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FOEX Tree Grid - Freeze Column17.03.2015 23:03 FOEX Team, Does the Tree Grid plugin support freeze column ? Thanks, Deepa
Donut Chart05.02.2015 08:02 Hello FOEX team, Using FOEX 2.0 chart plugin I created a Donut chart. Does the plugin allow to add text to the center of the Donut ? Is there a custom config that will achieve it ? Thanks, Deepa
Multi Series Pie05.02.2015 06:02 Hello Foex Team, I am trying to implement the Multi Series Pie Chart similar to the documentation app.FOEX version is 2.0 The chart does not render when I add another series . Am I missing any setting ? Series 1 Query : SELECT 123 AS ID , NULL AS LINK , 'Label1' AS LABEL , 'Test #LABEL# = #VALUE#' AS TOOLTIP , 1000 AS VALUE1 FROM DUAL union all SELECT 456 AS ID , NULL AS LINK , 'Label2' AS LABEL , 'Test #LABEL# = #VALUE#' AS TOOLTIP , 2000 AS VALUE1 FROM DUAL Series 1 settings : Series 2 Query :SELECT 989 AS ID , NULL AS LINK , 'Label' AS LABEL , 'Test #LABEL# = #VALUE#' AS TOOLTIP , 1000 AS VALUE2 FROM DUAL UNION SELECT 333 AS ID , NULL AS LINK , 'Label' AS LABEL , 'Test #LABEL# = #VALUE#' AS TOOLTIP , 2000 AS VALUE2 FROM DUAL Series 2 settings :
Pop up window position15.01.2015 07:01 Hello Matt, I have a grid on a parent page. The Grid has a child tab which is loaded via content loader region plugin since the child tab's contents are on a different page than the parent page . Now any window opened on the child tab using the plugin can't be positioned wrt the parent and ends up opening wrt the child tab. Application is Currently running on v2.0 On few threads I read that we can control the position of a pop window that is opened via a Dynamic Action in v2.0 . Is this feature available on v2.0 ? Thanks, Deepa
Cuurent Active Tab10.01.2015 00:01 Hello FOEX Team, Is there a way I can identify the Current Active Tab ? With Reference to the Documentation App ( 100 ) from the tree, I can open many pages as tabs . Is there a way I can identify the Current Tab I am viewing ? Thanks, Deepa
Page 1 Events18.12.2014 19:12 Hello FOEX Team, Can we Listen to/Define DOM events for items/ids defined on Page 1 ? I tried the following on Documentation App( #100 ) : I am trying to collapse a West Pane defined on Page 1 .This west pane is used for navigation similar to App#100 The reason I need this is, one of the pages has a complex page layout defined ( i need it this way since the user spends a lot of time there ) So I want to collapse the West Pane since it occupies some real estate . I tried it on App # 100 via an onload DA on page #3002 but the pane did not collapse. I gave a static Id for westpane MAIN_1_WEST_PANE on page 1 The DA is an onload => Collapse => Jquery Selectoe = > #MAIN_1_WEST_PANE I tried uploading a screenshot for this post but its giving me an error ( Karma > 60 ) Thanks , Deepa
Grid Cell Height05.12.2014 21:12 I am using an image in one of my grid cells. This image needs a higher height I looked into the questions re:text wrap, tool tip but these don't fit my requirement Is there a way I can increase the grid cell height ? Thanks, Deepa
FOEX File Browse Read Only10.12.2013 19:12 Hi Foex team, Can we make the FOEX File Browse plugin Read Only through a dynamic action ? Thanks, Deepa
Setting FORM Item Vaues05.12.2013 23:12 Hi , I have 2 forms on a page. The Second form should be available after the create action happens on the first one. Values from the first form have to be set to the items on the second form. I was thinking of creating a DA after Create Success of the First One , but I did not find any FOEX FORM DA for this and had to use the APEX plsql code.Is there any DA action for setting form item values ? Also how do I control the display of the second form to appear only if first form was created successfully ? Thanks, Deepa
FORM RESET05.12.2013 22:12 Through a Grid Context Menu I am opening a modal form defined in a different page. What is the efficient way to RESET a form on a differen page ? Is this possible ? Thanks, Deepa
Passing Date Values to Window05.12.2013 20:12 Hello FOEX Team, I have a grid and a context menu.On click of the context menu item,I open another Window which has a form . The Window and the form are on a different page than the grid.From the Grid I am passing 4 values to the form.Now except for the date value rest of the values are getting passed and displayed correctly . The Date value although visible in the Session State does not display on the form.However the format of the date is different in the session state.In the Grid the Date Format is DD-MON-YYYY and in the Form as well I have given the format as DD-MON-YYYY.In the session state the Date Value is Wed Dec 04 2013 00:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) . How can I pass the Date Value appropriately to show 04-DEC-2013 ? Please advice Thanks, Deepa
Unique File ID for File Browse Plugin05.12.2013 20:12 Hello FOEX Team, In the APEX File upload method, the file gets loaded into wwv_flow_files and an Unique ID is generated. I am trying to migrate a page from our existing APEX environment to the FOEX framework and wanted to checked if any such unique ID can be used for FOEX file Browse plugin as this ID was used as the Pkey ? Thanks, Deepa
CUSTOM DML File Upload02.12.2013 22:12 Hello FOEX Team, I was trying to use the File Browse Item Plugin and wanted to access the uploaded file. The documentation mentioned that it can be accessed using the collection FX#COL_AJAX_FILE_UPLOADS I could not see any collection in Session . Can I please have more details on how to access the uploaded file if I have to write my own DML Code. Thanks, Deepa
Hidden Item Value appears as NULL28.11.2013 00:11 Hello FOEX Team, I have a On Load before Header PLSQL process where I assign a value to a Hidden Item. I use the hidden item's value as a column name in a report using the syntax &P101_ITEM. I can see the value of the hidden item in Session, however the report column name does not show the value. The report is an APEX SQL report.It is placed in the Center Pane. Please advice In addition, I had a Display Item which behaved similarly, however when I deleted the Display item and created the item as a FOEX Display Item Plugin, I was able to view its value on the page. Thanks, Deepa
Page Zero Behaviour26.11.2013 23:11 In a FOEX application, will creating a Page 0 ( created as a regular APEX page and not a FOEX page ) behave as a global page i.e Item Values and Processes available through all the remaining pages. Thanks, Deepa
Display Issue with multiple sub-regions19.11.2013 23:11 Hello Foex Team, I am having issues with the display of multiple child tabs . If the child region is a foex grid then the display is correct with scroll bars. If the child region is a an APEX report( plsql dynamic report ) with a large number of columns, the horizontal and vertical scroll bar is missing. Is there a way to render the normal APEX report with scroll bars ? Thanks, Deepa
Freeze Columns for SQL or PLSQL Report19.11.2013 21:11 Hello FOEX Team, I have a requirement to develop a GRID whose query is returned by a PLSQL function.The query can return a different set of columns based on the filter criteria and the headers are also dynamic. Based on the below link, I understand that it is not possible (current foex version Version: 2394 /V1.2.1/2084 ) and will be added in future releases. So I proceeded to develop an APEX report using the PLSQL function returning Query method. Are there any foex plugins I can use for freezing the columns here ? Thanks, DJR
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Thanks Matt. Could you please let me know approximately scheduled release date for v2.1.0 ? FOEX Tree Grid - Freeze Column18.03.2015 20:03
Matt, Thanks the Delay did the trick Regs, Deepa Page 1 Events19.12.2014 22:12
FOEX Version : V1.2.4 SQL : '<div class="outer"> <strong class="inner" style="width: '||(240*100 /600)||'%;">'||(240*100 /600)||'%</strong></div>' AS progress CSS : .outer { position: relative; width: 180px; border: 1px solid #51AECD; padding: 2px; background: #FFFFFF; } .outer .inner { display: block; position: relative; background: #51AECD; text-align: center; color: #FFFFFF; height: 3em; line-height: 3em; } NOTES : It works well in a Normal Grid, however the height is clipped in a Tree Grid . I added it in the page 5006 of the documentation app ( 100 ), screenshot below Grid Cell Height10.12.2014 20:12
This is the requirement This is how the Grid Clips it I am using it as a column in a Tree Grid . It shows the progress . The column is rendered using 2 divs. The outer div is blue and the inner one is green.The height for the outer div is 2em I was previuosly using an image but now just plain html for the look and feel Let me know if you need the html ? Grid Cell Height08.12.2014 20:12
The Issue was with the Source of the hidden item, it got created with Always Replace Value and hence was NULL when used.I changed it to Only when Current Value is NULL and my issue was resolved Hidden Item Value appears as NULL28.11.2013 04:11
I set up the test case and it worked well.Let me Debug my page further . Thanks Matt. Hidden Item Value appears as NULL28.11.2013 04:11
Thanks Matt your solution worked Display Issue with multiple sub-regions20.11.2013 23:11
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Thanks Matt. Could you please let me know approximately scheduled release date for v2.1.0 ? FOEX Tree Grid - Freeze Column18.03.2015 20:03
Thanks Matt. Donut Chart05.02.2015 21:02
The sql query used for the Donut will always return 2 rows. The center portions needs to show a percent value . For Eg the query returned 2 rows first row had value 1000 while the second had value 500 so the center portion needs to show 50% I could store the percent value as a computed value in a page item and if I can use the item in the center it will satisfy my requirement. Thanks, Deepa Donut Chart05.02.2015 21:02
Thanks Matt . Multi Series Pie05.02.2015 08:02
Thanks Matt for your reply I was thinking about using a shortcut key for help ( page level help ) . My application navigation is similar to the tree structure in app 100 so I can open any number of tabs and the tab names are dynamic. Since any number of tabs can be opened, I can't rely on the 'my tab id' condition so instead was thinking if I can figure out the current active tab, then I can store some metadata for the tab and display it as a page level help. Thanks, Deepa Cuurent Active Tab13.01.2015 06:01
Thanks for your response.I have tried it and did not work. I have created a test case too on the foex workspace and faced the same issue. FOEX File Browse Read Only11.12.2013 19:12
Hi Matt, I cannot reset in URL or on page load since I am passing some values to the form from a grid. So what I want to achieve is Clear Session for page , pass values from Grid Columns , Open Window ( form ) If I Clear in URL while opening window I will lose the values I passed from grid FORM RESET05.12.2013 23:12
Thanks Matt. FORM RESET05.12.2013 23:12
Thanks Matt. Passing Date Values to Window05.12.2013 22:12
Thanks matt. Unique File ID for File Browse Plugin05.12.2013 21:12
Thanks Matt CUSTOM DML File Upload03.12.2013 19:12
Thanks Matt . Page Zero Behaviour26.11.2013 23:11
Hello Matt, I tried your suggestion.I was able to load the report into a specific child tab using the content loader plugin.However I was not able to reload the content when my row selection changed at the master level. I have set up the test case and emailed you the credentials. Freeze Columns for SQL or PLSQL Report21.11.2013 22:11
Hello Matt, I was able to reproduce the issue on the demo foex workspace. I will email you my workspace credentials . Display Issue with multiple sub-regions20.11.2013 22:11
I was able to get the vertical scroll but the horizontal scroll did not appear.I am setting up an example and will let you know. Display Issue with multiple sub-regions20.11.2013 19:11
Hello Matt, I did add the above piece of code, however the rendering is still messed up. I can see a vertical scroll, but the horizontal scroll is still missing . Display Issue with multiple sub-regions20.11.2013 00:11
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