.2014 15:04
I found the following code in the demo page 3004 in the footer region <script type="text/javascript"> $('##REGION_STATIC_ID#').bind('apexrefresh',function(){ var region_id = '#REGION_ID#'; $(this).trigger('apexbeforerefresh'); try{ apex_RefreshFlashChart(&APP_PAGE_ID., region_id.substr(1), 'en'); }catch(e){} $(this).trigger('apexafterrefresh'); }); </script> But taking it out seems to have no effect anyway. So do I need it or not? refresh problem using a nested tab-layout and anychart charts09.04.2014 14:04
I have looked at it, but all 4 charts are on one pane. I have 2 charts on one tab, 2 on another and around that is a toolbar (not a pane). The testcase seems to be difficult to create because the data is delivered through table function calls. So basically if the page 3004-mechanism is it and I don't need the tab render events or something similar I should be on the right track. Do you have a tool for desktop sharing? (we have "beam your screen") refresh problem using a nested tab-layout and anychart charts09.04.2014 13:04
Hi Matt, me again. so, I found out meanwhile, that you have to "get the tree combo started" in some way before the content is shown. When I select a user with double click the name is not shown in the text field of the tree combo. When I click the button down on the list box (i.e. I start or siulate a select), close the window and select again or another user via double click everything is ok - the tree combo text field is populated with the persons name as desired. So I need some action that I can get the tree combo "kicked" in the "select current user"-DA problem getting the text field of a tree combo populated02.04.2014 05:04
There is no CRUD-handler yet. I am just reading data from the db, and build the screens for display. So in that case I just have a kind of master-detail situation with a grid as the master and the single window as the detail view. On select I set all the values which I can get from the current row. On double click I bring up the detail window and expect the fields to be populated. It seems to me that when a "grid set values action" on the tree combo was initiated in first place, the consecutive selects will populate the tree combos text field with the name of the person respectively. So it might be necessary to initiate some action to get the value set. I am just wondering that I am the first on with such an issue - in your demo application the tree combo example is empty initially, so when manually selecting the values everything is ok ;-) problem getting the text field of a tree combo populated01.04.2014 14:04
On double click on a grid row I bring up the window which shows a User in "single mode". The data ist already in the apex report or the grid respectively. So why should I load the form? that would be another select from the table which is time consuming. Furthermore (but I am not at that point yet) I don't like to make the CRUD-Operations directly on the table. CRUD is done via API-Packages which mask my data structure. I may read from views - but I never read from or write to tables directly. But here I just want to read data from the report in the "get current row"-Grid (Grid - after row select) action and populate the fields in the form. The data in the Text field is shown, the data in the check box is shown - the data in the tree combo not. When I don't solve the problem meanwhile and the DEV-Environment is up I will give you access (b.t.w. how will that work?) Last question: maybe I should set the "Set Value in Asynchronous Mode?"-option to YES instead to NO (in the DA-Settings) problem getting the text field of a tree combo populated01.04.2014 13:04
Hi Matt, the brandnew FOEX-Installation lives on my laptop only (put it up on the weekend). In the next days our DBA will implement it on the DEV-Environment. So I could create a test case. What do I have to do to create such? (never did that before) Don't I have to provide access to data or is the APEX/FOEX-Code enough? Meanwhile it would be sufficient for me to know how the basic theory is in how the Text bar in a tree combo gets populated. The APEX-Section of the tree combo-field "Source/Field: Source value or expression" is only populated before page rendering, so it doesn't help me here (or am I wrong?). So I should have a DA and do the right steps after I got the current row with all values kept in hidden page items (so everything is there which I can see in the session/view:page items). Or would it be ok, if I provide some screenshots? regards Jochen problem getting the text field of a tree combo populated01.04.2014 09:04
The format mask was set - what helped was the to_char-cast - thanks a lot How to populate a FOEX date picker initially?15.08.2013 13:08
It is a grid column editor, i.e. I have two date pickers on a grid header. date_from and date_to. The Dates are then used in the SQL-Report which is the basis for the grid. I tried several things like a "before region process" with session settings like :P1000_DATE_FROM := SYSDATE-1; or I tried setting values in a DA on page load or I tried setting "Source value or expression" on the item settings or I tried setting "Default value" on the item settings The date field remains empty, whereas the session variables :P1000_DATE_FROM and :P1000_DATE_TO are populated. How to populate a FOEX date picker initially?15.08.2013 12:08
Hi Matt, yes I did that and it works. The data is loaded and the exception is gone. The column actual holdings (german: aktueller Bestand) is of type numeric, an the format mask is 999G999G999G999D99. Nevertheless the representation is english and not german as you can see from the screenshot How to call a table function remotely14.08.2013 13:08
Hi Matt, thanks again for your time and your expertise. I appreciate it very much. I „solved“ the problem somehow and I think you might be interested in the solution. In the APEX-„security attributes“ under „shared components“ I changed the session settings to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'ALTER SESSION SET NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS = '',.'''; So the numeric conversion exception was not thrown any more. BUT: all the numbers were shown in the grid with no fractional parts. I.e. 12345,67 was shown as 1234567. When I applied the Number format like 99999999D99 to this column (holdings), they would have been shown with an additional fractional part: 1234567,00 thereby showing totally wrong figures. That’s were step 2 comes in In the view on my local system I changed the selection of this column from pure (numerical) to to_char(holdings) Now it seems to work. By the way. All dates are also shown in english format like 12-Feb-2013. But that is changed in the report display settings easily (to DD.MM.YYYY = 12.02.2013) Thanks again and furthermore good luck with your work Jochen How to call a table function remotely14.08.2013 12:08
Hi Matt, I created a testcase with a simple remote view. I.e. a local view selecting data from a remote view via dblink. Works fine. Data is shown in the grid. Whereas I might run in some timeout problems which might be adusted in the AJAX timeout settings in the Settings Plugin So basically it melts down to problems calling remote data provided by table functions? Regards Jochen How to call a table function remotely13.08.2013 07:08
Or are you asking for something like that? Elapsed,"Execution","Message","Level" 0.00600,"0.00000","S H O W: application=""300"" page=""1000"" workspace="""" request=""PLUGIN=E9FEC772871B7D3378728C13F47F41D9121E87A3928B4455C069A3FA90A7322E"" session=""17014434928913""","4" 0.00600,"0.00400","Reset NLS settings","4" 0.01000,"0.00200","alter session set NLS_LANGUAGE=""AMERICAN""","4" 0.01200,"0.00100","alter session set NLS_TERRITORY=""AMERICA""","4" 0.01300,"0.00200","alter session set NLS_CALENDAR=""GREGORIAN""","4" 0.01500,"0.00200","alter session set NLS_SORT=""BINARY""","4" 0.01700,"0.00000","alter session set NLS_COMP=""BINARY""","4" 0.01700,"0.00000","...NLS: Set Decimal separator="".""","4" 0.01700,"0.00000","...NLS: Set NLS Group separator="",""","4" 0.01700,"0.00000","...NLS: Set g_nls_date_format=""DD-MON-RR""","4" 0.01700,"0.00100","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_format=""DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM""","4" 0.01800,"0.00200","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_tz_format=""DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM TZR""","4" 0.02000,"0.00300","...Setting session time_zone to +02:00","4" 0.02300,"0.00100","Language derived from: FLOW_PRIMARY_LANGUAGE, current browser language: en","4" 0.02400,"0.00200","alter session set nls_language=""AMERICAN""","4" 0.02600,"0.00000","alter session set nls_territory=""AMERICA""","4" 0.02600,"0.00000","NLS: CSV charset=WE8MSWIN1252","4" 0.02600,"0.00000","...NLS: Set Decimal separator="".""","4" 0.02600,"0.00000","...NLS: Set NLS Group separator="",""","4" 0.02600,"0.00100","...NLS: Set g_nls_date_format=""DD-MON-RR""","4" 0.02700,"0.00000","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_format=""DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM""","4" 0.02700,"0.00000","...NLS: Set g_nls_timestamp_tz_format=""DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM TZR""","4" 0.02700,"0.00100","NLS: Language=en","4" 0.02800,"0.00100","Application 300, Authentication: PLUGIN, Page Template: 13344988024529379","4" 0.02900,"0.00100","Authentication check: Application Express Accounts (NATIVE_APEX_ACCOUNTS)","4" 0.03000,"0.00000","...fetch session state from database","4" 0.03000,"0.00100","fetch items (exact)","4" 0.03100,"0.00000","... sentry+verification success","4" 0.03100,"0.00100","...Session ID 17014434928913 can be used","4" 0.03200,"0.00100","...Setting session time_zone to +02:00","4" 0.03300,"0.00100","Session: Fetch session header information","4" 0.03400,"0.00300","Run NATIVE/PLUGIN= request","4" 0.03700,"0.00100","...Execute Statement: begin declare begin wwv_flow_plugin_api.g_region_ajax_result := fx_p_grid.ajax (p_region => wwv_flow_plugin_api.g_region,p_plugin => wwv_flow_plugin_api.g_plugin ) end end ,4" 0.03800,"0.00000","... Start FX_P_GRID.ajax","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","Plugin meta data:","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","file_prefix: /i/foex/","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_01: ""frame"": true","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_02: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_03: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_04: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_05: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_06: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_07: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_08: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_09: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_10: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00000","attribute_11: ","4" 0.03800,"0.00100","attribute_12: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_13: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_14: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_15: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","Region meta data:","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","id: 3423012150097026","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","static_id: GRID_FUND","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","name: Fonds","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","type: PLUGIN_COM.FOEX.PLUGIN.GRID","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","source: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","ajax_items_to_submit: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","fetched_rows: 15","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","escape_output: true","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","no_data_found_message: No Data Found","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_01: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_02: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_03: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_04: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_05: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_06: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_07: FONDSNR","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_08: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_09: READONLY","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_10: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_11: ""frame"":false, preventHeader"":true, autoScroll"":false, flex"":1, excludeSearchPlugin"":false, hidePagination"":false, addRowNumbers"":false, columnLines"":false, autoLoad"":false, autoLoadOnRender"":true, height"":500, width"":""100%"", collapsible"":true, stateful"":true, resizeHandles"":""""","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_12: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_13: ","4" 0.03900,"0.00000","attribute_14: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00100","attribute_15: INHERIT","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_16: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_17: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_18: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_19: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_20: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_21: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_22: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_23: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_24: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","attribute_25: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","AJAX PARAMETERS","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","p_widget_name: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","p_widget_action: saveState","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","p_widget_action_mod: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","p_request: PLUGIN=E9FEC772871B7D3378728C13F47F41D9121E87A3928B4455C069A3FA90A7322E","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x01: 3423012150097026","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x02: nobody","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x03: application","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x04: FXS#3423012150097026","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x05: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x06: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x07: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x08: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x09: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00000","x10: ","4" 0.04000,"0.00600","f01: o%3Acollapsed%3Db%253A0%5Eflex%3Dn%253A1%5Ecolumns%3Da%253Ao%25253Aid%25253Ds%2525253AGRID_FUND-col-ID_MANDANT%255Eo%25253Aid%25253Ds%2525253AGRID_FUND-col-FONDSNR%255Eo%25253Aid%25253Ds%2525253AGRID_FUND-col-FONDS_NAME%5Efilters%3Do%253A","4" 0.04600,"0.00100","... File Chunks: 1","4" 0.04700,"0.00000","... AJAX Operation Successfully Completed","4" 0.04700,"0.00100","Stop APEX Engine detected","4" 0.04800,"-","Final commit","4" How to call a table function remotely13.08.2013 06:08
That's what I found in APEX debug errors: "ORA-20001: $Das System steht im Moment nicht zur Verfügung. Ihre Auftragsnummer: 11337153$ ORA-06512: at "HI_ITF.ITFP_ERR", line 148 ORA-06512: at "HI_ITF.ITFI_LIFO", line 1489 ORA-06512: at line 1 ORA-02063: preceding 4 lines from DWHTEST" it's exactly that what is thrown by the table function. Any other place to look - maybe some APEX tables? How to call a table function remotely13.08.2013 06:08
I think the exception is thrown during fetch of the data - because it happens very quick. What I dit is, I added the / + DRIVING_SITE(a) / hint into the local view (calling the remote view), but it didn't help. What I realized is that the exception is thrown quicker. I could upload screenshots but I doubt that they are helpful. I have two versions of the table function. The original is throwing some user defined exception in German indicating that the framework has some Problems. What is logged in the logging tables then is the numeric conversion error. There is indeed a conversion process within the table function because the data is read from a unviversal cache. The second version which I build after the reported problems uses the pipeline. Using this ends in a error message on my foex screen, simply stating "User-Defined Exception" ...and the rendering wheel keeps turnin forever. Again - using the same SQL Query, the same Report-settings in plain APEX - works like hell. I simply don't get it, why there is an exception thrown on the remote tabel function - the calling environment is my Oracle XE and APEX. What is added by ExtJs/FOEX ? How to call a table function remotely13.08.2013 06:08
Hi Matt, thanks for the offer. Before I set up a test case I ran some tests. Maybe it's enough info for you when I describe what I found out so far. General setup. I have a classic report based editable grid on Page 2 which shows all companies Additionally I have a Window - From - Field Container with the company fields for single edit mode (name, short name, parent id, sector id etc.) Bringing up the single edit mode window is achieved through context menu therefore I use a hidden page item :P2_ID_COMPANY_CONTEXT taking the id of the chosen company all fields are set to "only when current value in session state is null" and "Static Assignment" in the source section Functioning when the user activates the context menu (edit) a DA is called listening to the "EDIT" event (works fine) what I do here is (a) check if the context menu action is "edit" (works fine) (b) load the object type OT_COMPANY with the value of :P2_ID_COMPANY_CONTEXT (works fine) I submit all page items and I return them all (options: "Page Items to Submit" and "Page Items to Return") (c) I bring up the window with the "Show"-Action (works fine) Behaviour (a) on first call: Text fields an grid combo box (getting the parent ID) are not populated select lists an the popup LOV (parent id 2 - just for testing purposes) are filled properly (b) on second call: Text fields an select lists are filled properly The grid combo box AND the popup LOV are showing the PARENT-ID respectively (not the text values) TEST When setting the page item P2_ID_PARENT (which is the grid combo box) in a PL/SQL-Procedure on page load) to some value, this value populates the grid combo box on first call. BUT it ist overridden on second call with the parent ID of the chosen company again. Conclusion It must have to to with my handling of session variables in combination with the Dynamic Action setup. what is really strange is, that the list boxes and the popup LOV are populated properly on the first call. that the popup LOV is acting the same way like the grid combo box on second call in showing the numeric ID and not the text, so if they need a nudge or something Matt! If this information doesn't help you I figure out some test case or something else, but this will take some time cause I am busy with some other work this week thanks again for your help and your commitment - Jochen P.S: I do have an environment on my laptop (Oracle XE 11g, APEX 4.2.1), but unless it's a company laptop how could I provide remote access for you? How do I get the grid combo box (or the popup LOV) to translate the ID into the text value?30.07.2013 07:07
Oh man, never did that before. Don't i have to provide all the ground work, table, view type structures etc.? Fact is, that things have gotten complicated insofar that i am switching from a apex/manually integrated extjs environment to foex. So the data layer is basically provided through object types and views. But the thing here isq, that all the logic on the site is handled by DA know and i think i am struggeling in handling the data through session variables, page variables and the extjs items. It seems that i have to get the key to triggering the grid combo box after the varables have been set. How do I get the grid combo box (or the popup LOV) to translate the ID into the text value?29.07.2013 18:07
I understood the lov-Items also in the way that you have a key/value pair like "select text, id from lov" But when I provide the id in Popup LOVs and in the grid combo box, the numeric ID is displayed to the user an not the text value. This is true with popup lovs in the editable grid and I experienced the same with the grid combo. I think in "pure APEX" it worked the proper way, always providing the key values (id) an not the text values. How can I prevent the LOVs from showing the id? (I always set "Display Extra Values" to NO) Generally: I read always from views or Object types and I always write back the data via PL/SQL-procedures or Object types. I never read from the table or write back to the table directly - but this has nothing to do with my "display problem" How to populate grid combo boxes and how to read from them? VARCHAR2 versus NUMBER types29.07.2013 15:07
Hi Matt, sounds good to me if my request finds the way in a future release. Duplication grid regions is not appropriate - in my case i have up to 6 Grids on one panel. One master grid and up to 5 "child grids". The current row on the master grid is the one determining whether editing on master and child rows ist allowed or disabled. So duplication ist not an option. regards Jochen How to switch edit to readonly mode in a grid automatically/programmatically24.07.2013 13:07
Hi Matt, thanks for the quick response. Setting the SQL-Action is a little ugly because of the Grid-Usage I am beginning to wrap a lot of "process_crud"-procedures who handle the CRUD-Process in one place. So i want the deletion handled the same way. Meanwhile I live with it, that the "delete-button" ist switched off via hide/show (this works) and the "save- and add-buttons" are disabled/enabled. It's kind of a pity, because disabling buttons is a somewhat elegant way to display "not available" but generally "existant" instead of hiding the whole thing. regards Jochen How to disable a Grid Region Button24.07.2013 13:07
Hi dear FOEX-Team, this works well for Save- or Add-Buttons. But not for Delete-Buttons. If I disable Delete-Buttons and the user selects rows in a grid, the Disabled-Delete-Button is switched to Enabled-Mode, whereas the other two Buttons (Save and Add) remain in Disabled Mode. I guess, the grid - generally workin in "cell-edit-mode" overrules my settings being set in a DA. regards Jochen How to disable a Grid Region Button24.07.2013 11:07
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Thanks to Matt and Chris for your profound, comprehensive and quick answers. They will help very much in the discussions we are having in the team. I am looking forward to the new version Jochen Apex 5 versus FOEX14.08.2015 08:08
Matt, Thanks. Can we stick to the example of page 4006? Where do I have to edit the "frame":true entry? I did in the Tabs-layout Additional Config Additional Config of the Child object default settings that was not enough Addionally I did in the field sets of Field Container (Tab 1) Field Container (Innter Tab 1) but the pane is still white How do I get grey background in a form using the layout plugin?22.08.2014 11:08
Hi Matt, sorry, I am a little lost here. Tried a lot different settings in the window, form, tab (layout) and field set regions. I don't get the field set to an grey background on a tab on a form. Looks a little ugly all white edit fields on a white background pane. Could you give me more precise directions - there are 100 config settings on a ExtJS-pane. Thanks Jochen How do I get grey background in a form using the layout plugin?08.08.2014 14:08
I did that. Works fine with the naming convention, must have overread this. But now the form-plugin reports a "No Data found"-error, when I want to call the custom procedure for the DML-operations. The debug says: ".. Back Trace: ORA-06512: in "FOEX_010203.FX_P_FORM_DML", Zeile 4743 ORA-06512: in "FOEX_010203.FX_P_FORM_DML", Zeile 4999 ORA-06512: in "FOEX_010203.FX_P_FORM_DML", Zeile 5128 ORA-06512: in "FOEX_010203.FX_P_FORM_DML", Zeile 5372 ORA-06512: in "FOEX_010203.FX_P_FORM", Zeile 5544 " Any ideas? It is a really simple showcase with only 1 primary key and 2 data items. How to handle CRUD-operations on forms with more complex data structures (data in more than 1 table)?10.07.2014 06:07
One additional question: when binding a grid to a form, does the report which the grid is based on must be a table (not a view)? Background: I don't get the form (based on a table) bind to the grid (based on a view). The primary key column/field has the same name and most of the fields also. How to handle CRUD-operations on forms with more complex data structures (data in more than 1 table)?08.07.2014 15:07
excellent answer - as allways. Thanks. automatic change detection on forms with no DB-column based fields06.06.2014 05:06
Great, thanks conditionally grouping in a report30.05.2014 15:05
so there is nothing else to do (via configuration settings etc.) than to wait for the new ExtJS? Search on trees an tree grids (performance of searching)02.05.2014 14:05
Sorry, this was a misunderstanding. I thought you were asking for the debug output of the table function. As a matter of fact I just have to find out were to get the APEX debug output. Never did that before. How to call a table function remotely13.08.2013 06:08
Hard to tell. The foex sign is spinning and then the exception is thrown. Could be on the way from the apex report to the grid. I can't get in between. What time is for fetching and what is for rendering? How to call a table function remotely12.08.2013 17:08
Second finding when I use a FOEX Text Field instead of an APEX Text Field the values are not set on first call either. So - as a resume - setting genuine APEX fields works fine, setting FOEX field types doesn't work, or works only on second call or works only on wake up. This might be true only for setups where the Session variables are set via AJAX calls or Dynamic Actions respectively How do I get the grid combo box (or the popup LOV) to translate the ID into the text value?30.07.2013 11:07
Supplement when I "used" the grid combo box it seems that all subsequent calls work fine and the grid combo box is populated properly. Some kind of a "wake up" problem How do I get the grid combo box (or the popup LOV) to translate the ID into the text value?30.07.2013 07:07
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