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APEX Office Print - How to define the filename of a document23.03.2018 10:03 Hi all, I created a customer specific pdf with using the DA "FOEX APEX Office Print [Plug-In]" for generating the document. There I defined a SQL-Query for fetching the data, where I selected 'uli_test' as "filename" in the outer-most query and I sent the output to the browser. I expected that the created pdf has the name uli_test.pdf, but it is named output.pdf. How can I define the filename of the document? WS: FX_WS_3344, App: 905, page 99999 Thanks for your help br Uli
Validation of Checkbox Group17.02.2014 17:02 Hi Matt! I've a Checkbox-Group and a button. My goal is, before the DA on button-click is executed it is validated that at least one checkbox is ticked. I have a validation on the checkbox-group (PL/SQL) and "Execute Validation" of the button is set to Yes. But it seems the validation is never executed. Can you please check what is missing: , FX_WS_001, App_id 178, page 103 Thanks Uli
JS condition for FOEX Combo17.02.2014 12:02 Hi Matt! I have a FOEX Combo as a main entry point. Is no value selected, I'd like to disable some buttons, is any value selected the buttons should be enabled. My DA has the event Change on the Selection Type Item (my FOEX Combo) and here I need a condition that I can use the true action to enable and the false action to disable the buttons. For a buttom I could use ( && && ( === "Enabled") || === undefined) - as done on p3001 in your docu, but what can I use for a FOEX Combo? Cheers Uli
Can I include CLOB/NCLOB-Fields to Search in a Grid13.03.2013 11:03 Hi there! I have an updatable Grid with two CLOBs. Automatically these fields are excluded from the Search-Plugin. Can I include them except creating an additional toolbar-filter? thx, Uli
Why aren't all records shown in a FOEX Grid Combo?04.03.2013 15:03 I have a strange behavior on Grid Combos and I don't see why. I have a Grid Combo with this LOV: SELECT M.WORKSPACE_DISPLAY_NAME , M.PRIMARY_APPLICATION_ID AS APPLICATION_ID , M.PRIMARY_APPLICATION_NAME AS APPLICATION_NAME , M.TRANSLATED_APPLICATION_ID AS TRANSLATED_APPLICATION_ID , M.TRANSLATED_APP_LANGUAGE AS TRANSLATED_APP_LANGUAGE FROM APEX_APPLICATION_TRANS_MAP M where the ApplicationID is the sort column, the return value and excluded from grid filter and the ApplicationName is the item display value. I have two translatable applications in this workspace, but just one is shown. With other LOVs the Grid Combo works fine. Any idea why?
How to refresh a grid after clicking on save button?28.02.2013 17:02 I have an updatable grid in cell editing mode, with a status-column. In addition to this there is a combo in the toolbar to filter this column (the grid is refreshed when the combo-field is changed) This status-column in the grid is updatable! For committing/saving the changes I have a region-button with "SQL UPDATE action". If the filter is set e.g. to 'new' all records with status new are shown. If the status of one record is now changed to 'finished' and then the save button is clicked the row is saved but the old values prior to the update are reinstated and grid has to be refreshed manually to hide this record (which now has the status finished). After the filter is cleared the changes are now visible to the record. How can I force to grid to refresh, to ensure the grid always stays correctly filtered after changes are made? Or is there an other solution for my plan?
The display sequence of my tree isn't as I'd expect28.02.2013 15:02 I created a tree and am curious about the display sequence. That's the hierarchy of my tree: NULL * level 1 * -- level 10 * -- level 11 * level 2 * level 3 * -- level 30 * -- level 31 I'd expect that the nodes/leafs are shown "level 1", "level 2" and then "level 3" But "level 2" is the last one that's shown (so the sort order seems to be 1-3-2). Can you tell my why.
How can I open a Modal Window after login (on page 1)?22.11.2012 13:11 I want to open a modal window after login to show messages (if there are any). So I've created a FOEX Window on page 1 called "Message Window" with a Grid (just to see if it works). I can open this window with a button, but now I want to open it after login. I've tried different DAs (page load...) but I didn't find one that worked as I wanted to. What can I do?
How can I commit a delete in the database (from a Grid)?05.09.2012 15:09 Hi all, I have an updateable Grid with a delete- and a save-button. When the user wants to delete a record he has to click delete, confirm his wish and then click save, to delete the record from the database. How I can bind the last step with the confirmation? Regards Uli
How can I solve strange Tree Grid behavior?05.09.2012 14:09 Hi all, I have a tree grid, which looks nice when opening the page, but after some clicks on "+" it get's mixed up: child records from another master are shown (expand/collapse show something different each time I click on them). Where could be the problem? regards Uli
Can I insert a standard APEX chart in a FOEX-Page?05.09.2012 14:09 I'd like to have a standard APEX Chart on a Foex-Page. Can I do so?
What's the difference between a Tree and a Tree Grid?05.09.2012 14:09 What's the difference between a Tree and a Tree Grid?
How can I export a Tree Grid?05.09.2012 14:09 I'd like to export the Tree Grid as csv. How can I do so?
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Hi Eveline, yes, that works. One of the advantages of APEX-collections is that they exist within an APEX-session and you can use them on different pages of your application. You can write the code for creating/updating/deleting your collections in a pl/sql-package (procedure/function) and just call the procedure/function in APEX. This is all standard-APEX-behavior. The only notable thing is that with FOEX the collection name needs to start with FX#COL_ Regards Uli accessing an Apex Collection22.01.2015 13:01
You can try to use a grid combo. The user can filter within the grid and each time the grid combo is opened all records are shown (no matter it the item is empty or filled) Form PopUp-LOV shows not all entries15.01.2015 11:01
In your query the column action had the value 'X' but for 'X' no icon was defined (e.g. "action":"X"). I changed the query and added CASE CUSTOMER_ID WHEN 1 THEN 'COMPLETE' WHEN 2 THEN 'COMPLETE ONHOLD' ELSE 'COMPLETE ONHOLD CANCEL UNDO' END AS action so for customer 1 you get the icon tick for customer 2 you get the icons tick asterisk-yellow and for all other customers you get all icons Icons in action column not showing11.12.2014 13:12
Hi Ray, Did you also add the Additional Config to column ACTIONS in Column Attributes of the Report? Regards Uli Icons in action column not showing11.12.2014 12:12
Hi Christian, in FOEX you can add HTML-expression to a column of a grid, e.g. There is an example in FDOCs (the demo-application) on p3002 (Grid Read Only) where you can see how it works Regards Uli Change colour of column in Grid11.12.2014 09:12
Hi, FOEX are lots of APEX plugins, so FOEX is still APEX. Therefore you can assign more than one database schema to one workspace. I don't quite understand your second question. Can you give an example? Regards Uli One FOEX application for multiple schemas.10.12.2014 15:12
Hi Deepa, Can you give us the html or even better can you create a test case on ? thanks Uli Grid Cell Height09.12.2014 08:12
The behavior depends on the LOV-Mode of the item (Local/Remote). The required item is marked on form-load if the LOV-Mode is set to "Local". So for the time being you can change the LOV-Mode to "Remote" that it isn't marked as required, when the form is loaded, although the matching values will be read from the database each time the user types a character. We are going to investigate this furthermore. Regards Uli Why does a FOEX Popup LOV get validated during startup of page28.11.2014 10:11
Hi Dominik, an alternative could be to activate "Column Filterable" directly in the column attributes of the report definition, otherwise you can add an additional Toolbar Filter for the link-column Regards Uli FOEX Grid searching27.11.2014 11:11
Adhi, I understand your question that you want to have 3 rows in your grid, no matter how many rows you have in your table. Possibly a grid on a collection would be the solution, where you add dummy-rows to the collection when there are no rows in the table, otherwise you insert the data from your table to the collection. At CRUD-Success (or another event) you update/insert the data from the collection to your table. An example for a grid on a collection is in the Demo-Application page 3011. Regards Uli Different requirement on grid26.11.2014 14:11
The answer is that I can use the condition IS NOT NULL. With this condition my problem was, if the Combo has 'Display Null Value' set to 'No' an Error is raised (TypeError: a is null in desktop_all.min.js) But if I set 'Display Null Value' to YES the DA works fine with the condition 'IS NOT NULL' JS condition for FOEX Combo17.02.2014 12:02
Hi Matt, I have a grid (with search option left, which is fine), a save-button with sequence 20 and alignment right and combo as filter, with sequence 10. But the button is still positioned in the middle of the two other fields. Can you tell me what I missed? Thx, Uli Toolbar Menu's Buttons and Item Sequencing04.03.2013 16:03
And what If I don't want to have all records exported, just the ones the user sees (the groups the user has expanded) How can I export a Tree Grid?06.09.2012 08:09
Create a hidden item in the report-region of the master grid for the id you want to use to join the two grids (selects). You can set this item by using a dynamic action on the event 'FOEX Grid - After Row Select' of the Master Grid. Use the Action 'FOEX Grid Row Select Set Item Values' and refresh the detail grid. But before that works fine you should change the WHERE-Statement of the detail grid by adding the newly created item. e.g.: If you have a master grid for CUSTOMERS and a detail grid for ORDERS, create the hidden item P6-CUSTOMER-ID (CUSTOMER-ID has to be part of the query of the master grid). Set this item on the event 'FOEX Grid - After Row Select' of the Customer-Grid by using the action 'FOEX Grid Row Select Set Item Values' (Column: CUSTOMER-ID, Page Item: P6-CUSTOMER-ID). Now create a second 'true action' where you refresh the ORDERS-Grid. As last step change the SQL of the ORDERS-Report by adding the WHERE-Statement ORDERS.CUSTOMER_ID = :P6-CUSTOMER-ID Now, when you click on one row of the Customer-Grid you get only the Orders of this customer. How to create a Master Detail Relation between DataGrids03.09.2012 13:09
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Thanks for mentioning this issue, we are investigating and get back to you Regards Uli Grid Combo Search Loses Focus11.12.2014 15:12
Thanks for giving us the details. We are going to do some investigations and get back to you. Grid Cell Height11.12.2014 11:12
As your data is not stored as "Y/N" you need to perform this translation manually. Use a CASE or decode statement in the report SQL Query for correct rendering. Then for processing CRUD operations (not a read-only grid) consider using a Before Insert/Update TRIGGER or using a custom PLSQL computation procedure defined in the plugin attributes. See the "Custom Checkbox Values" grid and the Validation PLSQL for an example. Simple Checkbox LOV value issue in v1.2.309.12.2014 09:12
You can request a demo-workspace on ("Try it now") Simple Checkbox LOV value issue in v1.2.309.12.2014 09:12
There are no further properties to be set (display only: Simple Checkbox, LOV: e.g. STATIC2:Y,N). Can you provide a test case at ? Regards Uli Brenner Simple Checkbox LOV value issue in v1.2.309.12.2014 09:12
cool, thanks Matt The display sequence of my tree isn't as I'd expect28.02.2013 16:02
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