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Chart data is not shown when using the universal theme in APEX 10:11 If you are using APEX 5.0 and the universal theme you may encounter that your chart is not showing the series data e.g.
How do I format chart Y Axis labels?02.11.2015 15:11 I have a requirement to show large number values in my Y axis. How can I format a value of 25000 like 25,000.00
FDA & APEX 5 Early Adopter 303.02.2015 08:02 It's the FOEX Team here informing you of an issue we detected within our framework. With the recent release of APEX 5 early adopter 3. The APEX team introduced some changes which conflicts with using the FOEX Developer Addon - FDA. The conflict is to do with the Code editor. If you have signed up to evaluate APEX 5 you may notice that anytime you try and edit anything in a code editor it will not work correctly and the modal window may become stuck and you can't close it. We have provided a fix for this in the latest version and it will automatically propagate to all Chrome browsers with the extension installed so there is nothing you need to do (but you may want to check your extensions and make sure you have the latest version However for all Firefox browsers you will need to re-install the plugin. To do so please visit the following link for the instructions for re-installation on Firefox. If you have any questions or any feedback you wish to provide please don't hesitate to reply.
Refresh grid row in v2.0 jumps grid back to the top07.01.2015 19:01 In v2.0 it has come to our attention that the grid will jump to the top if a row is refreshed, or a grid form bind is in place. How do we ensure this does not happen?
How do I change the width of Checkbox Items and Radio Items when displayed on a single row21.11.2014 09:11 During the development of our internal systems I had the requirement for a checkbox group to appear in a single row and that the number of entries in the row could be variable. Using the existing settings all checkboxes would be assigned an equal width in a fixed number of columns resulting in blank space. What I want is that they only take up the space they require with 10px of padding between each item. How can I do this?
How do I add tooltips to grid cells to show all the cell data on hover?06.11.2014 12:11 A customer had a requirement to show all the cell data on hover of the cell without increasing the width of the grid column. I thought I would document the question/answer here for everyone's benefit as it's a very simple solution.
How do I change my Desktop Background?07.03.2014 12:03 This is a question a customer raised so I thought I would document it here... How do I change my Desktop Background to be like the FOEX Example? i.e. I would like to add in my own custom image and also add the logout button.
My form items aren't stretching in Fieldsets anymore after upgrading to v1.2.0?17.09.2013 11:09 If you notice a problem with your form items not stretching correctly anymore it's because of a change that we made to fieldsets. Here is an example of the behavior:
How do I use the FDA when the internet is unavailable?01.04.2013 13:04 I would like to be able to use the FDA when the internet is not available, how do I do that?
Toolbar Menu's Buttons and Item Sequencing01.03.2013 12:03 I have created a toolbar with a menu and several buttons and foex item plugins, how do I change the order and right align certain buttons/items/menus?
FOEX Grid - Height/Flex Issue21.02.2013 08:02 I have a grid contained within a layout and the flex settings does not seem to be working. This is my setup Viewport |--- Cennter Pane (HBOX) |---- Accordion (flex: 3) |---- Grid (flex: 1) For some reason any change I make results in the grid having the same height.
Can I use the Form Plugin outside of a Viewport Page20.02.2013 11:02 I would like to use the form plugin on a standard APEX page i.e. it has not FOEX Viewport plugin defined. Is this possible?
How can I refresh the grid highlighting without reloading the data29.11.2012 11:11 I have a number of number fields on the page that affect the highlighting of the grid cells. If I change these values I need to update the highlighting in the grid, but I would like to do this without reloading the data. How can I do this?
Can I use APEX Page Caching?12.10.2012 12:10 I would like to increase the performance of page rendering by using APEX page caching. It seems to work for my current session but when I log out and back in I don't see any data in my grids and see a number of javascript errors. Does APEX page caching work?
Column Freezing/Locking not working?12.10.2012 12:10 This is a common question we have which is detailed in the documentation: Q: I have tried enabling column Freezing with column grouping but it's not working. Only the grouping is shown. These are the two features I want to use: link text
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Ok this is slightly confusing since you have created this question using your account.... Can you advise if you used your Google account to authenticate with the "Ray" username i.e. via Open ID? Can you advise your temporary login name and whether you (also) have the same problem with? Forum cant change password04.01.2016 10:01
I have looked at your test case and can see that you have two different dynamic actions on the "Confirm" button click which both have the same notification message (confusing test case) e.g. Remove the duplicate "Confirm Message Box_1" and it works as expected. In your test case I have set it to a condition of "Never" to show the correct behaviour. Confirm mesage box doesn't wait30.12.2015 13:12
We are fixing the content loader issue in the next hot fix release reported in the following thread: As a workaround you can use Execute Javascript code: window.location = 'http://mycompany.mydomain/somepage'; // replace current page or'http://mycompany.mydomain/somepage'); // new window/tab depending upon browser implementation For more info on see: redirect to url as last step in dynamic action30.12.2015 07:12
We are planning to include this in v2.2.0, for earlier versions i.e. v2.1 and below you can look at the following thread to implement this: Cascading Select Lists in FOEX Grid27.12.2015 09:12
Currently there is no setting to provide a number format on the chart value, the formatting is hard coded. We have filed an enhancement request. For the label you can workaround this by overriding the series label config. First you need to put the page in debug mode and view the page source e.g. You then need to copy the label config and paste it in your first series "Custom Config" attribute (only the first series) and adjust the format in the renderer e.g. 0,0.00 Please note : if you add/remove any series from the chart you will need remove the label config override and perform this step again, since the "field" attribute will change in the label config. Unfortunately we cannot adjust the behaviour of the tooltip Formatting value in Bar chart22.12.2015 11:12
I can confirm that this is a bug when using the content loader browser window in combination with setting a custom URL within the action. We will provide a fix for this in the next hot fix release which is due out soon. Load content browser window22.12.2015 11:12
Since you are getting a 502 response it sounds like a timeout issue, the default value in the application settings plugin is 45 seconds. I believe the issue may be due to the fact that our pagination scheme requires a count(*) to be performed which is causing the load to take longer than the default timeout. We only ever return the number of records specified in the "Number of Rows" attribute. From v2.1.0 onwards you can exclude pagination altogether and improve performance, grids can have the count(*) removed from the SQL query by setting the pagination scheme to "- No Pagination Selected -" and also setting the maximum count rows equal to the page size page size. You can then find the records by using teh grid search functionality. However since you are on an older version you will have to find a way to reduce the size of the dataset by using pre-defined filters. Pagination scheme21.12.2015 16:12
If you want to provide a fixed height on a textarea with scrolling then set the attribute "Grow" to "No". There is no need to provide any additional config. e.g. As for scrolling on regions i.e. field containers/fieldsets, forms. It is controlled by the "autoScroll" property. This can be set specifically on each region or as a default setting for all the region's child regions. e.g. If you do not want scrolling on a region then you should disable it "autoScroll":false. Scrolling will occur when the width/height of a region is greater than the displayable area. You have the ability to use the following config options to control width/height and scrolling on all regions: "flex": 2, "width": 400, "minWidth": 200, "height": 400, "minHeight": 200, "autoScroll": true If you have problems designing a page then you should request a web meeting using your support time, where we can walk you through the design of the page and explain the use of these settings. Scrollbar appearance at field container level or hbox/form level depending on form config21.12.2015 10:12
For the stretch layout (and this also applies to regions) you use the "flex" config attribute to control the width of items in combination with "minWidth" and "maxWidth" to set boundaries on the size. "flex": 2, "minWidth": 100, "maxWidth": 400 Example Scenario Say you have 3 page items in a "Stretch Items" Layout with (with start on new Row set to No) and you assign a flex value of 1 for a text field, a flex value of 2 for a date picker, and a flex value of 1 for a number field then the components will have the following width percentage. text field = 25%, date picker = 50%, number field = 25%. This is because the total flex value = 4, the text field's flex value = 1 therefore 1/4 = 25%. The date picker has a flex value of 2 therefore 2/4 = 50% etc. If you then add a minWidth or maxWidth setting on each of the items then this will set the minimum and maximum boundary on the width of the field, therefore the percentages might be different (depending upon the width of the region they are in) if these settings are in place. Note: column span is ignored in FOEX since it does not make sense in our layout design. FOEX form with image with multi-row height18.12.2015 08:12
Radio groups are not currently supported within the grid. Please use a select list instead. Grid with Column Type Radio Group17.12.2015 14:12
Please see the following question/answer: Collapse/Expand Region Issue17.12.2015 14:12
Not all APEX features are currently supported in the FOEX grid, this is one of those features. You can however design your own print functionality with the aid of 3rd party tools like BI Publisher, PLPDF, Doxxy, or APEX Office Print Commercial Open Source Alternative What's about printing in a FOEX-classic report?16.12.2015 13:12
Please see the following answer: Primary Key Column of Grid Always Hidden15.12.2015 19:12
In the early version of FOEX i.e. v1.x we automatically added a Reset button to the form which did not require you defining one in the builder. We later introduced functionality in the FDA to automatically create this button so that you could add conditions/authorizations and translate the label. For backwards support we still add this button automatically if we can't find a button assigned to the form with the button name RESET (the default name used by the FDA). If you have created a custom reset button manually on the form can you ensure the button name = RESET Reset Button shown twice15.12.2015 09:12
You have not updated your glassfish webserver correctly if you cannot upload a file > 2MB. To in increase it on glassfish 3.x you should find maxPostSize under "Network Config"->"Network Listeners"->"http-listenerX". In addition to increasing maxPostSize you may need to increase the Java memory heap size to avoid out of memory errors e.g. MaxPermSize=4096m In some other cases you may also run into maxParameterCount in Glassfish which has a 10000 parameter limit. Therefore our recommendation is to use Tomcat and an Apache Reverse Proxy as the ideal (low cost) webserver setup. The plugin's multiple file upload capability is ideally designed for small files. We are introducing the ability in v2.2.0 for you to force the uploads via an iframe to avoid this size restriction. The downside is that you can only upload 1 file at a time, but the good news is that you do not need to submit the page (like regular APEX requires you to) so productivity is still maintained. Showing up pictures that were not imported by Apex/Foex15.12.2015 07:12
To change the label for the export button please create a Text Message in your application e.g. Note: using the %0 substitution will result in a blank label, the reason for adding this is because text messages cannot be NULL. You can find the details here in the documentation under "Globalisation" e.g. Label of Export Button on Grid15.12.2015 07:12
There shouldn't be any problem cloning, if the clone is successful. It sounds like you have a problem referencing the FOEX webserver directory, have you copied the required FOEX webserver files (and the right version) as per the location in "Shared Components" -> "Component Settings" -> "FOEX Application Settings" Are you using ORDS v3 or the APEX listener? If using the APEX Listener please restart it. Cloned our DB, APEX, FOEX Instance, Now FOEX Hangs with Load Spinner11.12.2015 14:12
The icon class you have chosen is for a small button 16x16, but the button you are using is a large button 32x32 pixel size ("Button Size") attribute setting). You need to either change the button size or the icon or use no icon. The current available icons provided by the framework can be found here: You can also include your own icons by including additional custom CSS and images/sprite maps into your application. Icon is showing twice on button11.12.2015 10:12
The page designer does not provide an accurate representation of you page when using different FOEX layouts, for form items it gives you an indication of which items start on a new row or not, but the layout controls how they will be displayed i.e. fixed size or stretched. This is not reflected in the page designer view because these are custom components defined outside of apex. As for achieving your layout requirement you can simply set the form plugin layout to "Horizontally stack regions" and have two field containers the left holding your page items, and the right feild container holding your image. The form plugin allows you to include nested regions and include components like layouts, grids etc. Have a look at the documentation app on page 4006 for an example of using nested layouts within a form. FOEX form with image with multi-row height11.12.2015 07:12
Please check your data. In your test case all the BLOBs are NULL for your images that have not been uploaded via the file upload plugin, hence why nothing is displayed. e.g. Showing up pictures that were not imported by Apex/Foex10.12.2015 16:12
For the ORA-1403 error on window open after it's already been open previously, you need to add "fxDisablePageRefresh":true. This is to prevent the form refreshing which is not required in this case. The issue with the "After Close" event not firing in destroy mode is because the actual DOM element you have bound your dynamic action to i.e. "#WINDOWS_IMPORT_CSV_ID" has been removed from the page. As for the actions you need to perform, listening to the "Before Close" event should still satisfy your requirements. The "After Close" event was added to allow you to focus on a form item after closing the window since the window prevented item focus from occurring since it grabbed the focus as it was closing. We will see if we can support the "After Close" event on a Window that uses destroy mode. windows destroy mode prevent detecting closing event10.12.2015 15:12
The them roller only styles the APEX theme, all FOEX plugins are Ext JS components and not APEX and are controlled by the Ext JS theme, therefore the theme roller cannot style these aspects. The theme roller falls under regular APEX development and is outside the scope of FOEX. If you want to know more about using the theme roller please see the apex documentation . As for the different appearance of the theme roller it appears there is a JS error on opening it: Uncaught TypeError: less.palette.availableModes[i].replace is not a function We will investigate this error and see why it is occurring. How to use Theme Roller in the Universal Theme in FOEX09.12.2015 16:12
I don't quite understand what you are trying to achieve. For the desktop you define the shortcuts and start menu items which can only open one window at a time for each one. The only way you could open multiple windows of the same page would be using the Open New Desktop Window dynamic action. Using this action you should ensure that the ID's used for the window are shared so you don't open duplicate windows. Please create a test case showing the actual problem and then we will investigate and advise on a way forwards. FOEX Desktop - Share/Reuse Windows09.12.2015 07:12
AJAX calls timeout in FOEX by default after 45 seconds, you can change this in the FOEX application settings e.g. "Shared Components" -> "Component Settings" -> "FOEX Application Settings" APEX 4.2 APEX 5.0 Note : this increases the timeout for all FOEX plugin AJAX calls. Alternatively to using the Message Box plugin you can also use AJAX callbacks within standard APEX and call them using "apex.server.process" calling them asynchronously (better) Vs the synchronous (worse) behaviour of an execute PLSQL Code dyanmic action.. explained more here by John Snyder APEX 4.2 APEX 5.0 FOEX Message Box timeout09.12.2015 07:12
After having the remote support call we were able to determine that the AJAX calls made by the FDA were failing due to an application level authorization with the following settings: The fix in this case was to set "Run on Public Pages" to "No". The FDA relies on a page in your application, page ID: 9906150524. This page is a public page with a condition on it that only allows it to be run in apex development mode (i.e. when logged on to the builder). This page must be excluded from application level authorization schemes. FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions08.12.2015 14:12
This could possibly be a browser security issue. Can you open the browser developer tools and check the network tab when you have the APEX Page Builder/Page Designer open, and check and see if there are any HTTP request failures, and if so report the error messages and information. FOEX Browser Addon Problem08.12.2015 13:12
Thanks for the test case much appreciated. I can confirm your issue that setting a "Vertical Stacked Regions (VBOX)" layout on a window causes the reported behaviour. The workaround is to create a nested "Vertical Stacked Regions (VBOX)" layout region and use the "Only 1 child region (Fit)" layout on the window e.g. We have filed a bug report and will look to get this fixed ASAP. Window region plugin does not open correctly when using a "Vertically Stacked Regions (VBOX)" layout07.12.2015 11:12
From what we have tested it is possible to select just the display field text and if you do select beyond the text boundary you just simply adjust your selection. The text selection is browser based and not do with the framework. You would have to consider altering the different markup for the display field and see whether this has any effect to achieve your requirement. You could do this by including the "fieldSubTpl" in your custom config plugin attribute but this is not something we recommend or support you doing since this may break when we upgrade the underlying Ext JS framework in a future version.e.g. "fieldSubTpl": /**/[ '<div id="{id}" role="{role}" {inputAttrTpl}', '<tpl if="fieldStyle"> style="{fieldStyle}"</tpl>', ' class="{fieldCls}">{value}</div>', { compiled: true, disableFormats: true } ]/**/ Copy & Paste Support for Display Field04.12.2015 16:12
You should include some javascript in your login page template to set this to the top page e.g. <script type="text/javascript"> // frame killer, this is needed if you're session has expired if (top.location != document.location) top.location = document.location; </script> Login page opens within content loader when session timeout04.12.2015 16:12
No this is not currently possible. We have filed an enhancement request for this requirement which we will consider at some point in the future. If this is a business critical requirement you can use the paid support channel to prioritize this feature. Grid Add/Create Row03.12.2015 17:12
Ok I can confirm that grid columns with type "Hidden Field" are not editable unless a default PLSQL expression is provided e.g. APEX 5.0 APEX 4.2 Alternatively you can override the read only status of the column in your computation: p_crud_request.new_record(i).read_only := 'N'; e.g. procedure compute_grid_row (p_crud_request IN OUT NOCOPY FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T) IS l_col_not_null1 NUMBER; l_col_not_null2_idx NUMBER; BEGIN FOR i IN 1..p_crud_request.new_record.COUNT LOOP CASE p_crud_request.new_record(i).NAME WHEN 'COL_NOT_NULL1' THEN l_col_not_null1 := p_crud_request.new_record(i).value_varchar2; WHEN 'COL_NOT_NULL2' THEN l_col_not_null2_idx := i; p_crud_request.new_record(i).read_only := 'N'; ELSE NULL; END CASE; END LOOP; p_crud_request.new_record(l_col_not_null2_idx).value_varchar2 := l_col_not_null1; end compute_grid_row; We will update the documentation to make sure this is clear. The reason for hidden fields not being editable unless a default was provided was to match the tabular forms functionality and for security reasons. Since hidden fields can't be directly modified by the user. FOEX Grid's Computation and Validation Procedure issue when computing a value for a NOT NULL column03.12.2015 08:12
For grid columns based on an underlying data type of NUMBER we use a corresponding number data type in javascript. The issue you are running into is that in Javascript the maximum integer size is 16 digits, whereas in Oracle the numbers generated from a to_number on SYS_GUID() are 38 digits. These large numbers are being converted to scientific notation in Javascript. The fix for your issue to is to put a to_char(ORDER_ID) in your order items grid SQL query e.g. select i.ORDER_ITEM_ID , to_char(i.ORDER_ID) ORDER_ID , i.PRODUCT_ID , i.UNIT_PRICE , i.QUANTITY from fx_t_doc_order_items i where i.order_id = :P16_ORDER_ID_DRILL We recommend that you put a to_char on any number column which has large numbers, as well as any column which is a primary, surrogate, or foreign key. To see the current underlying issue you just need to look at the grid data e.g. You can see in the update HTTP Post (open your browser developer tools, network tab, and inspect the AJAX calls): The documentation does mention this: constraint violations popup when saving03.12.2015 07:12
After investigating we can determine that the issue is caused by having number/float data types in use in the grid columns and implicit type conversions that are happening in both Javascript and PLSQL. Raw numbers in both Javascript and PLSQL use a regular decimal notation and the grid is expecting the returned value to be in this raw number format and not a VARCHAR. The PLSQL code we execute for your "set column value action" is returned in VARCHAR2 format which means an implicit type conversion is happening resulting in "100,99" for a 100.99 raw number value when the NLS decimal separator is a comma i.e. ',' To workaround this issue for the whilst we resolve this in a forth coming release please ensure that you use a 'NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS=''.,''' for a regular (i.e. US) decimal within the TO_NUMBER, and do a replacement on the returning value to ensure that it is US decimal format. e.g. DECLARE v_return NUMBER; v_rate NUMBER; BEGIN IF :P2001_CURR_CURRENCY = 1 THEN v_rate := 1; ELSE v_rate := 1.5; END IF; v_return := TO_NUMBER(:P2001_CURR_AMT, '999999999D99','NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS=''.,''') * v_rate; RETURN replace(to_char(v_return),',','.'); END; I have updated your test case with a working example. FOEX Grid Set Column Value on Column Change - not working properly for decimal numbers in French02.12.2015 10:12
You need to perform a Form Load operation (after the form bind) for the buttons to managed and to fetch the checksum for change detection. Currently the form bind is pretty much equivalent to the set items action on grid row select. It just does the automatic mapping of columns to page items. We will be changing the functionality of the form bind in the next release so that it performs 2 way data binding with the grid record. Additionally you cannot use a grid column name of "ID" within the form bind if this is not set as the primary key, since the internal grid record identifier is also named "ID" and the internal record ID will be assigned to your corresponding form item. Form primary key cannot be updated01.12.2015 15:12
It is not supported to have an editable primary key in your form. You will need to include an extra page item that holds the primary key value and write a custom processing procedure to perform the update/CRUD operations and update the primary key value. Form primary key cannot be updated01.12.2015 13:12
The cascading LOV setup for FOEX page items is only currently supported for items contained within the FOEX Form, FOEX Toolbar, or Grid Toolbar. We have filed a ticket to review the design and see whether we can extend the support for this to other scenarios similar to your test case. treegrid combo cascade lov child not auto refresh01.12.2015 08:12
In your test case the underlying data type for the column ORDER_TIMESTAMP is a DATE data type and not a TIMESTAMP data type. Please note: you need to set a format mask on all grid columns which have a date/timestamp data type. When using a default PLSQL expression you must also use a to_char on the default value using the exact same format mask. plain-text field not filled by default systimestamp, but by default sysdate01.12.2015 07:12
It seems as if you are asking 2 questions in the 1 thread. Please makes sure you ask a single question at a time, even if it is the same plugin. Please add a screenshot to show the button display issue you are describing, you are showing it only when it is working. As for the javascript alert it says you have not provided a value for your ID column. You must create a before insert trigger to generate your primary key ID. The plugin does not do this for you. FOEX Multiple File Upload plugin - button issue and error on upload30.11.2015 17:11
As of v2.1.1: this is still the only workaround to show a read only checkbox in an editable grid. For row editing make sure you also include the editor config to make it read only e.g. "editor": { "readOnly":true },"processEvent": /**/function () { return false; } /**/ Read only check box on grid30.11.2015 14:11
To workaround this issue (until a fix is provided) you will need to include some additional CSS to override the following class definitions. x-tab-{ui}-active x-tab-{ui}-over The available UI's are: success, warning, danger, info, light, dark e.g. to change the tab styling for the "light" UI .x-tab-light-active { border-color: #ccc !important; background-color: #ccc !important; } .x-tab-light-over { border-color: #dad9d9 !important; background-color: #dad9d9 !important; } Note: you may want to choose better colours than what I have for an improved look. Current tab on page load content with UI set to non-Default27.11.2015 10:11
By design hidden columns are not excluded from the grid search. This is because the columns are still in the grid an are available to the end user: You will have to request an enhancement for the functionality you are looking for which is subject to additional support costs. FOEX Grid - Refresh the Search Column's Title27.11.2015 07:11
The tree searching behaves differently to a regular grid since we return the tree hierarchy for found records. To achieve this we use a WITH statement and therefore do not support a WITH statement being defined directly in the query definition when the search functionality is enabled. To workaround this issue please create a named view e.g. CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW TREE_QUERY_VW AS WITH t AS (SELECT * FROM user_objects) SELECT NULL pid, object_id AS id, t.object_name text, NULL url, NULL display_seq, NULL info, NULL css_class, NULL custom FROM t / Then update your report SQL definition to use SELECT id, pid, text, url, display_seq, info, css_class, custom FROM TREE_QUERY_VW ORA-32034 using with-clause when searching in treegrid26.11.2015 12:11
Yes you are doing something wrong. You need to set the application item FOEX_MESSAGEBOX_RESPONSE with the value you want to return to the page item e.g. I have updated your test case with a working example. FOEX message box26.11.2015 09:11
Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm that the ORA-06502 is caused by the line chart series settings using decimal values with a "." when your application language uses a "," decimal separator e.g. This is an issue was found and resolved in the latest hot fix for v2.1.1 - HFXP-2161. You will need to upgrade to resolve this issue. Please see the email that was sent yesterday which includes the download links for the hotfix or the full version containing the hotfix if you have not previously installed v2.1.1 Chart problem24.11.2015 10:11
Can you please put the page in APEX debug mode, and have the browser console open when the page is loaded to show any javascript error messages and their associated information and report them to us. If you have no javascript errors and the issue is isolated to your tree please refer to the following forum entry to disable the tree load mask: application do not start after installing last HotFix23.11.2015 15:11
In terms of grouping there was a change between apex 4.2 and apex 5.0. Grouping in 4.2 was controlled by include a class setting, but this was changed in 5.0 and should have been updated automatically during the installation of FOEX v2.1.0. To manually resolve this and rely on the group setting in the modal dialog please remove the following class setting from the column: In terms of grouping only a single column can be grouped but multiple columns can be enabled which you can change through the column menu if the following setting is not disabled in your grid attributes (not column attributes): "enableGroupingMenu": false FOEX Grid Row Select Set Item Values not working well on grid with grouping enabled19.11.2015 12:11
I can confirm that this is an issue with Row Actions passing the wrong row record when a group is collapsed. A fix will be included in the next hotfix for v2.1.1 due out next week. FOEX Grid Row Select Set Item Values not working well on grid with grouping enabled19.11.2015 11:11
We have not provided this capability declaratively but it is possible to provide a filter config object override on your grid column specifying the search value e.g. "filter": { "type": "string", "value": "my search value" } e.g. Please note: if you have enabled state saving then any change to the filter value by the user will override the default setting you provide in the column config. FOEX Grid - Filter19.11.2015 08:11
Please prefix your URL's with either "http://" or "https://" We do not support Non-prefixed URLs. Hyperlink issue18.11.2015 09:11
Please see the following answer: Create a text message (for your application languages) named: FOEX.FORM.NO_UPDATE_CHANGES under globalisation in shared components with a value of %0 which will be translated to NULL and no message will be shown. How to get rid of the message "No changes detected..."?16.11.2015 15:11
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using wait for result will only continue the proceeding actions if Ok is clicked. Therefore you do not need two actions as you have defined, just the 1 i.e. Actions: 1. FOEX Message Box (Wait for result checked) 2. FOEX Notify Check you test case, I have removed the 2nd dynamic action which is not needed. The notification will only occur when Ok is clicked. Confirm mesage box doesn't wait30.12.2015 16:12
Can you please check the AJAX response (for the grid data load) in the browser developer tools and post the result in this thread. Can you also put the page in APEX debug mode and send the APEX debug output (for the grid data load) to support@ Pagination scheme21.12.2015 14:12
Yes, you add the width, minWidth, height attribute settings in "Custom Config (Component Level)" attribute. If you add the width attribute in the custom config it will override the other width property setting APEX provides (APEX 5 it says in characters after it) which we multiple by 10 for a pixel equivalent setting. e.g. 50 characters = 500 pixels FOEX form with image with multi-row height21.12.2015 10:12
Please create a simple test case on showing the behaviour so we can investigate your setup. Refresh grid row in v2.0 jumps grid back to the top18.12.2015 10:12
This still points to the maxPostSize increase not taking effect, or the file is larger than your setting. Make sure you restart the glassfish server after making the change. It as this point we will close this thread since this is outside the area of our support. Showing up pictures that were not imported by Apex/Foex17.12.2015 10:12
You should look at your webserver log files to see if any memory errors are being reported. Also you should look at the HTTP response in the network tab in your browser dev tools when the file is uploaded and see what information is in the response, or what HTTP response code is given for the upload. Showing up pictures that were not imported by Apex/Foex16.12.2015 13:12
Just to confirm (for others) that this is an APEX 5.0 issue, since in 5.0 the builder brought in a restriction that button names must be unique. This was not the case in v4.x Reset Button shown twice15.12.2015 14:12
Ok thanks for advising the additional information, we are going to provide a resolution for this in the next hot fix due out soon. Reset Button shown twice15.12.2015 14:12
currently this is not possible. I have filed a request for future enhancement. Label of Export Button on Grid15.12.2015 13:12
Please provide a screenshot and send the HTML page source to support@ Reset Button shown twice14.12.2015 15:12
.BMP files is not a valid image format that can be shown in web browsers. You will need to use jpeg, png, or gif Showing up pictures that were not imported by Apex/Foex11.12.2015 14:12
Can you please provide a test with a jpeg file instead of .bmp which is not supported for inline display in a browser image tag. Showing up pictures that were not imported by Apex/Foex11.12.2015 10:12
No, the issue is outlined here which includes some tips on an unsupported workaround: We will not provide any additional help than what is provided in the post for the possible workaround. We are considering how we can include this support in a future version but for now this is not possible due to APEX builder restrictions on only allowing 2 lov columns can be included in the LOV definitions. Foex Grid Combo: Can I use them in a Foex editable Grid ?11.12.2015 07:12
don't forget that if an answer resolves your question to mark it by clicking the "tick" icon to the left of the first couple of lines of the answer. windows destroy mode prevent detecting closing event10.12.2015 18:12
It is outside the scope of our free forum on FOEX plugin usage to advise you how to use the APEX theme roller. How to use Theme Roller in the Universal Theme in FOEX10.12.2015 15:12
I never said that, the contrary is true. Simply use the theme roller to match your FOEX neptune theme colour choice and you can achieve a similar look Additionally you can include 3rd party themes in FOEX to achive a more flat look: see the Codaxy Store for an example: How to use Theme Roller in the Universal Theme in FOEX10.12.2015 15:12
That is for you to decide. If you create regular apex pages or add regular APEX region types within your app then they will be styled by the universal theme which is nicer than the previous themes. The login page is also nicer. There are other benefits of more functionality available in this theme, like carousels. It is also the theme the APEX team recommends you use moving forwards. Moving forwards we plan to only use the universal theme, theme 24 and theme 25 are still supported for legacy but we will not include those template applications when we desupport v4.2 of APEX in v3.0 of FOEX. How to use Theme Roller in the Universal Theme in FOEX10.12.2015 14:12
Can you provide some more details on what browsers and version you can reproduce this in? popup Lov on Grid column with null value issues10.12.2015 12:12
Can you please create a simple test case showing your setup. windows destroy mode prevent detecting closing event10.12.2015 08:12
A remote support call is needed, can you please contact support@ and we will send you a web meeting invitation. FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions08.12.2015 13:12
Thanks for reporting and providing the test case, we are investigating. popup Lov on Grid column with null value issues04.12.2015 16:12
Thanks for the test case, much appreciated, we are investigating. FOEX Grid's Computation and Validation Procedure issue when computing a value for a NOT NULL column03.12.2015 08:12
Please note: In your test case you have too many AJAX calls on page load. In master detail situations you want to set the grid loading behaviour to "Load on Demand" for detail grids. constraint violations popup when saving03.12.2015 07:12
Thanks for the reporting and providing the test case, much appreciated. We are investigating the issue. FOEX Grid Set Column Value on Column Change - not working properly for decimal numbers in French02.12.2015 07:12
No I'm not saying that. I'm saying if you use the form bind plugin and your grid contains a column named "ID" this column must be the grid's primary key for the data to be mapped correctly since the grid record unique identifier is also named ID which will be used instead. Form primary key cannot be updated01.12.2015 15:12
please create a test case so we can understand what you are referring to Form primary key cannot be updated01.12.2015 13:12
You will need to request a support call via gotomeeting to investigate this further. Please contact support@ to arrange a time. FOEX Multiple File Upload plugin - button issue and error on upload30.11.2015 17:11
To sign up for an APEX 5 workspace, can you please visit and click the try it now button. Error when exporting a FOEX Grid's data to CSV ORA-00904: "APEX$ROWID": invalid identifier30.11.2015 07:11
In the future please create a new forum question for things that are different to the original question, i.e. what you are looking for is not refreshing the search column title. Also for regular development you should always copy the template application first, rather than editing directly since it's purpose is to be a template for future re-use. FOEX Grid - Refresh the Search Column's Title27.11.2015 07:11
btw, please ensure you are running v2.1.1 as the following issue was resolved in this release: FXP-1832 Grid header refresh does not support PLSQL Headers and is not updating the names in the grid search plugin FOEX Grid - Refresh the Search Column's Title26.11.2015 14:11
Can you please create a test case so we can investigate. If you do not have a workspace on our demo system to create your test case please sign up for one by visiting our website: and click on the "Try it Now" button. FOEX Grid - Refresh the Search Column's Title26.11.2015 14:11
Please see the change log for v.2.1.1 You can now add on link columns: "forceFilterable":true FOEX Grid searching26.11.2015 13:11
Apologies this feature has been bumped to the next release v2.2.0, for v2.1.1 and below you will have to use the trigger method described above. Multiple Fileupload - automatic filling fields26.11.2015 11:11
Yes you are correct, it has not been implemented. Chart not displayed when one series return no row25.11.2015 07:11
Please create a test case as we cannot reproduce your issue. Also we recommend that you apply patch 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 to APEX, since there a quite a few bugs in the base 5.0.0 release. Error when exporting a FOEX Grid's data to CSV ORA-00904: "APEX$ROWID": invalid identifier24.11.2015 15:11
Please provide the full versions of each i.e. APEX 5.0.1/5.0.2 and FOEX v2.1.0.XXXX/v2.1.1.XXXX You can find the full version of FOEX from the "FOEX Application Settings" plugin. Are you able to reproduce this on ? we have used page 3015 in FDOCS demo app as a test case and cannot reproduce this issue. is running APEX 5.0.1 Error when exporting a FOEX Grid's data to CSV ORA-00904: "APEX$ROWID": invalid identifier24.11.2015 15:11
What version of APEX and FOEX are you using? Error when exporting a FOEX Grid's data to CSV ORA-00904: "APEX$ROWID": invalid identifier24.11.2015 07:11
Can you please email support@ and we will send you the meting details. Object FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T is invalid19.11.2015 15:11
Are you available for a web meeting to try and diagnose what is wrong in your environment? Object FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T is invalid19.11.2015 14:11
Please provide us some details of your environment. Since we haven't seen a problem like that before, it must be related to a certain environment specific setting. We are interested in how you run the script (SQLPLUS, sqlcl, ...), what your NLS settings are (DB and Environment variables), if there are any errors in the log and what the exact error of FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T is Object FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T is invalid19.11.2015 13:11
It turns out that this fix had not been published. If you use Google chrome you will receive an automatic update by tomorrow morning - is the new FDA version number. For firefox we have to go through a review process with their Addon development team which can take over a week or more before the changes are approved. We recommend that you develop in Chrome, as it's faster, has better web developer tools, and we can provide updates quicker to our FDA browser extension. Issue with accordeon panels19.11.2015 11:11
Thanks for providing the test case, we are investigating. FOEX Grid Row Select Set Item Values not working well on grid with grouping enabled19.11.2015 11:11
You will need to contact us at support@ and request a hotfix using your support credits. You will need to also advise if you have applied any previous hotfixes to this release. Ideally you should be running the latest version. There are a number of important fixes in v2.1.1. You should plan to upgrade ASAP. Hyperlink issue18.11.2015 14:11
Correct, we do not currently have a declarative option to easily implement your requirement. If it is a critical requirement you can request a customization for an additional cost. Pending Changes on Form in an Viewport17.11.2015 07:11
Please create a test case and we will investigate. Change Dynamic Action executed twice on a single change17.11.2015 07:11
We need to enhance the action to allow you to suspend the selection event. For now you will need to create 2 additional javascript code actions. The first must be before the grid row select action e.g. Ext.getCmp('GRID_REGION_STATIC_ID').suspendEvents(false); Then create another javascript action to resume the events after the grid row select action: Ext.getCmp('GRID_REGION_STATIC_ID').resumeEvents(); Sencha Docs:!/api/Ext.grid.Panel-method-suspendEvents grid with bind form with synchronised pagination from the form back to the grid, two way16.11.2015 15:11
What are you wanting to auto save? automatic save when tab change13.11.2015 11:11
yes if you use the other condition section that is for whether or not the dynamic action is included in the page or not. The "When" condition controls when the TRUE actions will fire and when the FALSE ones will. Value selected Event for FOEX PopUp?12.11.2015 16:11
Sorry I corrected my answer, please see the updated answer above. You need to change the "Page Size" property to 0 HidePagination bar from PopUp LOV12.11.2015 11:11
As per the screenshot you are on the "Elements" tab, the "Console" is the last tab. How to debug a page after calling a Child-window12.11.2015 09:11
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