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Thanks for reporting, we fixed that immediately. License check on trial.tryfoexnow.com22.11.2016 09:11
Hi Jerry, Unfortunately there is no official and documented APEX API to do mass changes. If it is about creating things on many pages, we've seen people using the APEX Import API ( wwv_flow_api ) as this is used in the application export files. But again, this wwv_flow_api is undocumented and you can easily break things using it if wrong attributes are specified. Mass Copy Page Components/Elements to Multiple Pages11.10.2016 07:10
Closing this question as non-issue caused by wrong or incomplete installation. installation issue using ords04.08.2016 08:08
Created internal bug FXP-2483 for further investigation. We'll keep this post updated with any new information we gather. IRCS button key binding and FOEX 13:07
Which version of the FDA do you use? In it works correctly, although you'll have to look under "Timer". Is anyone else having problems installing the Timer plugin?15.06.2016 12:06
Hi Stephan, this is the behavior since day 1 of FOEX. You have to set all editable fields to e.g. "Text Field" or "Date Picker". Using APEX 5 that shouldn't be a big problem :-) FX 2.2 Making grid editable23.05.2016 13:05
We sent you a direct mail to resolve this matter. FOEX lisense Expires15.05.2016 11:05
Hi George, sorry, I can't seem to pick up your question, can you explain what problem you encounter? popup lov display extra values27.04.2016 06:04
Hi Alex, We haven't used such a technique so far, but you might find some ideas here: How to close a window after filesystem download22.04.2016 07:04
Rebecca, that behavior is totally normal and expected. Please consider this workflow: Page is loaded - in this step we have to analyze the query to know the structure of the grid, hence your function is called the first time Grid fetches Data via AJAX call - since this is a separate call we have to call your function again to get the statement and execute it to get the data - this is the 2nd call you see I hope that helps Dynamic query on grid05.04.2016 09:04
As you can see in the browser console there are some files which couldn't get loaded. Please check your webserver, if the files are where they are supposed to be. Grid issue09.03.2016 14:03
Can you give us more information? Did you check your Browsers console for error messages? Grid issue09.03.2016 13:03
Hi Chris, You can install FOEX on the "Database on a Service" offering on Oracle's cloud, but not on the "Database Schema Service" since FOEX requires SYS privileges when installing. Other then choosing the right service there is no difference in installing FOEX on the cloud DB or your on-premise DB. Oracle DBaaS24.02.2016 16:02
Hi George, does this also happen on our trial instance? Which options do you specify in the copy wizard? Are you able to copy other applications (non-FOEX)? copy foex template app error22.02.2016 16:02
As already answered here all you need to do is use a FTP client to connect to the XDB filesystem (which is what the EPG uses, it provides this WebDav access method). Connecting this way is like connecting to the filesystem of a webserver. You can browse the existing files there and copy new ones. copy foex http files using EPG19.02.2016 16:02
HI Stephan, FOEX is planning to use the APEX Errorhandling function in the upcoming release V2.2.0. That means a single function could be used to manipulate APEX and FOEX error messages. FOEX error handling versus Apex error handling16.02.2016 12:02
Once you purchased a license you'll get a license document including a download link for the software. The installation consists of 3 parts: DB-Install (very similar to the way APEX is installed) by running a script Webserver-Install (copy a directory of files to your webserver) Install APEX Demo and Template Application You can have non-FOEX developers working in the same workspace, but as soon as they work on an application with FOEX plugins, they require to be licensed. On you can sign up for a free trial workspace on our hosted instance. There you can evaluate the FOEX Plugin Framework before deciding to purchase. developer license05.02.2016 19:02
Hi Eveline, thanks for reporting that display problem of APEX plugins in the enhanced select lists for Dynamic Action Events/Actions. We can confirm this is a bug and created ticket FXP-2274 for that. We'll try to fix that in the FDA soon. As for non-FOEX plugins not working in an FOEX Page: there is always a possibility that such a plugin requires a standard APEX environment and can't deal with the way a FOEX page is set up. If you create a test case when this situation arises we have a quick look to see what the issue might be. FOEX vs. APEX - Disabling FOEX PlugIN Enhencements05.02.2016 09:02
Can you provide a bit more detail on what is not working? I can see that it must be working to some degree, since you copied the information from the "About the FDA" Dialog. Are the FOEX Enhancements in the FDA activated? FDA is not working apex 08:02
Hi Patrick, good to see you working with FOEX. Can you give us some more details on the App? Which theme are you using? Having a big number of regions on a page obviously affects the page rendering time. There are a number of things you can do to improve that: Caching (go to Shared Components - Component Settings - FOEX Application Settings) Note : caching is for production use (not during development since your any page changes will not take effect if the page has been cached previously) Content Loader Regions (load other APEX Pages on demand into your viewport/tab/accordion/window/...) See page 8012 in the documentation application for a demo/example. Debug Log - Entries contain "Disabled grid support..."28.01.2016 08:01
Unfortunately Mozilla again changed the rules for Addons and requires all Addons to be signed by Mozilla starting from Firefox 43. Our latest version of the FDA is still waiting for review and signing at Mozilla. We are in contact with them and try to speed up the process, so far without luck. The best advise for now is to switch to Google Chrome, where the FDA works without any problems. UPDATE : After posting this reply Mozilla was so kind to instantly sign the FDA. You can download it here: FDA stop working on FF28.12.2015 07:12
If FDA Enhancements cannot be activated in your application on your system, but it works in your application on our system, then I guess there is something wrong with the FOEX installation on your system. Is this a new installation, or do you have other users or applications on that system which don't have that FDA problem? FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions07.12.2015 15:12
Hi Jonathan, yes, you found an FDA bug. But it is only a display bug, the actual stored data is correct. I created ticket FXP-2180 for that. We'll try to fix that soon. FDA issue when using datepicker config disabledDays02.12.2015 14:12
We could isolate a bug in the form create wizard when the base table PK is not a NUMBER. The issue number is FXP-2178 and will be fixed with FDA onwards. Until this is released please workaround by unchecking the PK-Item and create it after the region has been created manually. Form is not created01.12.2015 10:12
Can you tell us what version of the FDA you are using? Also please specify which browser/version and which version of APEX/FOEX. Form is not created01.12.2015 09:12
Hi Stephan, that sounds a lot like this other question here: Does it work when you "Enable FDA Enhancements" as described in that post? FOEX Config Button in application builder got lost01.12.2015 07:12
FOEX works fine on all currently available APEX 5 patchsets, also on the latest one: Do you see the FOEX icon in the top-right corner of the application builder? Does it show a red exclamation mark (!) next to it? Try to click it and chose "Enable FDA Enhancements" Are there known issues with the last patch of APEX 5.01?30.11.2015 14:11
Based on your answers something is wrong with your synonyms, or you used the wrong parsing schema in SQL Workshop. The synonyms currently used point to an old installation of FOEX (v2.0.1). Please refer to the installation instructions to re-create the private synonyms. Cannot Activate FDA19.11.2015 15:11
Hi Guillaume, for the definition of extra attributes of grid columns, like the "Group Header" we unfortunately lack native APEX translation support. To be able to translate the group header please use a substitution variable e.g. &P1_ITEM_NAME. there instead of specifying the "hardcoded" text. How to translate columns grouping label03.11.2015 19:11
Hi Jonathan, In the current implementation tooltips can only be translated when using substitution variables, for example using &P1_BUTTON_TOOLTIP. We put that on the enhancement list for future improvements, to support this better/easier. Globalisation - translate tooltips27.10.2015 08:10
Hi Jonathan, either way will work. This flag is new in APEX 5 and might be used by FOEX in the future. Globalisation - JavaScript messages23.10.2015 13:10
We logged the syntax verification issue as FXP-2093. Actioncolumn config changed after saving07.10.2015 10:10
Hi Chris. No need to worry, this is most likely because of a version-cache. We fixed that in FDA version onwards. It also looks much better now: Your browser should auto-update to that new version, or you can get it here: APEX 5.0.1 / FOEX 2.1.0 FDA06.10.2015 15:10
Thanks for pointing this bug out. We fixed it in FDA version onwards. Your browser should auto-update to that new version, or you can get it here: Actioncolumn config changed after saving06.10.2015 15:10
Do you use our provided Template application as starting point? It is installed via foex_install_demos.sql or you can also find it in the foex-zip file under apex/apex_50/ftemp42.sql Anyway, that APEX error references your application security settings. Under Shared Components -> Security Attributes -> Database Session -> Runtime API Usage you need to define at least "Modify this Application" in order to use the FOEX Developer Addon Wizards. blocked API29.09.2015 15:09
The easiest way to find this out is to define one text message, then do an application export and take a look into the export file. There you'll find the API used to create a message. Please note that this APEX API isn't documented and therefore unsupported by Oracle (and thus also unsupported by FOEX). Is there a translation script for standard FOEX messages ?29.09.2015 15:09
Due to time constraints this feature had to be shifted to a later version, probably 2.2. Is there a translation script for standard FOEX messages ?29.09.2015 09:09
Which theme do you use? 24? 25? or the new Universal Theme 42? Grid option in Form Plugin is missing23.09.2015 10:09
Thanks for reporting that. We found a bug in the FDA and will publish a fix very soon to the Firefox and Chrome update server. Fix version is FDA and bigger. Your browser should pick that up automatically the day after we released it. Grid property not displayed when based on SQL function18.09.2015 15:09
Omar, does that happen on all pages, or only on certain ones? Does it happen for non-FOEX applications as well? Please also open the Javascript-Console before opening the Page Designer and then see if there is additional information. FDA and Chrome14.09.2015 09:09
Omar, which version of the FDA are you running and what is your APEX version? Please also try to de-activate the FDA and activate it again. Then reload the page and see if the icons are there now. FDA Icons in region addon are not shown14.09.2015 09:09
Please try to read and understand error messages. You need to install FOEX on that new instance. Import issue after clone19.06.2015 11:06
I just looked at your example. Your grid query doesn't use a WHERE clause at all. Private Report not having data on re-login25.05.2015 07:05
We haven't tested FOEX with ORDS 3.0 so far. Can you investigate and see what is actually sent to the server in that AJAX call and what comes back as response. Also switching on debug to LEVEL9 is of interest as well as activate debug on ORDS and check it's logfile. After upgrading to ORDS 3.0 we get Invalid AJAX operation: "" messages20.05.2015 13:05
Thanks for reporting, we'll look at that and raised an internal ticket FXP-1859 truncated "show" field in pagination bar of grid when more than 99 records20.05.2015 05:05
APEX 5 is currently (2.0.1 and below) not supported, as you can see in the compatibility matrix . We are currently working on 2.0.2, which will bring APEX 5 support and some other bugfixes. Since the APEX Application Builder has been fundamentally changed we are doing a major rewrite of the FDA (FOEX Developer Addon). So please, be a little patient and wait for the FOEX Release before upgrading to APEX 5. Upgrade Apex to 05:04
Hi Eveline, FOEX and its messages is currently delivered in english language only. If you want to change the messages, or provide a translation thereof, you need to create the according Text Messages in the respective language. For a complete list of messages please see Section "FOEX translatable Messages & Labels" in the FOEX Documentation " Globalisation ". Default messages not in primary language10.04.2015 11:04
Do you have any details on that exception, ie. where it occurs? With which user are you connected to the database? SYS or the application schema user? Does that SELECT return any rows: SELECT WORKSPACE_ID FROM APEX_WORKSPACES w WHERE EXISTS (SELECT NULL FROM APEX_APPLICATIONS WHERE APPLICATION_ID = &1 AND WORKSPACE = w.WORKSPACE_DISPLAY_NAME) ; ORA-01403: no data found when @load_all_plugins_into_app_id.sql app# executed07.04.2015 15:04
This can happen when this type is - in fact - already in use. Did you disable access to the system before installing the new version and before you ran fx_types.sql again? ORA-02306: cannot create a type that already has valid dependent(s)18.03.2015 15:03
Hi Ray, you are right, the Grid automatically adds a RETURNING clause to the INSERT statement. Currently there is no switch to turn that off. I logged a ticket for that. To work around this issue you can use a "Processing Procedure Override" function, or base the grid on a collection. ora-22816 unsupported feature with returning clause23.02.2015 08:02
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There is also a blogpost on our blog to explain what you try to achieve: display vertical scrollbar14.11.2016 10:11
Just to put that into perspective, you can think of FOEX like of APEX or any other part of your database installation. If you want to use it, it has to be in your database. Same as you install APEX + patches, you also need to install FOEX + patches. Must FOEX be installed by Customers?21.10.2016 06:10
this is definitely neither supported, nor encouraged Mass Copy Page Components/Elements to Multiple Pages18.10.2016 13:10
Please also read this: Page state "Loading page layout..." never ends06.10.2016 08:10
If you have problems configuring your EPG, why don't search the forum for existing questions and answers? This one could be found, for example: Or that: error when Run demo application24.08.2016 06:08
you probably forgot to rename that folder to "foex" when you copied it into the apex images folder, right? Please try to follow the installation instructions precisely ! error when Run demo application24.08.2016 06:08
What we can see on your screenshot is that APEX_050000 holds synonyms on FOEX objects. That is wrong and needs to be cleaned up. Is Schema "SYSTEM_" your workspace schema which should hold the demos? error when Run demo application24.08.2016 06:08
The SQL Developer Screenshot indicates you installed the demo objects in a SYSTEM_ schema, could that be? Please run this query in SQL Developer, connected as SYS: SELECT * FROM DBA_OBJECTS WHERE OBJECT_NAME IN ('FX_P_GLOBALS','FX_P_DEMO_PROCESSING') ORDER BY OBJECT_NAME, OWNER, OBJECT_TYPE; error when Run demo application23.08.2016 13:08
Please don't comment on old and closed questions. We've answered your other question over here: RTL languges support04.08.2016 08:08
Please run the page in debug mode and send the generated page html source to the support email address. installation issue using ords03.08.2016 14:08
Please change to the NETWORK tab, ignore the information in the CONSOLE. See if the NETWORK tab in Chromes Developer Tools shows any missing files. Also: are you able to run the FOEX Documentation on PROD ? installation issue using ords03.08.2016 13:08
Are you able to run the FOEX Documentation application? When loading the page, please open the Chrome developer tools and look at the network tab. Are there any resources marked as "404 - not found"? installation issue using ords03.08.2016 04:08
Thanks for sharing that. This shows the importance of detailed and structural tests. ORA-20001: The viewport must have at least one pane defined20.07.2016 06:07
are there any sub-regions for the windows defined? Because they also are viewports and need some content at least. ORA-20001: The viewport must have at least one pane defined19.07.2016 16:07
Hi Chris, thanks for reporting this. We are currently investigating and will get back to you shortly. IRCS button key binding and FOEX 10:07
Please also provide details on your session state protection settings. Validation message not showing after page submit - but validation is working (error message visible in Session window)25.05.2016 19:05
What exactly to you do on Button click? Does it trigger a form validate? a save? do you run a dynamic action? which dynamic action? Why don't you just tell me your workspace name and application id and page id and I take a look there? FX 2.2 Error handling18.05.2016 18:05
I guess my question was not specific enough, so I'll try again: Please provide a Repcase or describe in detail how your page is built up, what dynamic actions you call, how your regions are configured, and so on. FX 2.2 Error handling18.05.2016 15:05
can you give us any details on where and how you tried that? FX 2.2 Error handling18.05.2016 14:05
can you tell us which version exactly you have installed? Also which is the latest hotfix you have installed? ORA-20000: License Check: this TRIAL license expired15.05.2016 11:05
I can confirm this will be fixed for V2.2.0 Treegrid DIsplay as Plain Text from LOV12.04.2016 20:04
An easy way to see this behavior better is to use APEX_DEBUG to log things like that, instead of writing into your own table. This way you can clearly see that your function is called once in the Page load and a second time in the Grid fetch data AJAX call. Dynamic query on grid05.04.2016 09:04
Please check your webserver, it reports an error code when trying to load those files. This is outside of FOEX. Grid issue09.03.2016 15:03
Your server also runs Glassfish and ORDS, so you need to find the place in the filesystem where ORDS grabs the APEX images and place the FOEX files there, too. I simply did a scp of the files on our cloud server into /u01/app/oracle/product/glassfish3/glassfish/domains/domain1/docroot/i/ Oracle DBaaS24.02.2016 17:02
Please log on to your workspace at and try it there. When talking about export/import I was referring to the standard APEX functionality of exporting and importing an application. You can also start to modify the template application without copying it at first. You can always import a new copy later on from the FOEX installation zip (under /apex/...). Also check under Administration -> Monitor Activity -> Application Errors if you can find any details on the copy error there. copy foex template app error23.02.2016 05:02
Please take the time to respond to all our questions, otherwise we simply have not enough information to give any advise. Please log on to our hosted trial environment and try it there as well. Does the same problem appear on our hosted workspaces? Also we want to know whether you can copy a standard APEX application. Even if copying an application would not work, you could always export/import to duplicate it. copy foex template app error22.02.2016 18:02
Non-FOEX licensed developers can't work on FOEX applications, but can on APEX applications in the same workspace. The license is based on developers, not on instances. That means if you have a 5-dev license you can have 5 developers working on unlimited number of applications and unlimited number of servers. Take a look at the FAQ's at developer license05.02.2016 21:02
What did you find? Does it work? You can find an APEX 5 Version of the 2-day developers guide at FDA is not working apex 05:02
Please create a new Question for unrelated problems. thanks. FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions07.12.2015 14:12
If you don't already have login information for trial, then please go to and sign up for a trial workspace. FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions07.12.2015 14:12
All the version look good, you are on the latest version of the FDA. To investigate that further we would need a reproducible test case, can you provide that on ? FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions07.12.2015 13:12
What is the version of Chrome, what is the version of the FDA? What is your version of APEX? Can you reproduce that problem in your workspace on ? FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions07.12.2015 12:12
Do you run FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions in SQL Workshop under the same parsing schema user that your application uses? Does it report any errors? Can you tell us which version of FOEX and the FDA and Browser you use? FX_P_DEVELOPER_ADDON.Check_Preconditions07.12.2015 12:12
Ok, so are you able to reproduce it at will on your system? If so, please create a new copy of the template application, create a new page with the panes mentioned and create a form on DEMO_CUSTOMERS. Form is not created01.12.2015 09:12
Sorry, what I mean is we need to find a way to reproduce that problem. So what we ask you to do is provide us such scenario either on our trial-instance or a step-by-step instruction that we can use on our internal systems. Form is not created01.12.2015 09:12
Please provide a repcase, we are not able to reproduce that behaviour on any of our internal test systems. Form is not created01.12.2015 09:12
Chris, we are currently working on some bugfixes for the FDA, including the above mentioned one. Expect a new FDA release soon. button "hot"26.11.2015 12:11
Can you give us some background on your configuration? What version of FOEX is currently installed? Did you install with public or with private synonyms? Cannot Activate FDA19.11.2015 14:11
Please provide us some details of your environment. Since we haven't seen a problem like that before, it must be related to a certain environment specific setting. We are interested in how you run the script (SQLPLUS, sqlcl, ...), what your NLS settings are (DB and Environment variables), if there are any errors in the log and what the exact error of FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T is Object FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T is invalid27.10.2015 08:10
When you disable and enable FDA again, what is shown as content of the AJAX call in the Chrome Developer Tools Network tab? It should look something like this: {"success": true ,"foexVersion":"V2.1.0","fdaVersion":"5091","foexImagePath":"/i/foex/","fdaFoexVersion":"V2.1.0" } FDA Icons in region addon are not shown14.09.2015 13:09
just to clarify: the FDA reads the foex-image path from the DB, whenever an AJAX call is fired. That doesn't necessarily happen on every page load to reduce network traffic. In case you have a similar problem, try to disable and enable the FDA, that forces a read of DB settings. FDA Icons in region addon are not shown14.09.2015 11:09
You need to create Text Messages in Shared Components -> Text Messages to override the default text. The names of all possible Text Messages are listed in the before mentioned documentation. For Example: you want to have a german translation for the "Search" Button in a Grid. According to the documentation you now need to create a Text Messages named FOEX.SEARCH.SEARCH_TEXT for language "de" and put "Suchen" as text there. Default messages not in primary language10.04.2015 12:04
This is the problem. The application isn't found in your database. Are you sure you specified the right APPLICATION_ID ? Do you find the Application in APEX_APPLICATIONS? If so, what is the WORKSPACE ? Do you find a similar named workspace in APEX_WORKSPACES? ORA-01403: no data found when @load_all_plugins_into_app_id.sql app# executed07.04.2015 19:04
That seems to be very strange and doesn't occur on any of our systems (11 and 12, XE+SE+EE). Can you give us details on your DB-Version and Edition and OS? Do you have any objects outside of FOEX_020001 which use FX_CRUD_REQUEST_T? Is it possible to create the type adding a "FORCE" to the command? -> CREATE OR REPLACE FORCE TYPE ... Did that exception also occur when you first installed v2.0.1 ? ORA-02306: cannot create a type that already has valid dependent(s)19.03.2015 08:03
Hi Kristof, I'll add an enhancement request for that. Thanks for your feedback. How to reset pagination of detail grid ?09.02.2015 10:02
I have filed a bug report for the problem and we will have this fixed in v2.0.1 due out early February. If you require an immediate hot fix please use your support credits. FOEX Grid Actions and Translation: Icons not shown12.01.2015 16:01
Thanks Guillaume, we are investigating what's going on and looking for a fix. Is this a blocking point for you? FOEX Grid Actions and Translation: Icons not shown12.01.2015 13:01
the demo-environment is back up and running. apologies for any inconvenience Window and Form - Hidden Item causing Checksum Error on Save18.12.2014 20:12
Evelyn, you need to know Javascript is case sensitive: Ext.foex.version will work. The easiest way to know if you've installed V2.0 is when the Documentation Application (FDOCS) shows the new features: e.g. Charts, Themes, UI-Styles, and much more in V2.0 How do I know FOEX 2.0.0 is installed?08.12.2014 12:12
Ok, I need you to set up an example where it shows the behavior you are telling me (= does not work). In App 623, Page 200000 everything is working fine and the bar chart shows. FOEX 2.0.0 Bar chart not showing05.12.2014 20:12
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