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Application Level Defaults for Form Field Labels05.11.2017 22:11 Hallo! How can I set the application level default form field label width for every form field label in my application in one place? I know how I can set the custom Config for padding between the form labels... how can i do this globally across the application? Thanks! J
Grid Filter Does not Allow for OR & CONTAINS Searches25.10.2016 16:10 Currently, the grid heading filter allows only a partial text search of the column. Our users would like to search using "OR" and "CONTAINS", for example: ItemOne OR ItemTwo CONTAINS "Item"
Export Grid Data Headings Labels and tags25.10.2016 12:10 We have a grid with long headings that can occur on multiple lines, and we use the tag for these, for example: Member "< b r >" Vendor"< b r >" Description (edited above and below to show format the BR/ tag in this post) When we choose Export (or Export Filtered Data), these headings come into Excel as tags. Is there any other way to export the data so the column headings do not carry forward the html "< b r >" tags? Is there any other way to cause a line break in the grid heading besides the "< b r >" tag? Additionally, the primary key column is always in the export filtered data option and appears without a heading. Is there any way to make sure a heading is supplied or to exclude the primary key from the export?
Combo does not allow edits (adding text)09.10.2014 23:10 Are we not allowed to add new values to the combo? Is our combo masquerading as a "non-editable drop down list"? If so, could you please suggest a way to simulate a drop down list to which we can add values not in the lov query? Thanks in advance!
Bind Tree Grid to Form07.10.2014 23:10 I would like to bind a tree grid to a form, and am looking for the simplest way to do this. It seems there is no DA to do this explicitly. Say I have a tree grid... First Parent Sub Item One Sub Item Two (select this one) Sub Item Three I would also like to use the form's order_by clause to do next and previous from the selected item (sub item two). Can you suggest how to do this?
Tree Grid query executes multiple times01.10.2014 23:10 Hi Guys, We have a tree grid that executes a pretty hefty query that uses Oracle text. For example... WITH T ( SELECT * FROM huge_tables WHERE catsearch( text, field ) ) SELECT null parent_id, id, xyz, sum(pdq) FROM t UNION ALL SELECT header_id AS parent_id, line_id AS id, pdq, sum(xyz) FROM t ; To do this we use a custom text field then do a FOEX Trigger Field - Fire with Refresh on the tree grid. Each time we execute the search on this tree grid, we get four executions on the database. We are seeing the sql changed by FOEX with this... CASE WHEN aflead > aflevel THEN 1 ELSE 0 END afchild_count FROM ... Is there a way to prevent the multiple execution on a tree grid? Thanks in advance!
Flex Paper Plugin Demo Application Error18.09.2014 17:09 Noticed in the DEMOS application page 12, we are getting an error. Using the Flex Key plugin, we found the api key is set to 'hokey' How can we use the free version of flex paper for demo purposes? the one with the branding. Thank you!
complex search in grid possible?15.02.2014 12:02 Howdy, I was looking for some advice on how to something more than a simple search on a grid. Basically, I would like to... 1) search with more than one keyword 2) search across columns with more than one keyword so, 'acme' matches 'acme road runner', but 'acme runner' does not match... and neither does 'acme%runner' or '%acme%runner%'. I can simulate #2 by creating a concatenated pseudocolumn, but I cannot seem to get around #1. My example is in the 'complex search' accordion here: Thank you in advance!
Dynamic Action to Switch Accordion Region?12.02.2014 19:02 I created a dynamic action (Foex Tab: Switch) and made the target an Accordion layout region. I was expecting this event to move the Accordion region current, either by specifying the region_ID or a from-zero index of the accordion panel number. This does not work. How can I do this? Thanks in advance!
refresh regular apex report from dynamic action without content loader?12.02.2014 03:02 I have a classic apex report region, with a report template of "value attribute pairs". This sits in a panel of the same page as a grid that I am selecting from. I would like to trigger a dynamic action on a grid selection to cause the apex report to refresh. How can I do this without using content loader? Example here... Thanks in advance!
row select set item values from grid hidden column?11.02.2014 15:02 On a grid, I created a dynamic action "Row Selection Change [Foex Grid]" with a true action of "Row Select Set Item Values". The intent is when a row is selected in the grid to modify a page item value in another pane. This works, but I cannot set values from the grid when the report column is set to Hidden or Display=No. We need to set values that the user would not see such as sequence key or similar.
show and hide panels within a viewport fit pane01.02.2014 19:02 Hello, I would like to manage some panel regions within a fit viewport pane. I would like to show and hide each region when certain events happen, possibly by using dynamic actions. In this example, I would like for a toolbar button click in the north pane to change one of the regions in the center pane. Thanks in advance!
Force Uppercase on Grid Entry12.12.2013 17:12 How would we force the input to uppercase upon data entry into a grid? With native apex we can do this with some javascript, here is on way… Thank you!
Copy Apex Item Contents to Search Box on Tree Grid14.11.2013 14:11 Apologies, in advanced, if this has already been answered. I have an html region in the Center Pane of a foex page. In that region I have an apex text field with an apex button. I want the user to start their search in that pane, and upon pressing the button, to copy the search text into a foex tree grid on the west pane. I assume that we could create a dynamic action to do this, I found a tree grid - foex filter, but did not find a "foex search". Here is a sample page: Thank you!!!
Custom Ext JS Chart in Foex Subregion06.11.2013 09:11 How can I create a custom Ext JS chart? Some examples... Version 4.2: Version 3.4: In my foex viewport, I created both a plsql foex subregion and an html foex subregion. For the html subregion, I want to trigger the javascript to display the chart. Am I on the right track? THanks in advance! Here is the Ext JS code I am trying to display... /*! * Ext JS Library 3.4.0 * Copyright(c) 2006-2011 Sencha Inc. * licensing@ * */ Ext.chart.Chart.CHART_URL = '../../resources/charts.swf'; Ext.onReady(function(){ var store = new{ fields:['name', 'visits', 'views'], data: [ {name:'Jul 07', visits: 245000, views: 3000000}, {name:'Aug 07', visits: 240000, views: 3500000}, {name:'Sep 07', visits: 355000, views: 4000000}, {name:'Oct 07', visits: 375000, views: 4200000}, {name:'Nov 07', visits: 490000, views: 4500000}, {name:'Dec 07', visits: 495000, views: 5800000}, {name:'Jan 08', visits: 520000, views: 6000000}, {name:'Feb 08', visits: 620000, views: 7500000} ] }); // extra extra simple new Ext.Panel({ title: ' Visits Trend, 2007/2008 (No styling)', renderTo: 'container', width:500, height:300, layout:'fit', items: { xtype: 'linechart', store: store, xField: 'name', yField: 'visits', listeners: { itemclick: function(o){ var rec = store.getAt(o.index); Ext.example.msg('Item Selected', 'You chose {0}.', rec.get('name')); } } } });
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The search box allows specificity on only one of the fields. Right now, when our users are demanding the search, we are converting to apex interactive reports. Obviously this is not good for either of us. I included a few screenshots of how Excel and the Apex IR do this at the column level. Please create an enhancement request to foster the use of FOEX grids over apex IR's. Thanks! Grid Filter Does not Allow for OR & CONTAINS Searches26.10.2016 16:10
@jflores can you re-create this in their demo environment? Export grid error25.10.2016 16:10
Bind Tree Grid to Form07.10.2014 23:10
We were watching the database via oem cloud control. Also, we placed the same query into a regular apex tree and it only executes once, sub second. Thank you! Tree Grid query executes multiple times02.10.2014 13:10
We have a formal requirement for infinite scroll, so looking forward to that release. May have to do this with jQuery in the short term. Dynamical Pagination in a Grid15.02.2014 19:02
premature question, i apologize, Foex Actions > Expand or Collapse > Region does the trick. Dynamic Action to Switch Accordion Region?12.02.2014 19:02
its a landing page for inexperienced, occasional users... not for heads down professional users.. something the client wants. Copy Apex Item Contents to Search Box on Tree Grid14.11.2013 16:11
Congratulations on a great launch, 1.2.1 is working well! FOEX 00:11
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Thanks Matt, that worked. Yes, need to cleanup all the headers. Bind Tree Grid to Form09.10.2014 23:10
thank you. row select set item values from grid hidden column?12.02.2014 00:02
Matt, you are the smartest man alive! Thank you! show and hide panels within a viewport fit pane02.02.2014 16:02
okay thanks Force Uppercase on Grid Entry13.12.2013 14:12
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